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After reading this, you’ll have $1600 to spend on Black Friday

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Welcome to the month of November. The ghost and goblin spirit of Halloween has died out, only to be replaced by cool breeze and elves. Is it Christmas already?

This month announces the arrival of the deadly trio; With Black Friday being the Showstopper, backed up by Thanksgiving a day before, and Cyber Monday to kick off the following week.

As of now, we’re going to gear up for Black Friday sales– Massive discounts, unbelievable door busters, and jaw-dropping deals! You’re gearing yourself up for a cold war at Walmart- only to realize that you don’t have enough money to spend on Black Friday steals.

If you’re the real O.G. and you’re determined to get what you want from the Black Friday sale, we’ve got your back. We’re going to make sure that your wallet gears up for Black Friday and tell you quick ways to make money online that you can spend on November the 23rd.

We’ve got a Special 9-Step Black Friday Planner for you! Follow the planner and you’d be $1600 richer than today in a matter of days!

Scroll down for the planner.

Don’t hesitate to add stuff in your wishlist because you won’t be able to get it all. We’ll walk you through Black Friday spirit- Here are 9 ways to make money online and earn up to $1600 to gear up for Black Friday sale!

1. Your condo is Hot-Property right now

When it comes to black Friday preps, people gear up by making a wishlist. Yes, we know that there’s a big discount on TVs and you’d need to fight for your life to get it, but you need to have that kind of money to buy it all.

November is like a sweet song for freaky travelers who pack up and go vacationing in nearby towns. You can make money online and prepare for Black Friday by giving these guys a place to crash- sign up on Airbnb and earn easy $2,000 in a matter of months!

An Airbnb host pockets an easy $300 per week for letting someone crash at his/her place. There’s still some time left for the Black Friday sale to commence, be an Airbnb host today and gear up for Black Friday sale!

Black Friday a/c: $600

2. Lyft your Black Friday spending a notch

November is a time when people go places- be it to order the Thanksgiving Turkey or to shop for the family recipe. Either way, you can make money online to gear up for Black Friday by being a Lyft driver.

Earn more than $18 an hour for just driving people around- and you can do it as much as you like! There’s no cap on the number of rides you can offer, it’s just that whenever you have free time you can get to work.

Earn as much as $200 in 15 days if you drive people around when you’re commuting to work and heading back home. Lyft some rides to lift big deals!

Black Friday a/c: $800 (Assuming that you made $200 from Lyft- achievable)

3. Earn money while Thanksgiving shopping

Thanksgiving is an integral part of this festive month, and Turkey Shopping sounds fun (is it fun though?). But you’d agree that Thanksgiving disrupts our Black Friday budget. An average American spends $170 on Thanksgiving meal and that’s a lot.

Why don’t we cut down Thanksgiving costs by making money online through cashback? Okay, that didn’t make sense so let me clear the confusion: You can shop online and Swagbucks and Ebates earn you cashback.

While Ebates presents you a $10 Walmart gift card on signup, Swagbucks gives you an easy $30 cashback when you shop online through it at a variety of stores. You can make money online and spend online through Cashback and PayPal money- both of which are as good as greens.

Black Friday a/c: $850 (Assuming that you save $50 on Thanksgiving with cashback and shopping online)

4. Gift cards sell like hotcakes!

You might’ve got a gift card or two every now and then, and you must’ve stuffed them in your wallet and simply forgot. Now is the time for those unexpected heroes to step up and make money online for you to spend on Black Friday deals.

Raise.com has a huge demand for these gift cards in November and sells them at a price off. To cater to this demand, they would be happy to buy your gift cards too! Gather your gift cards and sell them to Raise at the value they’re worth.

Cardpool is a special gift card dealer if you wish to sell there. You can choose your payout offer after verifying the gift card you want to sell and voila! You’ve made hard-cold cash online in a matter of minutes from that gift card that you thought was of no use!

Black Friday a/c: $880 (Assuming that you’ve got $30 worth of gift cards to sell)

5. Well, you can always fill these forms

How many times have I told you that surveys are easy money? If you want to make money online and gear up for Black Friday deals, you can fill up some survey forms and have fun while you do literally anything!

