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12 Ways to Save Money on Entertainment, because YOLO!

how to save money on entertainment

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If you ask someone “How to save money on entertainment”, you bet they’ll fire back with “Stop having fun!”

Yeah, you can surely save money on entertainment by staring at walls, while you battle the wits to save your sanity. But isn’t that… boring (and dangerous)?

You can never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun. And what’s the point of learning how to save money on entertainment if you cannot have fun?

Your guardian angels (that’s what we call ourselves these days) are going to teach you how to save money on entertainment and not die of boredom at the same time.

Let’s face it- Can you imagine a life without binge-watching your favorite shows? Or skipping Tomorrowland because you were busy ‘saving money on entertainment’? BORINNGGG!

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No matter what type of person you are, you’ll get the ultimate guide to save money on entertainment right here.

So get ready to revolutionize the way you entertain yourself- You don’t need money to have fun, your imagination is enough.

The Screen-Struck

Those lads and lassies glued to screens of some sort- They can be found scrolling through memes on social media or binge-watching their favorite TV show with pizza on their lap. Here’s how to save money on entertainment if you’re screen-struck:

1) Time to Cut the Cable

What the actual fajitas? Did we just advise a couch potato to let go of cable TV? Blasphemy!

“You’re Goddamn Right!” *in Bryan Cranston’s voice*

Yes, you can drop cable TV from your monthly expenditure. No, you don’t have to call up your cable operator and interact with a Human Being. You can trim it with a text message.

But Why? Trim it and we’ll present you an alternative that is 10x better. Don’t worry; you won’t die of boredom if you cut the cable.

We promised you how to save money on entertainment and not be bored, right? We won’t let you down. Just, Trim it.

2) Switch to Online Streams

Online streaming networks like Amazon Prime and Netflix are fan favorites when it comes to online entertainment. You can enjoy the latest releases at dead-cheap prices on both of these platforms, but our favorite is Hulu.

Hulu has all-time blockbusters in their Arsenal, and they have a ‘Live-TV’ plan too which is something that no other streaming platform offers.

We told you that we’ll teach you how to save money on entertainment, right? This is how you stop paying for cable TV that you don’t watch and subscribe to a streaming service like Hulu to kill the boredom.

3) This MoviePass saves your ticket money

MoviePass is a service that allows subscribers to purchase up to three movie tickets per month for a monthly fee. You can watch movies at any movie theatre in America and all you have to do is use your MoviePass to pay.

The monthly fee is less than ticket prices, and you don’t have to pay every time you hit the theatres. Now that’s a fun way to save money on entertainment and watch the latest flicks on the big screen while you pay cents on the dollar!

The Homesick

For those who spend their lives snuggled in a blanket and don’t want to give up homely comforts. Yes, they even make money without stepping out of the house and get food and groceries delivered straight to them. Here’s how homesick breed can save money on entertainment:

4) Hanging out with Strangers

But, didn’t mama say “Never let a stranger inside the house?” Well, this rule is invalid if the stranger is a guest who pays you rent to crash at your place!

If you’ve got a room to spare, you can save money on entertainment by inviting guests at your place through Airbnb. You’ll meet new people, interact with them, you’ll have someone to talk to, and earn money along with it.

There’s nothing more exciting than sitting with a person over a cup of coffee while s/he tells you what his hometown is like. The best part? You earn big as an Airbnb host and save money on entertainment again, and you have a new pastime!

5) Gather the pieces; it’s a Board Game night!

Well, you will learn how to save money on entertainment- when you realize that you don’t NEED to spend money to keep yourself entertained.

You can gather your mates, pick out a board game from the closet that you haven’t opened for the past 10 years (there might be some bats in there, watch out) and roll the dice!

Nothing beats a weekend board game night with your favorite people and a six-pack of your favorite beer. The best part is that you’re cherishing companionship while you have fun AND save money on entertainment.

