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Fancy an Extreme Makeover? These 8 Apps Pay You to Exercise!

apps that pays you to workout

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Isn’t it just fascinating? I hated myself for who I was; I decided that I’ll switch to Espresso, stop carb-intake altogether and switch to a liquid diet for the next three months of my life.

That was half an hour ago.

Here I am, sipping Cola from a long makeshift straw; a slice of pepperoni in one hand and fries in the other. Hey, don’t judge me! I was on a diet for a good 29 minutes and I needed a cheat meal to break the monotony.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? One moment we decided that we’d work our ass off and get fit to the core, but the drive just dies a slow death. Now, the tables shall turn. This time we’ll show you the carrot and you’ll be your own stick.

We’ll make sure the fit-spirit never dies until you transform into the best version of you. Here are 8 apps that pay you to exercise. We all know that money is the best motivator, right?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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But First, Get in the Zone!

If you just ‘wake up one day’ and decide that you want to get fit, that approach won’t go a long way, trust me. It’s always better to get in the groove first. Apps that pay you to exercise will only pay you if you exercise. Here’s how you can get in the mood:

1. Shop till you drop

Get yourself a gym membership, probably? Save money while you’re at it by taking the Ebates route. The smell of a new workout gear and shiny new kicks is the best motivation to get fit. This drive will make you download the apps that pay you to exercise.

2. Follow this diet and shed your weight

These so called ‘fitness freaks’ love to spread their unprofessional wisdom with people (even when nobody asked for it) and advice like “starve yourself, just drink water and lose 10 pounds in a week” is as good as promising a poverty-free world.

My advice? Consult a professional, this one, specifically. Here you’ll find the best diet plan to manage your weight and achieve your fitness target. Once you get your diet plan, apps that pay you to exercise will make sure that you stick to it.

3. You don’t NEED the gym, stop paying for it!

Dude, we all have gym memberships to our names. The problem is that we are too lazy to hit the gym and lose weight. So why don’t we just let it go? Okay, calm down. We aren’t going to send you to the gym to cancel your membership, just click here to Trim it instantly.

8 Apps that pay you to Exercise

Now let’s get to the main event- here’s the list of apps that pay you to exercise:

1. HealthyWage

HealthyWage is my favorite in the list of apps that pay you to exercise. Why, you might ask? Well, first of all, I shredded 50 pounds of weight and HealthyWage was a big motivator for me. Secondly, it is super-fun to bet on yourself and your weight-loss antics.

Register yourself, set your personal goals, weigh yourself, and you’re good to go! If you lose weight in the given time frame, you deserve the award. I achieved my target in 8 months and earned $1200!

You can bet on yourself, or drag your partner with you. There’s a team weight loss challenge too, where you and your colleagues can lose weight together to earn big!

You’ll get all the required motivation from the HealthyWage app; update your progress during the course of the challenge.

Time to change yourself for better, Give HealthyWage a shot and lose weight!

2. DietBet

Just like HealthyWage, DietBet is one of those apps that pay you to exercise and stay on diet! Make a new DietBet challenge and bet to stay on a given diet, or join an existing challenge.

It’s human nature to thrive under peer pressure, and DietBet gives you peer pressure. The person who wins the challenge gets other contestants’ money as a prize. Prize money depends on how many people take part in the challenge.

Winners of DietBet challenges have capped up to $100,000 in cash prizes.  If a chance to win big money doesn’t motivate you to get your lazy posterior to work, I don’t know what will.

3. SweatCoin

Are you a BitCoin enthusiast? You know they’re deviously expensive at the moment, right?  What if we tell you that SweatCoin is one of those apps that pay you to exercise, in BitCoins?

Yes, it’s real. You earn ‘SweatCoins’ for every step you take. SweatCoin proclaims itself to be an app that pays you to get fit. The best part is that it pairs up with your smart wearable devices and gives you the motivation to stay fit.

The SweatCoins you earn can be redeemed for gift cards, and these gift cards can be cashed in for big rewards like iPhones, Fitbit smart watches, and many more.

4. FitCoin

Like I said before, there are a few apps that pay you to exercise in BitCoins, and FitCoin is one of those. Earn rewards for working out by just downloading the free app. All you have to do is fire up the app, register yourself and voila!

Use the inbuilt workout tracker to motivate yourself to exercise. The tracker records your workout data to calculate how many BitCoins you’ve earned from your daily workout. Download the FitCoin app and get to work!

5. StepBet

StepBet transforms the art of fitness into an exciting game. An app that pays you to exercise and motivates you to its fullest extent, StepBet encourages you to ‘step up’ and get in shape. How do you earn money though?

You set your goals, enter in the ‘game’ of your choice, and get moving. Achieve your personal goals and win the games in which you placed your bet to earn money big time. It is very easy to earn back the money you bet with a profit, plus you get paid to get fit.

6. Pact

Although Pact is only available for Android devices, it will find a way to iOS real soon. If you really hit the gym, eat healthy and try to keep yourself in good shape, Pact is an app that pays you to exercise.

This app pays you for working out in various ways, like hitting the gym, eating healthy meals, running around the block, and meeting your fitness goals.

You can connect with various other apps and devices that track your health information so you can get credited for all of it.

You’ll have the potential to earn cash every week by being in ‘Pact’ with other people. Accomplish your goals and you’ll earn your keep, lose and your money flushes away!

7. Commit

Commit yourself to fitness, and Commit shall take care of the rest! An app that pays you to exercise, Commit donates your earnings to charity and motivates you to work out.

Commit researched and found that people are much more motivated to work out if their own money is at stake. So even if you lose your bet, it’s going to a good cause. A win-win app that pays you to exercise, neat!

8. Charity Miles

This isn’t an app that pays you to exercise, but would it motivate you if I tell you that every time you work out, people in Africa sleep with full stomachs? Be it a brisk walk or your daily morning run, Charity Miles puts all your efforts to good deeds.

Charity Miles doesn’t actually pay you but converts your sweat into money which is donated to benevolent charities that keep up the good work. Earn cents for every mile you walk/run/bike and donate it to a charity of your choice.

There we have it- 8 apps that pay you to exercise and present you with the much-needed drive to get it done! Because when nothing works, money might just do the trick! After all, only you can change your life.


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