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12 Walmart Shopping Secrets Every Shopaholic Should Know

walmart shopping secrets

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If you’re a true American, then Walmart matters to you, a lot. Walmart’s strategy of selling everything from ‘pins to airplanes’ gels in well with its dead cheap prices. But be wary- if they sell you something for a low price, means they got it at a much cheaper cost. With increased cut-throat competition, even Walmart is prying on dirty little tricks to lure customers and add new ones to their arsenal.

If you shop frequently at Walmart, you’re very much aware of the fluttering prices that vary from one day to another. If due attention is paid to the fluctuating prices, it is fairly easy to figure out a pattern that can help customers save money. We did our homework and figured out 12 Walmart Shopping Secrets that give you an extra edge when you visit your local Walmart store next time out.

1. Walmart savings catcher app

To win over the customers in the long run, Walmart is moving towards an active online presence.  The savings catcher app by Walmart notifies the user about the best deals available at Walmart stores online and nearby. This Walmart shopping secret is very much unknown to regular customers too because most of them walk in stores to shop and don’t explore this aspect of big savings by keeping track of deals.

2. Game of Coupons

People live under a stereotypical notion that coupons are a sham and they’re just a marketing gimmick for retail stores. Walmart however, urges its customers to come up with coupons– be it online coupon codes or newspaper clippings. EBates offers discount coupons and cashbacks, while Coupons.com and Groupon come up with Walmart discount coupons every now and then.  Don’t throw away the coupons next time out, even if your friends mock you. Your Walmart shopping secret is their loss.

3. Get bread for just $1

Bread and bakery supplies at Walmart are of top quality. However, while people look to buy the freshest loaf of bread, a day old bakery supplies aren’t stale either. Smart peeps who are aware of Walmart shopping secrets know that it sheds the price of these items to as low as $1 after it spends a day on the shelf.

4. Chronicles of the price tag

The price tag schemes at all Walmart stores are uniform. Interestingly, many customers discovered this Walmart shopping secret when they surveyed its pricing strategies. Here’s what they found:

  • Items with prices ending in $__._7 are the original price.
  • Items with prices ending in $__._5 are the first markdown.
  • Items with prices ending in $__._1 are the final markdown.

Next time you notice the price tags on Walmart, check out the last digit on the slip. If it isn’t ending with ._1, you better wait for it to go down.

5. Check out competitor’s prices

The organized retail sector isn’t a flea market, we are very much aware of that. But when it comes to Walmart, you can actually haggle for a better price if you find it cheaper someplace else. What to do? Visit Bestbuy, check out their prices and tally them with Walmart’s prices. Then, when you’re at the billing counter, show that product’s price to the cashier. There is a good chance you’ll get that product at the price matching competitor’s price.

6. Check out Walmart’s own prices- Online!

E-commerce really spices up the battle of exclusive discounts and BOGO (Buy One Get One) deals; but when a store like Walmart operates on both ends- be it offline or online, things get tricky. The daily price-offs and combo-deals at Walmart’s website offer massive discounts that are not updated in the store. So tally prices of your items in your cart to the virtual store’s price; if there’s a difference (there’s always a difference) Walmart is more than happy to offer you the same price as its virtual store.

7. Shop during odd hours

This might sound a bit crazy, but believe us, it is a Walmart shopping secret that nobody knows. Walmart is jam-packed during normal times, and since its open 24×7, the only time to restock the stuff and update the price tags is early hours i.e. midnight to sunrise. If you’re insomniac or just love to lurk around at night, hit Walmart in these hours to not only avoid large crowds, but to catch some crazy deals on stuff that’s generally sold out in the first hour.

8. Wait for the deal-breaker season

Most of the frequent Walmart shoppers mark their calendar for these events to get crazy deals on stuff at Walmart:

  • Black Friday (end of November)
  • Summer clearance sale
  • Winter clearance sale

If you’re planning to buy something big (electronics or furniture) hold on to your wits and wait for these seasonal sale events to take over. Walmart offers upto 70% off on big brands during these times.

9. …or at least the deal-breaker day

Every Walmart store tries to clear out its stock once a week to make provision for new stuff to come in. This Walmart shopping secret exposes that day in front of the masses…It’s Tuesday! You’d get good money off by planning your shopping schedule to hit local Walmart every Tuesday. One of our own guys saves $10 every week by shopping only on Tuesdays at Walmart.

10. FREEE…Shipping.

Walmart offers free shipping almost everywhere across the US of A if you enroll to its membership program. With soaring fuel prices and weather’s torment, going to Walmart only to face the ignorant shoppers and long queues sounds like a lot of work.  What can be better than shopping in the comfort of your home online? The stuff coming to you…for free!

11. Baby Freebies

This Walmart shopping secret is for parents-to-be and new parents- Walmart offers a ‘Baby Welcome Box’ to parents on their baby registry with the store. A fancy baby starter pack is shipped to parents for free on registration. Not only that, the baby registry brings with it a ton of privileges like heavy discounts on baby-care products and clothes.

12. Website’s Goldmine

Walmart stores have everything alright, but they do not sport refurbished and clearance products unless you ask them to. Refurbished products, especially electronics are available at very affordable prices. Finding them at your local Walmart sounds next to impossible, but the refurbished section is easily accessible on Walmart’s website. As for the clearance sale stuff, you can buy it online rather than fighting with fellow customers in the nearby store.

Walmart’s motto delivers what it states- Save Money. Live Better. But if you can save more than what you’re already saving, what’s bad in that? Next time you visit Walmart- be it the local store or website, remember these 12 Walmart shopping secrets to save money. Psst…Don’t rat out, what happens in Walmart stays in Walmart.

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