We have a long list of survey websites that we’d recommend you pay a visit and earn easy money. However, our favorite pair is Opinion Outpost and Harris Poll; where one can earn money in a matter of minutes.

While Opinion Outpost pays $10 in a matter of 15 minutes, it is fairly easy to make the most of your time while you’re fiddling with your phone and earn easy money. As for Harris Poll, you’d earn $10 Walmart gift card after filling out a survey or two- neat!

Black Friday a/c: $910 (Assuming that you fill out a survey one day or another)

6. About the pictures you took last month…

You tried your hands on capturing moments of fall- the shedding leaves, beautiful sunset and posing for a #sunkissed Instagram post.  And then came Halloween- well, your camera roll knows what you did and how many pictures you took.

Earn some money to spend on Black Friday sale, sell stock photos! There’s big money in HQ pictures as there is a high demand for them. You don’t need to worry about the HQ part as most camera phones snap high-resolution pictures.

While Shutterstock pays you good money for good pictures, you can ensure that you get the exposure you deserve. Established photographers earn as much as $120 per image, it’d take some time for you to be there. As of now, you might earn $10 per photo nice and easy!

Black Friday a/c: $1010 (Assuming that you’ve got 10 good pictures to sell)

7. Earn money for killing time

Don’t you wish that it was possible to make money online when you’re doing… nothing? With Black Friday bringing lots of Holidays with it, it would be awesome if you could prepare your Black Friday budget while killing time.

Spend your Thanksgiving Holiday watching the Parade on TV and earn money for it! Inbox Dollars would make it fairly easy for you to earn money, for you’ll earn money for binge-watching your favorite Hulu show and answering surveys mailed to you.

You can earn $30 in a matter of weeks (that depends on how much you comply with Inbox Dollars’ terms) but on a short notice, you’ll get a $5 signup bonus, along with that, $5 here and there for doing what it says.

Black Friday a/c: $1030 (Assuming that you made $20 for killing time)

8. Make room for new stuff

Now that you’ve made a wishlist of things you want to buy, it’s better to make room for them, both at your place and in your wallet. You can do so by selling them off! You might be planning to upgrade your TV, Laptop, Gaming Console, swapping FIFA 18 for FIFA 19?

You should sell them off at this amazing place called Swappa, where you get the best deals in selling used products. The best part is that they sell almost instantly and the waiting time is close to nothing.

Free up some space for new stuff and make money online to spend on that stuff- load them off with Swappa!

Black Friday a/c: $1530 (Assuming that you sold stuff worth $500 on Swappa)

9. Make the most of Black Friday vibes

Are you an artist? A graphic designer? Do you love to dance? Write? Fancy being a store manager on the Black Friday sale day? You can choose your own thing and gather money for Black Friday by picking up gigs from Fiverr.

You’d find a thousand things to do on Fiverr and you can virtually do ANYTHING you fancy, Fiverr has a job for you if you’re determined enough! Earn your keep, and spend it later in the Black Friday Sale!

Black Friday a/c: $1600 (Assuming that you picked up gigs worth at least $70)

Looking at the calculations, here’s how much money you can make online in a matter of two weeks if you do what we say:

Starting Balance- Nil. Let’s get to Work!

Make Money From…

Total Earnings

What to do


$600 Rent your place



Drive people around

Swagbucks / Ebates


Earn cashback

Raise / Cardpool


Sell gift cards

Opinion Outpost/ Harris Poll


Take Surveys



Sell Stock Photos

Inbox Dollars


Watch TV, shop online



Sell your Stuff



Pick up side-gigs

Total Earnings


You’ve done enough!

Now that you’re $1600 rich and ready to rock, get ready to stomp people down and get what you want. Earnings a day before Black Friday- $1600. Good Job, You Nailed It!

Make the most of Black Friday Sales and buy whatever you want! Don’t let money in your wallet stop you from making the most of Black Friday! Replenish your Greens with EveryBuckCounts!


Be an influencer. Share what your voice say and get paid. Get rewarded with gift cards and cashout and change the product of tomorrow.


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