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100 Ways to Have a Money Free Weekend

money free weekend

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We all talk about saving money, always looking for a mid-season sale, planning a budget (that we never really follow), just to save some extra bucks but are we sticking perfectly to it? We do, during weekdays as we have a tight schedule but when the weekend begins, all hell breaks loose. Meals out, trips to the shopping center, movies…sound familiar? It’s a vicious cycle. But, hey! I don’t blame you. Friday happens to be my favorite day of the week as well.

Saving money doesn’t have to start when you are on the verge of being broke. There are many fun things to do without money, and weekend happens to be the perfect time of the week. But before that let me put down some ground rules for this money free weekend a.k.a No Spend Weekend.

  1. You’re not allowed to spend a dime.
  2. No quick dash to the store
  3. But you can use utilities that are already present.

Free Stuff

Follow these rules and you are guaranteed to have a money-free weekend which is not only amusing but will fill your time without emptying your wallet and I am going to tell you not 10 not 20 but 100 things to do on a weekend with no money. Read below and you can collab as many as you want.

P.S.  #2 #12 # 18 #29 #65 #97 are my all time favorite

1. Hike

It’s a nice start for the day if you don’t have a regular fitness regime. Not only hiking is a great cardio but the view from the top of the hill is always breathtaking. Pack yourself some breakfast and go at your pace even though the path you travel will be same each hike gives a unique experience.  

2. Board Game

Board games are always fun, takes a lot of time and are a complete stress releaser, an excellent example for any money free weekend. My favorite has to be the twister, it is not exactly a board game but really enjoyable with your friends. So, grab one of the board game you haven’t played in ages and call your friends or family, the more the merrier.

3. Have a DIY beauty day

The average trip to beauty salon cost $70 that is almost equal to saving $1,000 in a year by cutting your trip. Indulge your day in full head to toe pampering delight. You can also do little DIY to your family member as well and the frugal part is the entire ingredients are available in your kitchen itself.

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4. Camping

Just experiencing one evening outside of our normal routine can make the rest of the work week more enjoyable. Look for a good campsite or campground around your area and be quick as nearly 14% (40 million) Americans loves camping especially during summer. Don’t want to go anywhere? Try camping in your backyard.

5. Have a bonfire

Want to brag about your Boy Scout abilities, start building a fire from Stone Age time or throw a competition of who can make fire first. All you need is some wood and open space, a money-free weekend and there you go – roast some marshmallows, make smores, sing and maybe even tell a ghost story.

6. Gardening

Gardening is no longer a cheap activity but you can still make it according to your budget, plant the seed of fruits you eat or buy it they are not that expensive, join community gardening group (you can get free plants), or grows some vegetable. Want to be little mischievous? Try your hands at guerrilla gardening.

7. Exercise

Being healthy is always on our New Year resolution list and if you have been putting it off, money free weekend is an exact time to launch it. Most basic exercise does not require any type of equipments, add some music to keep your mood steady, figure out which workout you require, talk to any gym trainer if you can. It is one of the few beneficiary things to do on the weekend without money.

8. Do the “In-law” hustle

Have nothing planned for the weekend, go visit in-laws. You might be thinking to put this option as your last resort but look at this way, you don’t have to do all the chores by yourself, they will look after your children plus you can score a free dinner. Invite your sibling and play some game it might turn out to be a fun thing to do without any money.

9. Binge-watch your unfinished TV series

I don’t know about you but I have a few handful shows which either I have not started or left unfinished and is not possible to watch during weekdays which leaves weekend to be the only time of the week to complete the arc without any distraction.

10. Explore a creepy haunted house

The beginning of the summer is when all the spooky attractions start to open again. You’ll start to see a haunted house and panic room pop up across the state and to make it a money-free weekend why not visit the actual house. This option is not for faint of hearts but if you are horror buffs or just having the itch of doing outdoor activities with friends why not give this a shot, or you can even explore an abandoned house which will give you equal chills. Want to make it really scary? Try visiting at night.

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11. Park

Almost every neighborhood has its own local park. Make a goal to visit every other park in your area. Pack your lunch, call your friends, pick up a Frisbee and keep going for hours. Enjoy the swing or rides or just watch people. All summer long many park host free movies, bowling event or a free concert. This is a very relaxing way to chill with your friend and family on hot summer money free weekend night.

