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Top 10 Recession Proof Jobs in 2019

recession proof jobs

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The great recession has been long gone but no one knows when it might come back. Nearly 8.8 million jobs were lost out of which only 50% were employed back in January 2010. But things have changed, with the unemployment rate dropping to 3.9% and 164,000 jobs added in April many of you will limit your alternatives down to pretty much one career out of thousands available.

The reason why I wrote the title recession resistant instead of recession-proof is that there are no jobs such as a resistant proof job as every job goes through some recession, it’s the matter of fact that which gets more affected.

Still, there are some careers that may survive the current economic crisis better than other. Even in the direst economic times, these ten careers will prove to be resilient.

Top 10 Best Recession-Proof Jobs

1. Teaching

recession proof jobs

Be it public or private, junior or community, the demand for a teacher will not go down. For a better job prospect we require a higher degree and for that, we require teachers and professors. Even during the great recession, the statistics for enrollment have remained steady which proves teaching to be a recession-resistant career and also the demand for the teacher is expected to have 17% growth till 2020

Median Salary of a college professor: $77,000

Median Salary of School Teacher: $55,000

2. Medical Professionals

Diseases will not come to halt just because the economy went down, people will still get sick and requires medical attention every now and then. Nurses, surgeon, Physician will always remain in high demand and are expected to see a 70% growth till 2020.

Median Salary of Nurse: $70,000

Median Salary of Surgeon: $376,000

Median Salary of Physician:$198,000

3. Makeup Artist

Movies, Television, Theater, beauty pageant, singer, fashion runways the list is endless were makeup artist are required. No matter what phase of the economy we face their role will remain the same. The demand for makeup artist may fluctuate as there are more jobs in metropolitan areas such as New York, Texas, California.

Median Salary:$36,500

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4. Financial Analyst

The job of a financial analyst is to provide guidance to business and individuals making investment decisions. Every company and business requires a financial analyst to make the monetary decision even if it has to face recession analyst will not be the first to get cut off. This profession is the one of the fastest growing profession which requires the knowledge of stock, bonds, and other investment product.

Median Salary:$58,000 

 5. Patissier

From having a toast in the morning to Macaroons in the dinner, we are surrounded by bakery products. If we look at the trending report, U.S. is the highest consumer of bread and bakery products. Demand for a pastry chef ranges from a Michelin star restaurant to a small scale bistro but you can also start your own business which, out of all gives the highest income.

Even if you don’t have the education you require an experience of at least 2 years in working in a professional kitchen. For both, you can apply to the apprenticeship program available at a culinary association. But Management courses are recommended if you’re thinking of opening a bakery. Overall, the future of pastry chef looks promising as there are around 100,600 jobs in the country.

Median Salary: $43,000 

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6. Mental Health Providers

Almost 1 out of 5 Americans Suffer From Mental Illness. Work pressure is one of the leading causes of it. In today’s times where managing a balance between work and life is difficult, a mental health provider provides counseling for psychological issues. Especially during the recession time, this profession may experience boom whether practicing separately or in mental health care. Their jobs are more secured if covered by insurance.

Median Salary: $43,000

7. Police Officer

The job of a police officer may actually rise up during the recession as unemployment rate increases, the rate of crime also increases which itself increases the job security of an officer. For a Police Officer at least high school degree is required and you must also graduate from the training academy.

Median Salary: $53,000 

8. Machine Learning & Artificial Learning Expert

Demand for artificial intelligence and machine learning experts are on the rise globally regardless of the fear that AI will consume most of the job. But if we look at the current scenario most of the IT sector companies are hiring people with high skilled AI talent and the good news is that you don’t need to hold engineer degree in order to do so.

Companies like Udemy, Udacity, Coursera, Edx offer free online courses from top-notch universities, all you have to do is pay for the certificate. An estimated 250000 jobs are to be added in the data science field till 2024.

Median Salary: $120,000 

9. Crime Scene Investigator

The crime rate in states has been rising day by day which calls for investigator especially in the field of forensic science which is one of the fastest growing profession having had experienced a growth rate of 31% till 2016. The role of the investigator is to collect the sample and test them in the lab. The job requires a major in the natural sciences or forensic science to enter the profession.

Median Salary: $43,000

10. Funeral Director

Funeral services survive through good and bad times as they provide necessary services. Studies have shown that in good economic growth the mortality rate gets increased which does relate to more jobs for a funeral director. Although recession does not lead to an increase in death rate it the does not mean the profession will face recession. The job covers all the funeral process and to do so you require an Associate Degree in Funeral Service.

Median Salary:  $51,000 

Industries that are Hiring

According to the USA Today, Professional and business are the two sectors to offer highest jobs opening of 54,000. Whereas Health care added 29,000 jobs and leisure and hospitality 18,000. Also, Construction has 17,000 opening and manufactures with 29,000 jobs. All of these jobs pay a moderate level income and only requires a high school degree.

After dealing with the recession once no one wants to be in that situation again. These jobs assure that you will be least affected if something like this is to happen again. But before you apply, gather all the information about the job and about yourself by doing an evaluation, before making any decision.


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