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Attention Fresh Grads…This is the Best Way to Raise Funds for your Startup

how to raise money for startup

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You have just graduated and are brimming with energy. You don’t want to take up routine jobs and instead, you have got a ‘concept’ which you believe in. A concept which could probably change how things fly around in the whole of the U.S or even the world. However, there a lot of things that are deterring you from having your own startup like, lack of capital. a strapped budget for marketing and many other financial complexities.

Caught Between Two Stools

At the same time, you are under a lot of pressure to pay off the student loan that you had taken for pursuing your higher studies (most likely) and chances are that you have a wrecked credit score and not enough credit history to take up any more funding. So, taking up a job seems like the only feasible option and clearing off your debt but you know that you will no longer be able to have the first mover advantage for selling your idea outright. On top of that, the facts like markets are more conducive than ever before and that the words ‘Startup’ and ‘Entrepreneurship’ have taken the world by storm in recent times, make you crave even more for setting up your own business.

Numerous gifted college graduates take occupations they’re not amped up for, as opposed to following their actual interests. Regardless of whether compelled by obligation or simply cocooned into conventional job choices, a vast majority of graduates take the safe path.

So, what do you do when you are caught between two stools?

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Alternative Lending: The Paradigm Shift

With the introduction of new hybrid models of funding like crowdfunding which is a hybrid of venture capital and acquiring shares, Investors and the entrepreneurs alike have started exploring new models to raise funds for a business. This zeal gave birth to an altogether new school of thought which says that investors should be backing the person and not the idea.

While crowdfunding may make it simpler to raise capital for an undertaking, it doesn’t really make it less demanding for the task to succeed. As the prevalence of crowdfunding develops, new models coming to fruition may change the conventional thought of what putting resources into a startup implies.

Breaking The Monotony

For breaking the monotony for fresh grads who were also an aspiring entrepreneur, there was a need of a forum which would have broader criteria for assessing an individual’s creditworthiness than just his/her FICO score or credit history. Upstart filled up the lacunae and it goes without saying, it pioneered a new way of providing funds to loan aspirants.

You Are More Than Your Credit Rating

It checks your credit score, your length of credit, and your job history, much the same as each other bank does. In any case, those aren’t the main criteria that Upstart uses in deciding if to make a loan to you. It likewise considers your education and your area of study.

The thought is that “you are more than your FICO rating”. Upstart likewise considers your future potential, which it accepts is demonstrated through your knowledge set. It weighs the school that you passed out from, your grade points, and your major – clearly certain major fields of study are thought to be leverage from a loaning perspective.

The first Upstart model was a 10-year trade; the understudy guarantees a specific percentage of their income in return for financing and mentorship from the individuals who sign as a sponsor. Presently, Upstart acts more as a moneylender and issues individual loans that can be utilized by the borrower for various purposes including starting one’s own business.

Upstart Is Carving Out A New Way

The venture is one among a few organizations which focus on how to give youngsters with disruptive ideas the financial support to see them through. Graduates with path-breaking ideas often end up deserting them for the more steady way of a conventional job and that’s where Upstart comes to the rescue.

For an entrepreneur, things are more towards survival and after that outlining a continuous way of development. Kickstart your trip to being an effective businessman with Upstart.


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