12. Cook

Become a Masterchef of your house. Give yourself the challenge to make or invent a dish out of what has been left in the kitchen. Often time we are so busy during the week that making a dinner goes out of the list. But a money-free weekend can give us enough time to prep our meal ahead of time. Prepare some casseroles, pasta, soup, bread all at once and store them in the freezer and reheat them whenever you are hungry. There are many make-ahead meals in a jar recipe which you can search on the internet.

13. Sell Used Stuff

Clothes, clothes everywhere not a single thing to wear, well if that is what you say, then why not try selling it. Poshmark is one such king of app where you can earn money by selling your clothes. There are options for children and men as well. Shifting places? Sell your furniture at Trove. Swappa is another app to sell your gadgets online. Some other sites to sell you stuff are Craigslist, eBay, Letgo, Varagesale.

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14. Call Your Family

“I’ll call you later” but the later never comes, we get busy in our schedule and we never get to call our dear ones. But money free weekend is what helps us to connect with them once again and to make it even more frugal Whatsapp them, even better- call them on Whatsapp or Skype them.

15. Decorate

Great decorating doesn’t have to cost a fortune — in fact, it doesn’t have to cost anything! Even shifting the furniture can give your house a new look. Search your attic put some old painting on the wall, your children have put pen or crayon marks on the wall? Convert it into a beautiful design, ditch the old wooden stairs and add color to make them pop. Use your imagination, get creative and this can be your fun things to do without money.

16. Delete Your Bookmark

Often times when I am surfing the net I come across a few posts that are interesting to read but due to the shortage of time, they are dumped into the bookmarks section and forgotten. To support the spirit of money free weekend don’t just keep scrolling down the same post on Instagram, instead, delete those pages and organize your bookmark.

17. Visit Your Grandparents

Summer gives us an inevitable question: Now that we are home all day. What to do? So why not try to rebond with your grandparent. Spend time with them, help them with harder chores, listen to their story and let me tell you one thing eating your grandma’s delicacies is something which can’t be compared to any Michelin star restaurant.

18. Take a Power Nap

One of the reasons why I love Friday is that I get to sleep longer the next day. No alarms, no disturbance just me and my bed. If you are trying to be productive during this money free weekend having a power nap of 1-2 hours can be a real energy booster.

19.  Read a book

My motto for this activity is – read what you love because not many of us are a bibliophile. Some just read to kill their time, while other reads to get inspired. Whether it is a magazine, comic book or novel read what you love. Public library store offers free books and even e-books and audio book which can be expensive if you order. Exchange books with your friends instead of buying it. Books can help us learn many things whether it is about finance, life, relationship or anything.

20. Go Geocaching

A guy with a map and GPS

Remember the time we were all crazy about pokemon-Go? Going here and there just to catch pokemon. Well, it’s time to catch some real treasure. Geocaching is a type of scavenger hunt where using the GPS we locate small treasure as we proceed in the game. It can be a really fun thing to do without money. Even if you are going for a hike or taking a stroll in the park. So invite some friends or family and make a contest out of it.

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21. Practice Yoga

A normal work week leaves you feeling stressed and tired. Why not make the most of your money free weekend to recharge in one of the most invigorating way possible. Treat yourself with a yoga retreat. Start practicing with some basic yoga session and increase your level with time. It not only increases your concentration and flexibility but can also turn out to be a powerful workout.

22. Get Your Makeup done for free

Whether you are going for a date, prom or just spending your day at a mall, almost every makeup store offers a free makeover to promote their products. You can ask for a free trial and they will gladly do it which save your one trip to the salon and you get to try their newly launched makeup product which you might not even buy.

23. Have a Me Time

We make plans, go out, have fun, but in the end, we are left exhausted. Many a time, our weekend is planned according to what others want to do, when all you just wanted was to sleep a little longer, see a TV shows,  cook a meal or get some exercise. Leave your weekend up to you, do whatever you like but make sure it’s money free.

