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8 Best Jobs For Introverts That Offer Solitude

best jobs for introverts with no experience

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I enjoy being out and about in social settings once in a while, but I’d much prefer to spend my time on my own for the most part. The thing is, people like me still have to work, and oftentimes that entails being around people for the better part of the day.

Or does it?

I suppose I could classify myself as an introvert. Even though I do have fun being out on occasion, I am at my best when I’m not constantly being bombarded and overstimulated by many people around me. But I still have bills to pay and mouths to feed. So what kind of job can introverts like me do while still enjoying some level of solitude?

Many, actually. Take me for example. I’m a writer. I work from home, in my own little office (or wherever else I happen to be with Wi-Fi), with no one else to bother me while I pound away on my keyboard. I love what I do, not just because I love to write, but also because of the serenity it offers me and how it satisfies my introverted personality.

But writing is just one of a plethora of jobs that can offer introverts a little bit of seclusion while still bringing in a paycheck. No matter what end of the introvert spectrum you may be on, there are many jobs for introverts that may be well-suited for you, and here are just a few of them.

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1. Bookkeeper

You don’t have to have an accounting degree in order to be a successful bookkeeper. All you really need is good computer and math skills. In fact, I have a good friend who makes good money as a bookkeeper working from home, even though she has no formal training in this field.

You can make upwards of $60 an hour as a bookkeeper, all while enjoying the freedom of being able to work remotely and deal with clients predominantly through email. Whether you want to do this as a full-time gig or simply as a side job to supplement your household income, bookkeeping is one of the better-paying jobs that offer solitude.

2. Dog Sitter/Walker

Are you a dog lover? Do you prefer hanging out with furry friends rather than humans? Then perhaps dog sitting and walking may be a good fit for you. Many people in this industry make a very good living without hardly ever having to interact with people. You can just stick with walking neighborhood dogs, or even open up your home to dog sit for working ‘pawrents.’

best jobs for introverts with no experience
Your co-workers don’t always have to be human.

You might even be willing and able to board dogs for dog owners who like to travel. There are plenty of ways to advertise your services including on sites like Rover. My own dog sitter charges $20 per night to board dogs in her own home. She admits that she much prefers to be with dogs than people, so she’s literally working her dream job.

You could make up to $100 (or more!) a week playing with dogs, and as your reputation develops, word of mouth praise will spread and you’ll generate more business.

3. Transcriptionist

This is another potential job opportunity that doesn’t require much experience, if any. In fact, transcribing is one of the best jobs for introverts. All you would need to do is listen carefully to audio files and write out what is being said in the recordings. Many companies hire transcriptionists to transcribe interviews and the like in order for them to be distributed to the appropriate people.

While you don’t necessarily have to have any formal training or experience, you can increase your pay by specializing in specific niches, such as the medical or technical fields. Since these industries typically involve more specialized vocabulary, having some industry knowledge would be considered a plus. You can make over $30 per hour as a professional transcriptionist working from home with no one else around you.

4. Photographer

Photographers often take photos of other people, but there are plenty of photographers who also use their craft to take images of nature, architecture, and other things that don’t require much interaction with others. If you become a freelance photographer (rather than work for a company), you have the freedom and flexibility to make anything your subject as you see fit.

As a photographer, you can charge as much as $200 an hour, or you can make your earnings by selling your photos instead. Photography is one of the best jobs that offer solitude.

5. Survey Taker

While you probably won’t make enough to earn a full-time living as a survey taker, you can certainly make a few extra bucks to supplement your income. This job is very simple and requires no experience, except for some simple computer skills. Companies pay people for their opinions, and surveys serve as a means to collect vital consumer information that businesses then use to improve their products or services.

Taking surveys from reputable survey companies like Survey Junkie can allow you to make as much as $45 an hour if you work on high-paying surveys and complete them quickly enough. To make the most of this gig, sign up with as many survey sites as possible, which will then contact you when surveys that match your demographic come up. Just don’t sign up with any sites that require you to pay a fee.

6. Conservationist

If you love the great outdoors and being immersed in nature without too much interaction with the human population, then perhaps a job as a conservation technician or scientist may be right up your alley. Your job is to help maintain and manage vegetation and wildlife. You’ll certainly need some college education to land a job like this, but if you have a strong interest in it, it may be worth your time to get yourself an education in this particular field. Conservationism is definitely one of the best jobs for introverts and those who love nature.

You can make over $60,000 a year as a conservationist, and there are plenty of jobs available in this particular niche, so landing a position shouldn’t be too much of a feat.

7. Graphic Designer

If you’ve got some creative flair and are comfortable taking that creativity and applying it into digital form, then graphic design might be a good field for you to try. This is a great career choice for the introverted types. All your work is done independently on your own, which is then delivered to your clients as per their specs. While you can always work for a company, you can also choose to work for yourself and assume more flexibility and freedom.

Graphic designers charge anywhere between $20 to $150 per hour, but the average rate falls somewhere around the $45 mark.

8. Computer Programmer

Are you fond of computers and have a knack for writing code? If so, computer programming might be a career path to consider. This job entails using computer languages to write software programs. You would take program designs that are made by web developers and “translate” them into a language that computers understand.

You’d need to be formally educated in this field, so a degree in computer science or an equivalent might be required. That said, the most interaction you’d have is with computers instead of people, so this could be the perfect job for you.

The average wage for a computer programmer is pretty decent at over $80,000, though you can make a lot more than that depending on your level of experience and whether or not you work for yourself.

Final Thoughts

These days, it’s easier than ever to work in solitude without having to be in people’s faces all hours of the day. And if you’re an introvert like me, you’ll certainly appreciate these types of employment opportunities. Jobs for introverts are easier to come by these days thanks to the internet and the ability to work from home. The aforementioned jobs allow you to either work remotely or provide you with a work atmosphere that’s generally void of human interaction, which is exactly what the introvert wants.


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