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14 Awesome Home-Based Job Options for Moms

work from home jobs for moms

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Being a work from home mom can be a great way to earn income while you take care of your kids. I have worked from home for the last 20 years in some capacity (usually combined with other part time jobs), and last year I quit my part time teaching job to work from home full time.

If you have the ability to structure your time, multitask when you have to, and ignore housework or delegate it to the children when you need to, home-based job options offer the best of all worlds– you’re able to be with your kids every day as they grow up and earn an income while avoiding the expense of daycare. Here are some of the best work from home jobs for moms.

1. Telecommuting

If you are already employed, you may be able to propose a telecommuting arrangement that will allow you to work from home all or most of the time and keep your current job. Be sure to emphasize the advantages of telecommuting for the employer, such as saving money on office space and possibly equipment, fewer sick days because you will already be at home if the kids get sick, and flexibility to work odd hours if needed.

2. Data Entry

Good typing skills are needed for this job, and speed as well as accuracy will help you earn enough money to make the job worthwhile–many data entry jobs are paid by the item rather than by the hour. Stay away from jobs that require you to pay a fee to apply–this is true for any work-from-home job–or that promise to pay you thousands of dollars a week. This is a more entry level job that may pay minimum wage, or even less if your speed isn’t fast enough. Still, data entry jobs are flexible and allow you to set your own hours, so if you just need a little extra cash they can be useful.

3. Transcription

Transcription is the next step up from data entry, and usually involves typing out sentences and conversations rather than numbers or other short data. The biggest fields within transcription are legal and medical, and if you are bilingual there may be jobs that involve translation from one language to another. Training classes can help develop transcription skills to qualify you for higher level jobs that pay more.

4. Virtual Assistant

Lots of small business owners need help doing tasks like typing emails, invoicing, making phone calls, and other things that keep a business going. Virtual assistants typically make more than minimum wage, and some require a special phone line and headset to keep you connected during working hours. Moms with very young children may want to schedule their hours for this job when they have help or when their kids are napping.

5. Teacher/Tutor

If you have training in a particular area or have teaching credentials, you can work online as a teacher or tutor, or can teach classes or tutor students from home. Some online tutoring jobs don’t even require training, including helping foreign students learn English and publishing courses on educational sites like Skillshare that others pay to take. One caveat is that some online sites only pay per student that takes the course, so if you don’t gain a following you may not make much.

6. Freelance Writer/Editor/Designer

Many sites now pay for content, and writers with solid skills can move up the ranks quickly and make between $25 and $50 per hour of writing, sometimes even more. Sites like iWriter typically pay per article or piece written or accepted, so it pays to be fast while following directions carefully. It is also possible to get local clients who need blogs, newsletters, email campaigns or sales letters written, but this takes legwork and may require face-to-face meetings that take you away from your children at least once in a while.

Web design and graphic design are also avenues to pursue and can be combined with writing skills to be even more lucrative.

7. Customer Service Rep

Many customer service representative jobs can be done from home now, and usually require a headset for phone jobs, although many are now chat-based and not on the phone. The hours are typically fixed, and child care help may be required in order to focus so you can do a good job. The pay for these work from home jobs for moms isn’t great, but they don’t require college training or specific skills, and can put some money in your monthly budget while you raise your little ones at home.

Woman with a boy sitting on her lap working on a laptop together.
Working at home can help you keep your kids out of daycare while you earn an income.

8. Bookkeeper

While you need some basic skills to do bookkeeping, you can easily learn at home with the courses at LearnToBeaBookkeeper and get started on a career that can make you a professional income working for a company or starting your own business and finding clients that need your services.

9. Mompreneur

Chances are, you know some mompreneurs who started businesses and ended up making a living for their families. Crystal Paine of MoneySavingMom.com and other sites now employs 10 people and is the main income earner for her family even though her husband has a law degree! You can start small and reinvest some of your profits along the way as the business grows, and starting a business can be the perfect way to find work doing what you love.

10. Child Care

If you enjoy taking care of other people’s kids in addition to your own, in-home childcare may be the best way to earn extra income. You may need to get licensed in your state or locality in order to have a childcare business, and you should carry liability insurance to cover you against any injuries or accusations that rarely may occur. There are several sites where you can list your services, such as Care.com or Sittercity.com, as well as putting out the word of mouth among your friends and acquaintances with kids.

11. Pet Care

Rover and Care.com are two sites where you can offer pet care services like dog walking, doggie daycare, and pet boarding. These can be great work from home mom jobs if you love dogs. Of course, it’s important to do your due diligence to make sure the pets in your home are safe for your kids to be around, but in general, the kids will probably love having different animals around and as your kids age they can help you take care of the pets.

12. Academic Test Scoring

The first major work-from-home job I had other than the occasional freelance writing/editing gig was for Pearson–scoring the SAT essay and occasionally, other writing exams. The essay scoring required an English degree and several years of teaching experience, but requirements vary. The work is repetitive but usually pays well–the SAT scoring paid $17-19 per hour depending on experience, with bonuses for working 30 hours per week for the initial scoring period. Some tests pay per test scored, which can make your rate vary.

13. Social Media Reviewer

A number of companies hire readers to monitor social media sites for various companies, often looking for negative posts or profanity that need to be removed. Pay for these jobs can be $10-15 per hour depending on rate of speed.

14. Real Estate Agent/Investor

While real estate agents may spend a lot of time outside the home showing homes and meeting with clients,  these meetings can be scheduled when your spouse is home with the kids or when they are at school. Much of the paperwork and research can be done at home, and if you have some money to invest in properties, you can manage them and flip them from a home office or bring your kids along on walk-throughs as you manage the properties.

This list of the best work from home jobs for moms probably has something on it that will not only pique your interest, but will also provide the added income you want. If you can handle working on top of taking care of your young children, there’s bound to be a job on our list that you can do at home while you give your kids the best possible care and raise them in the way you think best. Work at home jobs offer the best opportunities for moms that want to spend as much time as possible with their kids, being available to give them the love and supervision they need, while also earning the money you need to make life better for the entire family.


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