24. Organize Your Wardrobe

Yes, you heard it right. It’s time you clean your closet because all those 5 days of grabbing whatever comes first and shoving all that you can. Clear your closet, organize them in a neat way, and mend if it needs to. Too many clothes? You can sell the unwanted. If you take time deciding what to wear. Bombfell is one such site where men can dress up according to the stylist with what you have in your closet.

25. Visit The Church

Bring out the theist in you. Not only does it increase your belief in god but it helps you meet new people, calm down your mind, and helps with your interpersonal skill.

26. Go on a Bike Ride

Cycling is one the simplest way to tone your body, so on this money-free weekend, get your helmet and bike ready and get going. Discover new ways which you haven’t travel, or go to the park, almost every public park has a cycling trail. You can also use your bike for small distance travel which can help you cut down your gas cost.

27. Science Experiment

Children are born curious, they have hundreds of whys to every question. To engage them in some fun and educational activity, try experimenting inside your house with the ingredient available in the kitchen. Make volcanoes, invisible ink, microwave soap. Take help from the net. What else can be a better thing to do on a money-free weekend?

28. Start a Blog

Share your thoughts and ideas with the internet. You don’t have to be pro at it, we all learn as we progress. Select your genre, and a platform and start making content, you only have to consistent in it. If the blog is too much you can keep a journal with you, at the end of every day, pen down your thoughts which can help you give inside out of every situation.

29. Youtube

YouTube is one of my go-to sites if I have nothing better to do, from listening to music to watching shows. Almost everything is available at it. Many concert or performance is being shown live on YouTube. This money free weekend put your favorite song on autoplay and indulges in other chores. Want to earn money? Become a YouTuber.

30. Donate Blood

If you are a healthy individual with no medical record, you can easily donate blood and help those in need and it only takes 10 minutes. You can even make money by selling your plasma. Not just plasma, if you have time and ready to try different things to do on the weekend with no money, try making some money through your body (only legal stuff).

31. Clean Your Phone Memory

This is not ridiculous, no need to purchase an extra storage memory card when you can dump your stuff in your laptop to make some space for new photos, videos, app. Uninstall the app which you don’t use or just clean your cache memory. Let face it, out of all those songs and photos on our phone we only use few.

32. Repair

One of the best things about money free weekend is that not they keep us engaged throughout the day but it also put our attention to the thing which we might neglect. You don’t need to buy everything if it can be repaired whether it is some furniture or car repair. If you don’t know how, YouTube will always show you the way.

33. Cleaning

You have already cleaned your closet but what about the house? All the dusting, mopping is still left. One of the best ways to release stress is through cleaning, it’s like killing two bird with one stone. Organize your room, scrub the tub, toilet, floors, window sills, everything. And if you are in the mood for a deep clean, select one room per weekend and put your back into it.

34. Go to a Festival or Country Fair

Check your community calendar for some free festival happening around you. It’s a perfect day to plan your date. And if you can’t find some events, you can always make your own festival as well, invite your neighbors each house brings some snack, play some games, burn some fireworks (if you have any).

35. Learn Something

Every money free weekend can be a learning day, learn to cook, knit, learn different languages, play an instrument, educate yourself on new topics on the podcast. The Internet is your teacher, start surfing and you will see that there’s a plenty of free information available.

36. Bake

Ingredients to baking are always available in your house, have a shortage? You can always substitute different ingredient to bake some cookies, learn how to make the cake, homemade bread, fortune cookies can be fun in its own way. You can also sell them which can be a great side gig for a money free weekend.

37. Surveys

Bored? Don’t want to go outside the house?  Want to be couch potatoes? You can still be of some use. Surveys are a great way to cut down your boredom on a money free weekend. They are a list of questionnaire for which you can get a free coupon or cash, for your opinion. There are plenty of surveys sites which can help you earn.

Paid for Research (a hub for survey sites), Swagbucks (You can see the earned points right away and can even earn points by watching videos), Ipsos (with you survey earning you can  get a chance to win travel contest), Panda Research (earn 10%of your referred friend’s earning for the life of the account)

38. Learn to code

You don’t have to be from the computer science department to learn to code. If you are looking for ways to change your profession, computer science might be your field. Coders are getting one of the highest salaries in the states. Start learning artificial intelligence which can guarantee your position even during the recession. Udemy is one such online learning platform which has thousands of online courses available.

