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An Open Letter to The Single Mom on Mother’s Day

happy mother's day to single mother

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Your Highness,

Let me tell you something about myself. I have never stepped into a Single Mom’s high heels, but that wasn’t needed to understand why Mother’s Day is not the most spectacular of sights for a mother taking the road less taken.

If you are wondering why I referred to you as Your Highness, then let me remind you—you are a Queen and that’s what you say when you are talking to the Queen (read till the end to understand why).

Come to think of it, this occasion is all about celebrating mothers. They commemorate Mother’s Day by taking time off their busy schedules, sleeping in late and letting daddy do all the hard work.

But this isn’t a luxury we single moms have, do we?

So we do what human beings do to counter their fears—we run away from them, pretending that they don’t exist. As a result, it isn’t a happy Mother’s Day to single mothers. It’s something that single mommas dread.

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While we are busy hiding behind the (rather invisible) single parent cloak on Mother’s Day, we often forget what Mother’s Day stands for in the first place. And it’s definitely not a stereotypical notion of a fully fledged family presenting gifts to the woman of the house.

Motherhood doesn’t discriminate

Yes, there is a HUUUGE difference between a single mom’s mother’s day celebration and others. But Motherhood is a sacred feeling that doesn’t discriminate.

I’ve often heard of Motherhood being glorified to its fullest. Mother Nature, Angel Godmother and 2700 other flabbergasting references have the word “Mother” in them, and why not!

Motherhood is pristine—a superpower that nurtures us savages into better beings while keeping the affection alive on this godforsaken planet.

You brought us into this world, fondled us with your tender heart and firm hands. None of us can compensate for the struggles you went through to make us who we are.

This is what Mother’s Day is all about—a celebration to call mommy “best mother on the planet” and giving them a day off from motherly duty for what they did.

Now think about it, isn’t this distant to what actually happens to you on Mother’s Day? It is just like any other day. If you are lucky enough, you might get a card from your kid (which gets me every time).

Your little lovebirds might greet you with the tightest hug ever—a hug tight enough to melt your heart. It doesn’t really matter if you are celebrating Mother’s Day as a single mother or as a veteran of womankind, keep it in mind that this day is for you.

“A Single Mom’s Mother’s Day is a mere hoax” or is it?

If you’ve been wondering “what’s the point of wishing happy Mother’s Day to a single mother like me?” let me help you out.

It’s not just for mothers with perfect families surrounding them, it isn’t for tech companies to give 20% discounts to mothers, but it definitely is for you.

In fact, you are the ones who deserve a Mother’s Day off more than the most. You are the woman of the house and you are doing one helluva job. Managing kids, a house, a job and technically everything around you (let alone your personal self) is like walking through a blizzard.

You deserve everything that ever exists—we are talking greeting cards, gifts, unlimited supply of pizzas, long sleepy times and a day off from literally everything on the freaking planet.

But we don’t always get what we deserve, do we?

As a single mother, you know exactly what I’m talking about. We all have dreams of things going perfectly but here we are. We made our fair share of mistakes as a clan member of the single momma community, but this shouldn’t play a spoilsport on a Single Mom’s Mother’s Day celebrations.

happy mother's day to single mother

Embrace Mother’s Day as a Single Mom

No, I’m not going to list five ways to celebrate Mother’s Day as a single mother or tell you how you can accept what is clinically unfair, but I know how you are feeling at this very moment.

Also, I’d like to tell you that you are not alone in this fight.

It’s not just the kids, darling—it’s the whole world around us. And each and every one of us considerate men, women and children hate to see you this way.

I can’t do anything more than shed tears after looking into those eyes full of guilt on a very special day that is meant for somebody like you. Haven’t you been through enough already?

You have a constant fear in your mind—one that says “what if my son turns out to be like his father?” Or what if your daughter just cocoons herself in a blanket of perception which says all men are bad (because let’s face it—some of them aren’t)?

Sure, you can surround yourself with all the people you want. Host a summer BBQ in the name of Single Mom Mother’s Day Carnival. But at the end of the day, you go back home and these ghastly dreams come back into contention.

But don’t worry, there is nobody like you, and it isn’t just your kids who say that. People around you adore you for who you are. For it takes a badass Mama to be a Father too.

You are living the superhero life—you are the Wonder Woman to the Children to Amazon, Amelia Earhart to budding pilots and the world needs you to survive amongst these dreary vibes. This Mother’s Day, don’t beat yourself up to it—you are the best mother in the world.

happy mother's day to single mother

Be the Queen you are meant to be

Yep, this was a graduation yearbook quote for plenty of young women, but that doesn’t prove it wrong. A Queen doesn’t just sit on her throne—she goes through eternal tests of torment, sacrifice, perseverance and what not to get there.

A true warrior doesn’t flaunt her scars—she learns from them and moves ahead. That’s the way of life for a single mum like you.

But Mother’s day calls for a celebration and this is the day you deserve to celebrate. Go ahead and buy yourself some kick ass gifts, gather all of your single momma friends and just party it out (don’t forget to get a good nanny though), do whatever the hell you want—this day calls for a revel.

And whatever might be the case—don’t run away from Mother’s Day just because you are a single mother. Nobody can take Motherhood away from you and you are its rightful heir—treat it like a gem on your crown.

happy mother's day to single mother

You’re a Prodigy—Slay the World like one

I don’t know what the feeling of being a parent is like, but I have my brave mother and my big sister—two exemplary women who’ve stood their ground against everything that was thrown their way. It won’t take rocket science to figure out that you are the undisputed Queen of anything you want to rule.

So go ahead, celebrate this mother’s day like the queen you are and knock yourself out. After all, this is your day.

Happy Mother’s Day, Single Momma.

You are a legend in the making; give us a story we’ll never forget.

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