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12 High Paying Part Time Jobs For College Students

part time jobs for college students

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Part-time jobs can serve as an opportunity to do what you’re passionate about and if not passionate then at least get paid up for a part-time job and pay off the student loan or cover up your shopping/party expenses. Here we are offering you the best available sources for a high paying part time jobs for college students so do read on and focus on the perks or the extra incentives that come along with these jobs:

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1.  Waiter And Waitress  – Average Hourly Pay: $8 to $19

Serving and bartending have been among the most common job choices for college students for many years because this part time job offers flexible scheduling. Many establishments offer part-time jobs with hours available in the evenings and on weekends, which could allow you to work around your classes. Another reason is the potential to earn good money through tips, so put your floss to use and flaunt that beautiful smile which will definitely get you handsome tips.

Even though the hourly wages for servers and bartenders in 2016 ranged from $8.22 to $18.49 and from $8.32 to $19.34, respectively, the best earnings often come in the form of tips. For most restaurant patrons, tipping 15 to 20 percent is considered the standard. So if your total sales on a shift amounted to $500, then your average take-home pay from tips could total $75 to $100 on top of your hourly wage.

The tips that bartenders receive can be more variable depending on the type of establishment as well as the time of day and day of the week. A good bartender can make anywhere from $50 to $200 or higher per shift. Whether working as a bartender or server, it is likely that the higher-end the establishment, the more money you can expect to make.

2. Pet Walker/Pet Sitter – Average Hourly Pay: $15 to $30

Part time jobes
Animal lovers may want to consider dog sitting services.

Imagine being paid to hang out with dogs. Sounds like a good job, doesn’t it? And although it does require a little more flexibility in scheduling, the overall time commitment is relatively small. A dog walker typically charges anywhere from $15 to $30 per dog, per walk (which can be 30 to 60 minutes long). So if you are walking five dogs per day, five days a week and charging an average of $22.50 per dog, then you could bring in $562.50 per week. Just remember that you need to check your city’s regulations regarding permit or insurance requirements.

Another possibility similar to a dog walker is a pet sitter. Dog walkers tend to have a more reliable, regular schedule, whereas pet sitting is usually short-term while an animal’s owner is out of town. And like dog walkers, pet sitters can also charge $15 to $30 per visit. When pet sitting, it is common to visit the animal up to three times a day. So at the median of $22.50 per visit, three visits a day over a five-day period could bring you $337.50.

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3. Teacher’s Assistant – Average Hourly Pay: $10 to $15

If you love to hang around with small kids then this option will prove to be the most suitable one for you. Institutions and faculty members hire students to work as teacher assistants once they have completed at least their first year of school. Teacher assistants, or TAs, assist instructors with marking papers and exams, answering student questions, preparing class materials, and more. Working as a TA can help you reinforce principles that you have already learned. And you don’t even have to leave campus to get to work. Just remember that organization is critical since the busiest times for TAs are also the busiest times for students.

As for pay, the average annual wage of teacher assistants working for colleges, universities, and professional schools was $28,730 in 2016. Plus, many teaching assistant positions are part-time, which can allow you to complete assigned tasks on your own time so that you can work completely around your own schedule.

4. Tutor – Average Hourly Pay: $15 to $50

Part time jobs
Working as a tutor can be a rewarding experience.

Tutoring can definitely be classified as one of the good paying part-time jobs for college students. If you excel in certain subjects and enjoy teaching others, tutoring could be an especially good fit. You could tutor younger students in elementary, middle, or high school, or you could tutor other college students. The school you attend may offer a tutoring program, or you can advertise privately through public notice boards and websites.

When looking at job boards, it is common to find college tutors charging in the $15- to $20-an-hour range. However, that amount can climb up to $50 per hour and higher depending on the nature and complexity of the subject. If you are interested in becoming a tutor, it is best to find out what other comparable tutors are charging in your area and price your rates competitively.

5. Freelance Writer or Editor – Average Hourly Pay: $20 to $30

Do you have a knack for writing or editing? Skilled writers and editors can find great opportunities to earn money part-time and are usually provided the flexibility to complete assignments around their own schedule. Plus, if you’re specifically interested in at-home jobs then, this one is an easy choice.

There are many online websites dedicated to freelance work, like Fiverr,  where you can register and get started for free. Although it might be a little competitive or challenging to secure work when you first start out, it can be done. And the earnings can be worth it.