39. Become a Transcriptionist

Read the audio files and write down what is being said, that is the only thing you have to do which can let you earn $30 per hour. Plus you don’t need any experience. The perfect way to spend money free weekend and earn through it.

40.  Get Free Coupons

Coupon cuttings

Coupons are great to cut down expensive they can at least save $100 in a month and the best part is you can do your groceries shopping for free using these coupons.

41. Sell Gift Cards

Having money free weekend doesn’t mean we can’t earn money. We all have purchased gift card once in our life or received it. They are either thrown away or kept which is of no use. One way is to sell them. Cardpool is one such site which pays you to sell your card, it can be physical or e-cards and you get almost 92% of the original price. If you want, you can exchange it for any gift card from Amazon, Walmart and more.

42. Make a list

It can be of anything, bucket list, 100 things to do before you die, 100 novels to read – the choice is yours. Make a list of thing you need to buy for grocery such way you will not be making any extra purchases or make a list of things that needed to be fixed or some important task that needs to be done till the next weekend. Your time will be engaged which flows beautifully with the money free weekend concept and scratching that point has its own satisfaction.

43. Visit a Free Museum or Zoo

No matter what type of museum you visit, they always help you to gain knowledge. There are many museums and even a zoo which have zero admission fees. At least Smithsonian in Washington D.C. is free. Even if you can’t find one there are days on which entry is free. Find the one in your area and enjoy the money free weekend.

44. Pla a Night out

Want to go out but your pocket doesn’t allow so. Turn up to your friend house, invite everyone and you can play, eat or watch your favorite movie but remember that all this have to be done without spending a  penny. So no-no to take out or renting up movies.

45.Visit Farmer’s Market

On this money free weekend visit your local farmer’s market. Check out all the stuff available even if you are not buying it. It is a great way to spend your time and plus you get to eat all the sample food available.

46. Become a Tourist

If you haven’t got a chance to see your city, money free weekend can bring out many fun things to do without money. Search tourist spot near you, take your bike along with you, pack some lunch and snap some good photos. You can even sell those photographs and make money.

47. Visit a City Hall

City hall is great if you are new in town or just want to know your city/town history. You can also find a list of events going in your neighborhood most of them can be free. Even in the city hall, there are many things to do on the weekend with no money. Take a tour of city hall, watch the clock tower or museum most of them are free.

48. Shop

You must be thinking – shopping?? On a money-free weekend? Sounds impossible. Let me make it possible. Wander around your community and see if there are some free garage sales going on. Go to a mall and just try on some clothes which you can never think to buy. It’s lame but better than sitting in your house and doing nothing.

49. Paint

You have already seen an example in #15 but there are many things you can also try your hand on – paint your house if you can, or those garden chair whose color has been washed off or just paint, make some scenery to decorate your house with. It will have a more personal touch rather than the ones you buy.

50. Watch Sunrise or Sunset

Club this idea together with #1 and/or #4. You will have a whole day plan ahead making money free weekend a success.

51. Go Fishing

Fishing is one such activity which required time and patience. Grab your fishing equipment or borrow them and find a local lake, pond or pier, secure your site and dinner is done. If you have some mudflat near you, search for some crabs and octopus or play some mud games.

52. Wash your Car

Car, bike or motorbike whatever you have instead of going to the car wash station do it in your garage. Offer some free car wash or make some money through it. Whatever you do your money free weekend is sorted.

53. Play Some Sports

Tennis, softball, football, and basketball whatever your interest says. Find some free court in Public Park or driveways. Reminisce some classic school games like four square, double dutch, tag.  It’s fun, engaging, good way to exercise a perfect example for money free weekend.

54. Kayaking

Enjoy some of the best views of the city, just grab a paddle and seek out for some free kayaking. If you are a New Yorker good news to you, there are many places who are offering free kayaking in Manhattan, Long Island city community, and more. Just keep an eye on the internet.

