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7 Part Time Jobs for Retirees: Extra Income in Your Retirement Years

best part time jobs for retirees

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Many retirees simply miss working and others need to continue bringing in some income after they retire from their careers. Increasing numbers are seeking part-time jobs gigs and other money making opportunities so they have more time for leisure but still have the routine and meaning of a job or some extra income.

Fortunately, there are many gigs and part-time jobs for retirees – that offer the extra cash you need along with the flexibility you want. Here are some of the best gigs and part-time jobs for retirees – these gigs make it possible to have the best of both worlds.

1. Working from home.

While many work-from-home jobs require computer skills, it is possible to learn what you need to know even if you haven’t had much experience with computers up until now. For those with basic skills, many employers will provide training for the specific skills needed for the job.

Online courses can also provide the necessary skills.

a.  Bookkeeping (Earn $80/hrs ) – Learn to Be a Bookkeeper is a site that teaches people how to launch a bookkeeping business that can be part-time and still earn you the income you want or need.

b.  Freelance Proofreading Hustle – If proofreading is more your thing, Proofreadanywhere can teach those skills and get you started in that area.

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2. Consulting in your previous career field.

If you spent years or decades building a career in a particular area, chances are you have a wealth of contacts and enough expertise to work on a consulting basis helping companies who need specialized help or guidance on how to be successful. As a consultant, you can usually earn top dollar on a contract basis, working only part-time hours with a flexible schedule that will allow you to pursue other interests or travel if you want to do so.

The first place to look for consulting jobs is your former employer. If you parted on good terms, they may be more than happy to have you come back part-time as a contractor, or they may be able to recommend you to other companies in the field. The bottom line is, consulting work based on your past experience made our list of good part-time jobs for retirees because it includes a flexible schedule, it is a stress-free way to earn extra income, and this type of work allows you to share your knowledge with others.

3. Seasonal work.

If your retirement planning didn’t leave you with adequate income, many jobs are seasonal and can provide income while only requiring work for part of the year. Some of these jobs include limo drivers, substitute teachers, tutors, park service workers, sports stadium attendants, tax preparers, and hotel workers in areas where there is a defined busy season. Many of these jobs have flexible hours, which is also a plus when looking for part-time jobs for retirees.

4. Uber or Lyft driver.

The sharing economy continues to grow, with Uber and Lyft as a huge part of the upswing. It’s possible that you spent years feeling like a taxi service as you drove your kids to school, sports, and other activities. Now you can get paid for driving people around, and it’s completely flexible since you can drive on your schedule, as long as there are people who need rides.

5. House sitting or pet sitting.

People need others to take care of their house and their pets when they go away on vacation or have to travel for work. House sitting is usually a very easy job and you can end up getting paid to stay in some really nice places. Pet sitting may be a little more work, but if you enjoy animals, it could be one of the best part-time jobs for retirees. You can even sign up with Rover or other pet sitting websites to get your information in front of thousands of pet owners who may need care at one time or another.

401k calculator
With some basic computer skills, you may be well-suited to working from home in retirement.

6. Senior home care.

This type of work is usually hourly or per diem and involves non-medical care of seniors who can’t be fully independent, or sometimes just want someone to keep them company and help with things around the house or apartment. You might be tasked with taking seniors to doctor’s appointments or shopping, or help with keeping the house clean, making meals, or spending time with them playing games or reading to them.

These jobs are in high demand as the number of seniors grow, and along with it the number who are not in perfect health and need these kinds of services. And again, you can make yourself available only when you want to be, which is perfect for those who only want to work part time.

7. Tour guide or resort staff.

One of the best parts of retirement is visiting or living in exotic locations. If you can’t afford to travel, live in a resort or exotic locale on the retirement funding you have, you can get a job at a resort or work as a tour guide in order to get the money you need. Sure, it won’t be the same relaxing, luxury experience if you have to spend some of your time working, but you will still get to experience the beauty on your off hours, which is better than nothing, right?

While having to come out of retirement to work again may be less than ideal for some, for others it means continuing to have a purpose and some structure to what can otherwise seem like long, empty days. Whether you need to continue working during retirement or you just want to, there are lots of opportunities out there that will make it fun to continue working and allow you to earn some supplementary income without continuing to work full time.


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