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10 Ways to Make and Save your Greens on this St. Patrick’s Day

how to make money on st. patrick's day

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St. Patrick’s Day brings in celebration, people wear green, eat green (not broccoli but other green things) and have a lot of fun on this day.

There are various things that you can count in while making the plan for celebration on St. Patrick’s Day and the most important one includes enjoying your entire weekend.

So, while you start planning on what to do, make sure that you check out this read and also you don’t drain out your pockets while you enjoy the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day.

This day brings in big business all around the world, and not just in Ireland. Many people nowadays opt to use this holiday as a chance to Make some Money instead of Spending some Money.

The Holiday is on 17th March which falls on a Sunday this year, so the celebration begins on Friday which gives you a chance to earn for 3 days.

But, even if you don’t plan on making money, and you plan on spending money then there are various pocket-friendly options that you need to check out in this read.

1. Create St. Patrick’s Day Craft

People are often looking to buy some party favors, home décor, clothing, and other accessories to complete the celebration of their favorite holiday.

All you have to do is, craft these accessories, sell them online and see profits rolling in.

If you can’t make these accessories then the next option would be to design some T-shirts, hats and other such specially designed clothing for St. Patricks Day.

You can simply start selling this stuff in a garage sale or yard sale, and even your front porch will serve as a great marketing and selling spot, otherwise, there are various online options as well.

There are various Facebook groups as well which become active and people buy and sell stuff on them.

2. Offer your services for Babysitting

Babysitting is the best answer for How to make money on St. Patrick’s Day, as many couples lookout for help with their kids at home while they go out and enjoy with friends.

And this proves to be a good opportunity for a person looking out to make some Cash on St. Patrick’s Day.

All you have to do is get out in your neighbourhood and convey your message to couples that you’re good with kids and in need of some extra cash.

3. Share your Cab

There are various people who hit pubs and head back home in cabs which becomes a pretty expensive affair on St. Patrick’s Day.

So, make sure that you have a buddy along with you who is willing to share your cab and the expenses. It is better to park your vehicle at home and avoid the hassle of parking space, traffic etc.

Most importantly if you’re planning on drinking then you definitely need to avoid taking your own car.

4. Drive a Cab

Apart from sharing a cab you yourself can ride the cab and earn some extra bucks.

Uber is one such cab riding company which is always in need of drivers specially on weekends and such special days like St. Patrick’s Day, New Years, Christmas etc.

All you need is a driver license and you need to get approved as a driver beforehand to be available at the places which will provide you maximum profit.

5. Part Time Job

Making money on St. Patrick’s Day comes with various options as there are lot many odd jobs available which require your help and attention on weekends and holidays.

Make sure that you have some skills in home chores, plumbing, and other such small requirements which can occur in the home.

People are keen on getting their home repaired on holidays and even pay some extra bucks because they are in the festival spirit.

You can register yourself on Fiverr – freelance services marketplace to make some Extra Money.

6. Be a Hired Hand

There are various Government and Private Citizens who host St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, and this means that there will be lots of extra work that needs to be taken care of.

You can simply make a call to your local city hall and find out what all additional services might be needed during these city-sponsored celebrations.

How to make money on St. Patrick’s Day is turning out to be an extremely easy task and the next point will prove just that.

7. Fill out Surveys

If you don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your couch and still plan on making some cash then filling out various surveys on

and there are many more such survey sites that can be a good option for you to Make Money from home.

Utilizing your free time making some Money is always advised and these surveys even pay up to $60/ per survey, so you can’t ask things to go any better.

 8. Earn from Apps

Just like you earn from Surveys, you also earn from various apps which offer reward points when you use them.

I’ve listed down 23 apps that help you in earning money and you can practically start living your life for FREE with the help of these apps.

Apart from this a speciality on St. Patrick’s Day isMcDonald’s famous Shamrock Shake, Irish soda bread, and, of course, corned beef and cabbage and if you too plan on gulping this down then do checkout this amazing offer from Mc Donald’s. Just submit your email and get a $100 Gift Card from McD.

9. Get Paid for a Live Music Gig

If you have a talent or you already have a band then do perform on St. Patrick’s Day as most of the restaurants are looking out for Live music entertainment.

You can earn pretty good on such days and the audience is also willing to appreciate your performance by paying up some extra bucks.

10. Set up a special Photo Booth at a Pub or Restaurant

Have a Knack for photography?! And you can Capture a good Frame?! If yes, then this part time job can help you in earning loads of money.

People focus on capturing their memories of St. Patrick’s Day (and getting good photos by your friends who are too drunk to even stand still might not turn up to be a good option).

So, you can visit various restaurants which are hosting special parties for St. Patrick’s Day and ask them to set up an amazing photobooth to attract people in their restaurants.

Most people will easily offer you a day’s job as a photographer and you are sure to earn some good Money through your hobby.


Make sure that anything and everything that you plan for St. Patrick’s Day 2019 includes Green in your planning with good food and drinks then you’re good to go.

Bonus Point: Don’t just Make but also Save some Money

If you don’t feel like going out…
If you still want to celebrate St. Patricks Day…
And want the celebration to happen on a low budget…

Then a simple solution is, invite a few friends over to your place and ask them to come along with food and drinks.

Spilt the cost of the party equally and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Go green guys and make the most of it!


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