55. PodCast

One of the best fun things to do without money is to listen to some podcast. It’s free and entertains you in the best way whether you are looking for a something lighter or want to enrich your mind with food, interview or business news

56. Dance

All those pushups, crunches, squats are too much for you? Want to save money? Try canceling your gym membership. Still, you can maintain your shape. Dance is the best cardio exercise which doesn’t require any money. Don’t know how to dance? YouTube is your coach. So, at the next party, you don’t have to do the “I don’t know what to do with my hands” dance.

57. Sing

How can I leave singing out? I remembered my summer holidays when I use to organize a signing competition because we had nothing better to do, we went for hours until our throat get soared. It’s not something special but still, fit for the money free weekend trials.

58. Visit Free National Park or Historical Site

Almost every state either has a national park or historical park which is free. Take a stroll, experience its beauty, art and nature and by the end of the day you will be having plenty of images to post and if you don’t, you are just not trying hard enough.

59. Play Quiz

One of my favorite past time thing to do when I was a teenager, not just for money free weekend but whenever I was together with my bestie was to play quiz. It ranges from common to the weirdest one we can get, go to BuzzFeed they have tons of it. You can also create your own quiz which can be played online as well as during a free night.

60. Swap Clothes with Friends

Are you a shopaholic? Can’t help without looking over forever21 or H&M. To fight this money free weekend why not swap your clothes, its fun and you won’t be spending a dime. You can even swap accessories or shoes if you both have the same size. Mix n match both of your wardrobes to create a new style.

61. Catch Up on Laundry

Yep, it’s necessary and we all have to do it at the weekend and  instead of going to the paid laundry services try some frugal idea to do it at home, make your own laundry supplies, skip the machine and soak everything overnight, I am not going to tell you all the ways just Google it.

62. Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Make use of that ice and build some nice ice statues in your garden but hey it’s summer here. Hit the beach and build a great sand castle, decorate it with shells, play some volleyball. Enjoy your summer and don’t forget your SPF.

63. Open a Thrift Shop

Opening a shop is going to cost you a lot and we are sporting money free weekend but have I told you that this thrifty shop is just for you and your family. We have lots and lots of clothes which get rejected due to its print or size or for any reason. Learn how to stitch and you can even create your own prom dress.

64. Tie-Dye a T-Shirt

Just like a dress change your T-shirt look, buy some dye paint and have a small DIY party with your friend or two. You can even make yourself some new scarf which can be pretty handy in this summer heat. Put everything you want not just a t-shirt and you have your own sun-kissed dress ready for summer.

65. Become a Makeup Geek

Bring out your whole bunch of brushes and makeup. Try some new style, learn to wing that liner. There are many YouTubers which have video from beginner to pro video on different style. Clean those brushes and beauty blender, stack your make-up in boxes. Learn new hairy styles, summertime calls for some good boho and a braided hairstyle. This can be your fun things to do without money.

66. Invent a new recipe

Money free weekend is just the time to try your hand on some new dish. Take out whatever you have in the kitchen, left out ingredient especially those who are close to their expiry date. One time my family held a bread baking competition without looking at the recipe and use what we had, now, we have our own bread recipe.

67. Revisit Your Old Music collection

They are probably 2 GB of space used for my old songs which I used to listen to, and I am not ready to part with them, time to listen to some old playlists. Connect your speaker with your PC and do some other chores. If you still have those gramophones CDs. It’s time to remove their dust. Arrange them in your wall and stack some radio, walkman beside the wall and you have your own antique music collection ready.

68. …..And Your Old Movie Collection

We all have some movie collection either in CDs or kept on the hard drive. Money free weekend is an excellent time to have a marathon movie time, make some popcorn and convert your home into a theater and watch some old classic movies or favorite series.

69. And While You’re at It, Watch Your Home Movie Collection

What ’s funnier than a comedy movie is your own home-made movies, gather all your sibling and reminisce your happy time from past, watch your most embarrassing moment, your mom’s wedding and without even realizing your whole money free weekend will be gone.

70. Organize Your Photos

Now that we have been feeling nostalgic why not put yourself to work on those photos which have been stacked, ready to be placed. Make a scrapbook or hang those photos on some rope and decorate your room and if you have a bundle of it, make an album out of it.

