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A Tale of 5 Successful Mompreneurs in Pursuit of Glory

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Over-protective by the day…

…Risk-taker at night.

When you read the word “Superwoman”, what is the first image that strikes you? Mommy!

Mothers don’t get the praise that they deserve- It’s not easy, doing what they do. Every mother nurtures her children in the best way that she can, and when push comes to shove, Mummy loves taking it to the next level- by being a Mom Entrepreneur.

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A Mompreneur is one who builds her empire with the bricks that people throw at her.  Sticks and stones might break her bones, but her undying spirit never fails to deliver.

These mothers love to take up new challenges. Every Mompreneur we’ve been in conversation with works on a single principle:

“Devote yourself to an idea, go make it happen, struggle on it, and overcome your fears. Smile, don’t you forget: this is your dream, and you’re living it.”

Now that you know who’s a Mompreneur, it’s your time to become one! If you seek inspiration in the right places, you can come up with a business idea of your own and be the next Mompreneur to make our list.

We are going to tell you stories of Five Mompreneurs and the hardships they faced to conquer this testosterone-dominated corporate industry.

God gifted you Motherhood to do extraordinary things, now’s the time to step up and show that big mom energy! Get inspired by these tales of valor and be a Mompreneur!

1. Michele Welsh- SafetyTat

Just like every parent, Michele loved fulfilling wishes of her little ones. And just like every other parent, she was in constant fear that she might lose her child’s grip at a public place and never see her little one again.

So, she did what she could. She took a pen and jotted down her phone number on her kid’s arm. That is how SafetyTat came into existence.

It is said that nearly every successful Mom entrepreneur came out with her business idea from her own troubles or her family’s troubles. The same thing happened to Michele, and SafetyTat is more than just a tattoo now.

One can get customized tattoos displaying their emergency contact information, which help in case the kid gets separated from parents. As a parent, one can jot down all sorts of information like names, phone numbers, allergies, etc.

The best part is that the Mompreneur in Welsh’s mind came out while she was predicting the worst nightmare in any parent’s life- losing her kid in public.

This successful mom entrepreneur started this to keep kids safe, and now she’s living it. Hats off Michele! You’re a true inspiration for budding mom entrepreneurs out there!

2. Debra Cohen- Home Remedies

Debra’s tale started off with a cliché: A buzzing executive with a high-profile job and a perfect husband. Everything was going fine, and then life happened. Debra got pregnant and had no choice but to stay at home.

Bills were piling up and she had to do something. The rise of Debra Cohen as a successful entrepreneur was due to some problems in the attic. Her contractor solved her problem, and she referred him to other people in the hood for a commission.

It started as a small contract between Debra and her contractor and turned out to be the biggest Homeowner Referral network.

Debra Cohen’s Home Remedies is a giant network that started in the crypt with a fax machine and her house phone. This Mompreneur gave birth to a $4 million enterprise while she raised two kids on the side.

Debra is a guiding star who’s showed the way to many budding mom entrepreneurs in pursuit of success. After all, it wasn’t easy for Debra to get it done, look at her go!

3. Lisa Greenwald- Chewbeads

There’s something enticing in jewelry that attracts Toddlers. They love playing with earrings and necklaces. And by playing we mean chewing on it.

Working at the J. Crew’s merchandising department, Lisa Greenwald noticed that the little ones just love chewing on jewelry. Why not craft jewelry that is safe for babies to chew and chic enough for mommies to wear?

That’s how Chewbeads came to life. A website that sells jewelry safe for kids to chew on, along with teething rings, rattles, and bath toys.

Lisa wouldn’t be a successful mom entrepreneur if she thought the concept was not going to work! She believed in herself, something that every Mompreneur should. Kudos to that!

4. Teresa Greenway- Northwest Sourdough

Think about it- What is that one dish that you cook best? By best we mean that you’re the undisputed winner, nobody in the world comes close to your delicacy. If you have an answer, there’s your Mompreneur idea.

Teresa Greenway is that successful mom entrepreneur who’s a Sourdough bread specialist. She used to work in a bakery, but she knew that her sourdough bread baking technique was one to showcase.

So, she decided to teach people how to bake the perfect Sourdough bread. Udemy is the platform that gave her sourdough bread wings.

She started it on a facebook group, and now her Northwest Sourdough bakery class earns $4000-$5000 worth of dough each month. She’s been doing it for a long time now.

Fancy yourself as a Mompreneur? Start your cooking/baking classes on Udemy and earn big!

5. Elle Rowley- Solly Baby

Being a successful mom entrepreneur with a toddler in your arms is a challenge. She believed in the beauty of her dreams, and Elle Rowley gave birth to Solly Baby along with her Toddler.

Elle always thought that it was criminal that baby wraps are so unfashionable, and she decided to do something about it. Solly Baby totally focuses on chic maternity gear- from baby wraps to swaddles, at a very affordable price.

Elle believes that she would’ve never thought of this idea if it wasn’t for her baby. She realized the value of time when she catered to her kid’s needs, and that was the reason she came up with Solly Baby.

We salute you, Elle! Managing kids and running a business calls for strong Mompreneur traits!

You went through life stories of these 5 SuperMoms who fought against all odds and became the Jane of All Trades with blood, sweat and kids. Now it’s your time to be a Mompreneur.

We can only try to inspire you, but in the end, it’s you who has to get to work. There are only two options: Make progress or make excuses. Make your choice.

If someone discourages you, tell them- “Excuse me I have to go be awesome.”

Do you have what it takes to be a Mompreneur? Tell us in the comments and we’ll feature your story!


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