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5 States to crash for a Joyous Labor Day Weekend

labor day weekend activities

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Without labor, nothing prospers.

If any occasion deserves a federal holiday, it has to be Labor Day. First Monday of September, the long weekend before the kids’ school season starts and the weather outside is at its prime. Best way to draw a curtain on this holiday season is to find fun things to do on Labor Day. The enigma of fireworks, dance, and music are few of fun-filled Labor Day weekend activities.

We did our research, and it turns out there are Five Labor Day Destinations to hit if one wants to make the most of the Labor Day weekend activities. This might make you think “What’s the point of going to another state just to celebrate Labor Day?” The answer is simple, Labor Day weekend is celebrated with eternal zest throughout the nation alright, but these five states are the real gems of Labor Day weekend activities.

Take a piece of paper and a pen, draft a quick itinerary, and figure out which of these places offer fun things to do on a labor day weekend according to your taste:

I. California

All the Labor Day weekend activities in California are tied up to its beautiful waters. The scenic beauty and miles of serenity makes it the place to hit on a Labor Day weekend. Here are some of the best getaways in California that would make your Labor Day weekend awesome:

1. Eureka

A fun-filled Labor Day weekend can’t get any better if it involves Victorian-styled architecture, plenty of museums and natural beauty. Situated on North coast of California, Eureka is the best way to learn new things on a labor day with street plays going around at every corner on Labor Day struggles.

  • Attractions: Victorian-style architecture, Water sports, Natural beauty
  • Getaway cost: Low
  • Go easy on the pocket: Go Airbnb or VRBO, as most of the hotels are jam-packed during holidays.

2. Mount Lassen

Amidst all the party lurkers hunting for a loud place, some of us prefer solitude. The best place to get solitude is Mount Lassen. On a Labor Day weekend, the hills are full of hot dog sellers and this makes it a perfect destination for a Labor Day weekend road trip.

II. Texas

Labor Day Weekend is a glorious three-day break that comes right at the tail end of a (usually hot) Texas summer. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to do some traveling, and as Texas is a two-hour drive from a majority of cities, it saves you a lot of time to actually enjoy the weekend.

1. Galveston Island

A Labor Day weekend is the last long holiday before the summer ends, and who wouldn’t hit the beach before the summertime’s up? Galveston Island offers the perfect Labor Day getaway with fireworks show on the beach and lip-smacking seafood.

  • Attractions: Grand 1894 Opera House, Amusement park, Beach
  • Getaway cost: Low
  • Go easy on the pocket: Set up camp on the beach and save on hotel expenses

2. Burnet

Burnet is the perfect road trip destination as Labor Day fireworks illuminate the skies while breath-taking views are a treat to the eyes. The likes of Inks Lake State Park and Longhorn Cavern State Park are something very unique and aren’t found anywhere except the high roads of the Hill Country

  • Attractions: Wineries, Lakes, Scenic beauties
  • Getaway cost: Low
  • Go easy on the pocket: Travel in early hours to avoid traffic jams

III. Florida

As the symbolic end of the summer, Labor Day weekend in Florida is celebrated with barbecues, fireworks, parades, and picnics. Plan one last Labor Day getaway to soak in the sunshine before fall is here at one of best places in the Sunshine State to visit Labor Day weekend.

1. St. Augustine

A Labor Day weekend novelty, St. Augustine sports Music concerts at Plaza de la Constitucion for the Labor Day celebration vibes, while hair-raising ghost tours of the Old Jail give the spooks along with fun-filled Art Walk and live music and entertainment.

  • Attractions: Castillo de San Marcos fort, Plaza de la Constitucion, Art Walks
  • Getaway cost: High
  • Go easy on the pocket: With too much to explore, use Contiki to cover all the good places

2. St. Petersburg

A hub for family-friendly activities, St. Pete is a safe bet if you’re looking for a quick Labor Day weekend getaway that doesn’t need much traveling. With Labor Day carnivals and music festivals all around the city, there’s a great beach retreat if you’re in the mood for some sunshine.

  • Attractions: Petersburg Mural Festival, Fort De Soto Park, St. Pete Beach
  • Getaway cost: Low
  • Go easy on the pocket: Hit the free carnivals and music fests.

IV. Illinois

The state of Illinois lives up to its expectations of jolly old music concerts and carnivals. Most of them don’t cost a dime and there are some big names in these concerts. If you’re a big-time fan of good music, Illinois has to be the Labor Day weekend destination for you.

1. Jefferson Park

Labor Day activities kick off in Chicago at the Jefferson Park. From music festivals to special museum showcase, everything is amply found at this place, making it a fun ride for party-goers and families too.

  • Attractions: Chicago Fringe Festival, Taste of Polonia Festival
  • Getaway cost: Low
  • Go easy on the pocket: Commute on foot to avoid traffic jams and save on cab money

2. Millennium Park & Chicago Cultural Center

Watch Jazz music and carnivals come to life at the famous cultural center in Chicago. Music enthusiasts from all around the country gather at this one place to witness a very organized Jazz music gala with top-drawer artists. The best part- It’s free!

V. New York City

NYC lives up to its potential by offering something for everyone. Everyone comes to the home of Yankees to fulfill the American Dream, so there’s a large pool of people looking for fun things to do on a Labor Day weekend. Like everything else that this place offers, New York does not disappoint.

1. The Flying Dutchman

Get yourself a boat, load it up with supplies and leave all your worries on land. New York City is a humble abode to the best sea-breeze getaways in America. There are many race-boat competitions for the adrenaline junkies and racing fans. New York Harbor is the best place to spend your Labor Day weekend.

  • Attractions: Tribeca’s Grand Banks, North River Lobster Company, Boat race competitions
  • Getaway cost: High
  • Go easy on the pocket: Rent sailboats with a group of friends/ cooperative strangers.

2. Tour-de-NYC

New York is HUGE. If we would tell you to visit that ‘one place’ to celebrate your Labor Day weekend, it is going to be a waste. Every corner of this wonderful city celebrates Labor Day with extremely well-matched enthusiasm, and you don’t want to miss any of it. But with long distances and heavy cab fares, it is almost impossible to enjoy Labor Day without breaking the bank. It’s better to take a tour on TopViewNYC bus service, a cheaper alternative than any other means of commute to tourists. You get to witness the whole of NYC from one end to another, at a much cheaper price.

  • Attractions: Empire State Building, Times Square, Basically all around NYC
  • Getaway cost: Low
  • Go easy on the pocket: TopViewNYC

People have a perception that Labor Day weekend is a stay-at-home triple holiday. Someone even said that “If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end, it would probably be Labor Day Weekend.” Well, Labor Day is not a stuck-in-traffic day, there are a zillion ways to make it fun-filled than the usual. So plan out your holiday, pack up your things, and have the best Labor Day weekend celebration ever!


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