6. Babysitter/ Nanny – Average Hourly Pay: $11 to $15

high paying part time college jobs
The pay for childcare can vary, depending on the responsibilities included and the demand.

Most parents require childcare, whether part-time or full-time. If you have some experience with kids and enjoy caring for them and being in their company, then a nanny position may work well for you. It qualifies as a job that’s often suitable for college students since it can offer flexible hours and opportunities to complete homework during children’s rest times. You could even find a live-in position where the parents provide you with room and board as well as an hourly wage or monthly salary.

In-home care providers made an hourly average wage of $11.02. However, hourly wages can go up to $15.25 or higher when there are multiple children or extra responsibilities involved (like housekeeping, pet care, or running errands). And the hourly wage can run much higher in areas where childcare demand outweighs availability, so this has good potential to be one of the high paying part time jobs for college students.

7. Customer Service Representative – Average Hourly Pay: $10 to $25

Getting a part time job in any organization is always a good option as customer service reps are usually the first point of contact for customers—over the phone, in person, or even online. They can be responsible for offering information, taking orders, or handling complaints. Customer service jobs can be found within call centers, retail stores, insurance agencies, banks, and more.

Working as a customer service rep is a great way for you to gain solid communication skills that could help you succeed throughout your career. And you could expect to earn anywhere from $10.01 to $25.83 an hour along with a good future recommendation for the company that you want to work for.

8. Hotel Desk Clerk – Average Hourly Pay: $10 to $15

good paying part time jobs for college students
Hospitality jobs may include special perks.

Hotel or Restaurant Desk Clerks require little training to nail the job, and hence it makes a great choice for college goers. You learn important etiquettes that are bound to help in the future professional endeavors. Plus you get a dedicated shift time along with all the other perks that may include free meals as well. If you’re looking for a not too lengthy and exhausting work space then this option can be the most suitable one for you and also make sure that guests like you to get that extra tip alongside your hourly pay.

9. Bank Teller – Average Hourly Pay: $12 to $20

Bank Tellers are responsible for the daily transactions in the bank including cashing checks and depositing money. The job only requires a high school diploma hence college students are qualified to apply. You need to be really careful at this job as the loss of any money would be deducted from your pay only. Losing a pen one thing but losing someone else’s cash might get you in trouble so before going ahead with this option make sure that you’re responsible enough to handle cash and other such important tasks. Getting a good feedback from a bank will definitely help you in landing your next job easily so make sure that you do justice to this work profile.

10. Library Assistant – Average Hourly Pay: $12 to $15

Being a bookworm can easily get you this job, you just need that interest for reading and keeping things in place and you’re sure to get good recommendations from this work profile. People who would like not to stray very far from their education and college premises, you could try to bag a library assistant position at your campus itself. Librarians are highly paid and you can do your emergency studying as and when required!

11. Social Media Strategist – Average Hourly Pay: $12 to $15

Being friendly with all the latest tech developments and upgrades on various social networking sites be it Facebook, Instagram or Twitter will help you with this work profile, so during your interview don’t hesitate in showing your latest selfies along with best of the filters that you’ve used. You’re the one who consumes this medium the most so any company will be happy to get you onboard as it’s easy for them to get the insights from youngsters about your likes and dislikes.

College students are the top choices for firms looking for social media managers and strategists to promote their businesses, mainly because young adults are the most net savvy and abreast with the latest trends. You get to earn over $20 for spending time on Facebook and Twitter! What else do you need?

12. Freelance Product Photographer – Average Hourly Pay: $15 to $20

good paying part time jobs for college students
Photography can open doors to a full-time career path.

If you can imagine a nice frame in just a simple black box then this one’s for you. Get your passion to use and you can easily turn this part-time job to a full-time profession. This job will not only get you to travel new places but will also make you meet new people smiling for your shutter and if you impress them with your work then you’ve already grabbed some future clients. Photography side jobs require someone who is highly skilled in photography and related software for editing and retouching photos. Photography experience is almost always required and graphic design and Photoshop experience is a plus.

Any of the above mentioned jobs are sure to get your path clear for various future prospects along with a solid decision which will help you in defining your likes and dislikes and is sure to guide you with a focused career path. So go on and try as many part-time jobs as you can and decide for yourselves what suits you the most and what doesn’t. All the Best guys!!


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