71. Plan Your Next Vacation

Yes, it is not the ideal option for you on a money-free weekend as you are making plans to spend that cash later but there are many options to plan your travel cheaply. And if you are planning to travel in the next few months, you will be doing one or the other frugal things to put the vacation ongoing. Plus gather information, searching for a cheap flight, a hotel, planning the whole itinerary is going to take your whole time.

72. Give Your Wife Some Free Time

Watching kids, doing household chores, and working, your wife also deserve some free relaxing time. Plan a surprise date for her, of course, all the planning has to be done keeping money free weekend in mind. Make dinner, play with kids, spend some time together. As rightly said “happy wife, happy life”.

73.  Rearrange your furniture

It can get a little boring watching the same room. If you are planning to decorate your house, why not change some structure of the room as well, not only it will give your house a new look but also utilize your time. Pop some music up, it will keep your spirit lifted.

74. Look over your Finances

A money free weekend gives you enough time so that you can look over to your finance as well. Plan your monthly budget, check if your debts are paid and if not learn ways to pay off your debt. Take help from Trim – it is an assistant which will help save money. It keeps track of all the monthly bill, expenses, and transaction.

75. Go Ghost Hunting

Okay before you try this option, keep in mind not to land yourself in some serious trouble. Summers call for ghost stories and the creepy way to spend the nights of money free weekend is to catch some ghost. Watch some horror movies or play some escape games. This can also be a good alternative option.

76. Have a Scavenger Hunt

We have already looked over the modern tech-fi scavenger hunt but if you want to spend your money free weekend without gadgets, then also you can have your own scavenger hunt. Make a list of all the weird things and go on hunting.  Discover new things which you can save for later, set a time for it.

77. Organize a Potluck Party

We all love meeting our friends, become a host to a potluck party let everyone bring one dish. It’s not fun to have only a single cuisine, have a theme based potluck party Thai, Japanese, Lebanese, Italian. Make a rule to allow the usage of what’s available in their kitchen and maybe encourage them to try this money-free weekend, you can also take some of their tips as well.

78. Do a neighborhood clean up

We never get enough time to know everyone in our community, just a few and a money-free weekend is giving us the opportunity to not only meet them but also clean your neighborhood, and have a good, morning walk as well. You can also make a contest out of it, weigh the amount of garbage one collects and the winner gets some special reward.

79. Prep Your Meal

On a busy day, most of us hate the idea of cooking and especially when you have to do everything from the scratch. Instead, we order Pizza or Chinese. There are many dishes which can be made beforehand like pasta sauce, chicken stock. So that you can save money when its weekday and money free weekend gives you enough time to do that.

80. Discuss Your Future Goal

Two girls having a discussion

We all have a goal we want to achieve and talking about it can clear any worry or problems that you might be facing. Whether you are a student or worker have a one-o-one talk with the person you feel most comfortable with whether it is your parent, friends or spouse. Not just goal but anything which you want to discuss, practice this on money free weekend and it will help bring you close to the people you love.

81. Start a club

If you and your friends and family share the same interest then how about starting a club. It can be of anything like reading. Open a book club. Interested in cooking? Start a cooking club. Wants to save money? Start a finance club, and the list is endless.

82. Play some Online Game

There was a time when we used to gather at one friend’s place and play Xbox and PlayStation. We still play together but from our own houses. If you are a fan of online games then play some, even if I don’t tell you, you are going to do it anyway and money free weekend gives you a thumbs up to do it.

83. Make your own sprinkle

When I used to see lawns and courts getting sprinkled all I wanted to do was stand in between them. And summer is a great time to enjoy water activity even when you are at home. Grab a plastic bottle and make small holes in it, turn on your hose and play with your kids in the backyard on a hot money free weekend.

84. Eat Free Food

A lot of supermarket, groceries store offer free sample food for you to try, from cereals, crackers, chips to beverages many different types of food are given out almost daily. Be sure to check out the store near you. If you are a college student join some university societies which offer free food and booze on meet-ups. If this won’t fill up your stomach, try entering an eating competition.

85. Hit the Beach

Beaches are free, and so is money free weekend which can offer you various fun things to do without money at the beach. Play volleyball, learn to surf, volunteer to clean up the ref, make your own slide, or just tan and don’t forget to snap a photo.

