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10 Merry Ways to Make Extra Money during Holidays

how to earn extra cash for the holidays

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Listen closely, can you hear it?

It’s the Sweet Symphony of Christmas; the blessed day will be upon us real soon!

Welcome to the Holiday season- that miraculous time when sweet warmth of love fuels our undying festive spirit.

While families get busy shopping for Christmas and stores try their best to fulfill customers’ demand, the holiday season gets on our nerves. Somebody is too busy to shovel out the snow, while the corner store needs an additional sales rep to cater customer demands.

What we’re trying to say is that there are plenty of ways to make extra money during the holidays. Even the regular ways to make money get an instant boost up as people try to figure out how to make extra cash for the holidays.

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But don’t worry; there are a lot of things money can’t buy- It’s just that none of them are on your kids’ list.

Without further ado- Here are 10 ways to make extra money during the holidays:

1. Pick up the Shovel

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is that miserably wonderful time of the year where you open the front door and you literally get ‘snowballed’. Well, you aren’t alone.

Millions of families are suffering the same problem and they’d be happy to pay you $30 every day to shovel out the snow from the front.

It gets better- you can chain up car tires for a tenner; clean the windshield while you’re at it! That’s quite a way to make extra money during the holidays.

2. Santa needs a Place to Crash

How to make extra cash for holidays? Clear out your spare room and let Santa crash in it till Christmas! You can earn easy $400 in the remaining days if you list a spare room on Airbnb and be an Airbnb host.

We aren’t kidding! Hosting your place on Airbnb is simple:

Voila! You’re all set to go. Your place has been listed on Airbnb. Now whoever wants to crash in would be more than happy to pay you good money.

Being an Airbnb host is one of the best ways to make extra money during the holidays and who knows- Santa might be your next guest!

3. Fill out Surveys

Can’t wait for the holidays to begin? To kill time by filling out surveys is quite a way to make extra money during the holidays. You can visit any of these sites and fill out short, interesting forms to earn money.

Let’s face it- you won’t earn a shitload of money by filling up surveys, but if you keep going at it till Christmas, you’ll pocket $60 nice and easy.

Here are few of the best survey sites that we’d recommend and how much they’d pay you:

Intrigued? Check out the full list here!

4. Earn Money while Holiday Shopping

An average American family spends well over $1,000 when it comes to Christmas shopping. Why don’t we find ways to make extra money during the holidays while we are at it?

Whenever you shop online or in-store, give Swagbucks a holler! Who’d miss the golden chance to earn a cashback every time they shop? Swagbucks is generally regarded as a survey website, but it is a klutz when it comes to cashbacks.

Another passenger on the cashback train is Ebates. Offering you a $10 Walmart gift card on signup, Ebates makes the cashback process simple. If you want to learn how to make extra cash for holidays, you gotta learn how to earn back what you spent.

5. Dress up as Santa Claus

Every store in the neighborhood has a Santa Claus sitting outside it. What does s/he do? Nothing much! Pose for some pictures, give kids some candies (which are provided by the store) and pocket easy $40 each day!

You can be a man, woman, Mutant, E.T., anything. All you got to do is put on the baggy costume; fix the beard and Ho Ho Ho your way to make extra money during the holidays!

6. Be a Vacation Tutor

Ah, it’s Holiday time. Kids love waking up late without the school stress. But it is crucial that they don’t forget what they’ve learned in a matter of days. So, parents get a tutor to ensure that their hard work doesn’t bite the dust.

You can be a home tutor and teach the kids in your neighborhood. Tutors are in demand when it comes vacation times. If you think you can do it, it’s quite a way to make extra money during the holidays.

If you’re a fan of teaching kids while you’re snuggled in a blanket, you can teach on VIPKID. It is a teaching platform where you tutor kids online and earn good money. Subjects are as basic as the English language; you should give it a try!

7. Look up for Christmas Gigs online

Do you feel like writing custom Christmas Carols? Are you an expert when it comes to building a Snowman? Can you hang holiday lights for a living?

You can make extra cash for holidays and it’s not just limited to the ones mentioned above. Start side-hustling on Fiverr and watch that money flow!

There’s a demand for the simplest of chores when it comes to the winter season, and it is a great way to make extra money during the holidays.

8. JustAnswer some Questions for Cash

The easiest way to make extra money during the holidays is to advise people like an expert. How? Register yourself as a JustAnswer expert! You would get paid for each question you answer, and the money is big!

What’s hot about it? You find your niche and there’s a fat chance that someone is asking a question about it, a question so important that they’re ready to pay.

Being a JustAnswer expert is a sneaky way to make extra cash for the holidays, but it works.

9. Drag the Sleigh, Rudolph!

Yes, we compared you to Santa’s beloved Reindeer. No, we didn’t do it without reason. In this case, your car is a sleigh, you’re the driver (hence Rudolph), and your passengers are Santa and his Elves.

Yes, my friend, we’re talking about how you can be a Lyft driver and make extra cash for holidays.

Christmas calls for long getaways, wild parties and drunken nights. You can be the designated driver for these people. Driving for Lyft sounds like a lucrative side hustle to make extra money during the holidays.

Lyft is offering a $300 bonus to the new drivers, and you can claim it as soon as you want! Register as a Lyft driver and start riding!

10. Capture the Mistletoes

Snow flushed trees elucidating in the morning sun- a miraculous sight that only winters can bless upon us. Same goes for cute snow-made sculptures and Christmas decorations.

You should start capturing these moments on your phone’s camera, ASAP. Selling stock photos online is an innovative yet doable way to make money.

You know what they say about photography skill- You either have it or you don’t. If yes, you know how to make extra cash for the holidays.

Sell your pictures on platforms like Shutterstock and earn $10 for each picture that you sell. Never had you ever thought that your camera roll could turn into bankrolls, eh?

Now that the Holiday season is underway, these ways to make extra money during the holidays will surely help you put cash in your pocketbooks.

You know how to make extra cash for the holidays, now step on it. For ‘tis the season to be merry; ‘tis the season of money!


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