6) Save on everything you order

You aren’t a fan of human interaction, as a homesick person, I can relate. Your entertainment generally takes a day or two to reach as you get it online- be it latest Movie titles, a foosball table, or video games.

Yes, we know entertainment is not cheap, but we know how to save on stuff every time you order online. Websites like Swagbucks and Groupon offer coupons which give out instant discounts have a look.

Ebates is our best bet when it comes to movies and games- save big on the latest titles and all you have to do is search on Ebates before you buy. Along with large discounts, you get a $10 Walmart gift card when you register.

The Serial Grubbers

“Hello this is *a generic eatery* what would you like to order?” is music to a serial grubber’s ears. They love to eat their hearts out (and ribs, and thighs). Food is Love… but expensive. Here’s how to save money on entertainment when it comes to food-lovers.

7) They call it ‘Happy Hour’ for a cause

Why limit Happy Hour to one single day? Nearly every day is Happy Hour at some bar or the other. Call up your friends, pool up and drive to the place. The drinks cost less than the usual and there’s a deal on everything on the menu.

Going to a bar and having fun is the best feeling ever. And if you follow the Happy Hour schedule, you’ll easily learn how to save money on entertainment while the fun factor goes up a notch. Let there be booze!

8) Fine Dine fanatic? Save with Coupons!

If you’re a big fan of living lavishly (even if it’s for a couple of hours) and you prefer fine dining restaurants over McDonald’s, you can still find relief and reduce the bill.

Download the Restaurant.com app and find best fine-dine restaurants near you. How does this save money on Entertainment? When you’re paying, just flash a code from the app and you’ll get big discounts!

Fine dining might be your idea of fun, or it might be something you go for occasionally. Either way, you save big if you download the app and flash a code. Saved you some stash, didn’t we?

9) Save on Coffee while Coffee saves you

For Americans, coffee is a lifeline they cannot live without. For that same reason, Starbucks is the perfect hangout spot to have fun. But man, it burns a hole in your pocket, eh? Not anymore!

If coffee is your kinda fun hangout, then we’ll teach you how to save money on entertainment when it comes to your caffeine craving. Here’s how- Free Starbucks coffee for a year, courtesy of EBC! Knock yourself out.

The Wild Ones

No matter how much of an introvert you are, everyone has a wild side. You’d dance your ass off to MJ’s classics and sing along Maroon 5 like there’s no tomorrow.

If this is your idea of fun and you’re wondering “How to save money on entertainment if I spend all my money buying concert tickets and hosting dance parties?” Well, you can. Here’s how:

10) Be a Volunteer

You know when and where the next concert is- Why don’t you volunteer for it? Most event organizers are ready to pay volunteers for their crowd management skills. Hey, even if you don’t get paid, you still attend concerts for free; win-win!

Many of my friends are in direct contact with event organizers that host biggie concerts and shows. Now you know how to save money on entertainment if concerts are your kinda thing!

11) Free is Fun

We can all agree on the fact that free events are underrated. Be it a college band playing in the nearby café or a DJ night in public school- These free events are fun to check out and you save money on entertainment as well.

The best part? They’re so much fun; you won’t feel like settling down till the music stops (that is 10 PM in case of public school’s DJ night). These free events don’t cost a dime and the vibes are just exorbitant.

12) Let there be Moonlight

You’re a wild one when it comes to parties, why don’t you take it to the next level? You don’t have to pay to dance to some tunes. Pack your bag with a Bluetooth speaker; fill it to the brim with your buddies and food, dive off.

Nothing beats campfire in the woods, music, and moonlight. This has to be the most memorable experience of my life, and you don’t have to spend anything to be there. You’ll learn how to save money on entertainment with nature by your side.

If you’re stuck between “I need to save money” and “You Only Live Once”, listen to your heart us and go for both. Growing up and worrying about money doesn’t mean that you stop having fun!

Now you know how to save money on entertainment. You might be short of money, but you can never fall short of entertainment!


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