86. Barbeque

Summer calls for the barbeque. Call your friend and family and let them bring any leftover dishes or ingredient, save money on meat and grill some veggies, combine some other money free weekend ideas and you can have a party right there without spending any bucks.

87. Meet Your Neighbor

Never got a chance to meet your neighbor? Introduce yourself on this money-free weekend, bakes some cookies and invite them for an afternoon tea, get to know them better. A neighbor can be helpful in their own way, and if you are living alone who knows they can become your best friend also.

88. Host a Free Webinar

If you’re more of a public speaker and want to share your ideas upfront with your audience, you can set up and host a free webinar. Don’t spend on those expensive tools, you can also conduct a webinar by going live on social media like YouTube, Instagram or FaceBook. If you are new in business, spread a word about your product through money free weekend webinar.

89. Have a Karaoke Night

Love to sing, then start karaoke night on this money-free weekend, many songs are now available in their karaoke version online if you don’t have the machine. And if you have an access to one, make a competition and the loser has to make the dinner.

90. Make your own kite

Many public parks organize kite festival all around the summer with no cost. If you don’t know how to make a kite, start now and make your own weird and wonderful version. Can’t find a festival in your area? Make an event on Facebook and invite all your friends.

91. Make Money at Garage Sale

Make use of this money free weekend by planning a garage sale. Put out all the things that you don’t need like furniture, tools, clothing and more. Advertise your sale if you can and do keep lots of changes and small bills. You can get rid of the items that are not in use and make money with it, takes a lot of time but you are free, aren’t you?

92. Watch your Favorite childhood show

I know the names of every cartoon show that I have watched. They were far from reality but fun in its own way. Give yourself a day off and go down the alley of your childhood show. Hulu and Netflix have tons of show from the past 20 years, it can sound lame but you will not stop once you get started.

93. Volunteer

It feels good when you can be of some help. Spend your day doing some work in an organization. It might not sound as appealing as it is but it can turn out to be a fun thing to do without money, you will meet new people, learn something, all for free. Check your local community. You can find kitchen, church, hospital, tutoring, theaters and many more place to spend your money free weekend.

94. Explore the Sky At Night

The fun doesn’t have to stop after the sun goes down. Stargazing is perfect for a clear night, plan a picnic and extend it late in the night. Lay down some blanket and stare upwards. It’s a great way to teach your kids about the constellation. Get absorbed into its beauty and have a deep conversation. It is a perfect ending if you are camping in the woods.

95. Paint Your Umbrella

Summer will end before we know it, get ready to welcome the rain with your own personalized umbrella. Use your own umbrella and color it the way you want, show your art. Have a printed one? Put a solid color as a base and you have your canvas ready.

96. Babysit

If your only plan for this money free weekend is chill and Netflix, then use it wisely. Volunteer to babysit for your neighbor or friend who is planning for a mini getaway. Engage the kid with many fun activities which can be done without money or keep an eye on them while watching your show.

97. Explore Wikipedia

Fall into the labyrinth of Wikipedia. Read movie plot, science, events and more. Read whatever you find interesting, quench the thirst of your curious mind. Once, I went so deep into the search that I almost forget what was the reason I started reading it for was. It’s a perfectly imperfect way to spend your money free weekend.

98. Learn Origami

Put your paper folding skill to a test and start making origami. Start your journey with frogs and cranes and then you can try the hardest stuff like origami iris or Satoshi Kamiya’s Ryujin. It a very beautiful decorated item and has a belief anyone who folds 1,000 origami cranes will be granted a wish which makes it a very fun thing to do with no money. All you need is some paper (even newspaper).

99. Build a fort

A lady with two kids inside a fort

Make use of that blanket and build yourself a beautiful fort. Decorate it with light, scarfs. Play with your kids or plan a romantic date. Get the feel of camping even if you are inside your room.

100. Hold a competition

You can turn any fun event with a competition whether it is cooking out of box dishes, having a karaoke night or to see who can chug down the soda fast. It is always easy to turn your boring weekend into a complete jam-packed entertaining weekend with fun things to do without money. Scratch your head smarty pants.

It’s your turn now. Try these suggestions which can help fill your money free weekend and add your own ideas to the list. And whatever you do make sure it is money free – because that’s the whole point!


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