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Auto Insurance Covers for 2019: The Quest For The Best

best auto insurance companies

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Imagine you are cruising along the subway in your car; swooshing through the traffic seamlessly and enjoying the ride as the road unfolds with every turn removing the veils of a mesmerizing sight (can you feel me, folks?).

What if somebody rams his/her vehicle into your car (God forbid)? You know what comes next, Right? The impact of the dent will be such that not only your car would be ramshackle but it will make a dent in your life; leaving the scratches on your psyche for a longer time than you would think of.

‘Having an auto insurance is a must’, you have been hearing this piece of advice since long but it just doesn’t help. Choosing an auto insurance which is in sync with your needs and driving patterns is anything but a cakewalk.

Everyone’s need is different; some commute 20 miles to their office daily, some seldom drive their cars and they sit pretty wearing a shroud of dust in their garage for months. Some are rash drivers, some drive their cars with delicacy. Some go on an expedition with their cars swooshing through the toughest roads, whilst some get their cars body-washed daily.

How could there be an all-encompassing kind of an auto cover which covers the need of everyone? It is clear that one needs to locate an auto insurance offer which best suits his/her needs.

Moreover, there are other things to consider as well; premium rates, policy cover, easiness of claim process, a fully functional website with payment gateway and after sales service etc.

Phew! You don’t have to dry up your eyes browsing through the net as we have handpicked the choicest auto insurance offers for 2019 so that you don’t have to do all the hard work.

While figuring out which auto insurance to include in our list, we have perused various reports including the one with J.D power and have taken into account customer reviews from various sources. Vroom Vroom (engines roaring)! Brace yourself….your ride to our list of best auto insurance for 2019  begins now.

1. The Zebra

One horrendous mistake numerous purchasers make when they are looking for Car Insurance is not comparing quotes.

It’s hectic to browse through various options, which is the reason we propose visiting The Zebra. The Zebra is the biggest free insurance lead organization in the United States which offers a feature which can enable you to get a few statements at the same time.

In the event that you choose to use The Zebra, they make it very easy to address your auto insurance related concerns. They’ll get your postal code since rates differ by area and afterward gather data about your auto’s model. You’ll have the option to include extra vehicles in the event that you’d jump at the chance to package (and set aside to 20%).

At last, they’ll request data, for example, your name and email before giving you the best suppliers accessible in your general vicinity for your vehicle(s).

Why you may like The Zebra:

  • Numerous individuals don’t appropriately think about rates on auto insurance. Luckily, there’s a service like The Zebra.
  • Spare time and cash in a matter of minutes

2. Metromile

Metromile is bringing another style of auto insurance to the market, and it’s best for the individuals who aren’t putting in a ton of miles in the driver’s seat. While conventional auto insurance cover providers decide the main part of your rate through complex recipes, Metromile stresses the sum you drive yearly.

Metromile monitors your miles by giving you a little gadget called a Metromile Pulse, which connects to your auto’s analytic port. While a few people might be awkward with gadgets that track their GPS (The US is a surveillance state anyway), the Metromile Pulse may well be justified, despite all the trouble as far as decreasing your expenses.

Why would you want Metromile:-

  • Estimating depends on mileage, with lowered down rates than conventional backup plans for the individuals who drive less

3. Best Auto Insurance

The bestautoinsurance.com isn’t an insurance organization. BestAutoInsurance prides itself in giving straightforward, precise comparisons of more than 1000 auto insurance items from in excess of 100  providers, enabling drivers to access the auto insurance market and spare many dollars a year.

Their online stage likewise gives insurance and coverage details to help new policyholders in their hunt for reasonable and dependable auto insurance. Generally speaking, BestAutoInsurance.com offers every one of the tips and instruments any driver could need to settle on an informed choice about auto insurance in the ebb and flow of insurance providers.

4. Progressive

Progressive is the blue whale in the world of auto insurance. With a massive customer base and a strong cult following in its bounty, it brags about being the most competitive (in terms of pricing and others) among its competitors. There’s a reason why progressive has got more than 18,000,000 active customers and that makes it stand out from the lot.

With progressive, you can always benefit from its unique offerings like:-

  • Safe driver discount
  • full premium pay discount
  • multi-insurance discount and others.

In case that’s not enough try saving extra 5% by covering your home alongside your vehicle. It’s signature Snapshot program rewards your good driving behavior and that serves as a boon to disciplined drivers.

5. State Farm

State Farm is like a revered war veteran in the society of auto insurance providers; it has been there for ages. It has got a reputation for financial stability and customer satisfaction. With the good infrastructure in terms of brick models and agents dispersed through every nook and cranny, State Farm offers a personal touch that just can’t be rivaled by today’s click only insurance providers.

State Farm has got a strong digital presence and asking for a quote through its fully-functional app spoils you for choice. Below are the man USPs of State Farm:-

  • Local offices and agents provide in-person help
  • Great mobile app and website
  • Plenty of discounts available

6. Esurance

One of the fundamental points of interest of purchasing auto insurance through Esurance is you have the liberty to figure out an arrangement which meets your requirements. Esurance was one of the primary organizations which began offering the policy covers to the customers as opposed to relying on an agent.

They have made it staggeringly easy to modify your policy, get a statement, and get endorsed for insurance. The concern with all the customization is that it doesn’t come free.

They let anybody get a statement as long as you have an access to the internet. The times of going into an insurance office are a distant memory. Presently you can get an insurance cover without spending hours on the telephone.

Why you may like Esurance:

  • Snappy and simple access to auto insurance
  • Customization choices

7. Allstate Insurance

In case you’re searching for an auto insurance company that offers top-notch insurance covers with the open door for rebates, Allstate Insurance ought to be on your list. Allstate got most astounding feedbacks from customers who detailed a positive rental auto experience.

Allstate Insurance offers the best of this world and the hereafter with regards to the customer service experience. With physical workplaces and operators put everywhere throughout the nation in addition to an easy to use and supportive site, customers have the luxury to get one to one help or access data online whenever.

Why you may like Allstate:

  • Most states have a physical office and local specialists
  • Different open doors for rebates for packaging and anti-theft gadgets

8. Auto-Owners Insurance

While Auto-Owners Insurance stays under the radar, they get great reviews across various forums. Actually, J.D. Power granted Auto-Owners Insurance the best rating in their 2015 Auto Claims Study. That puts Auto-Owners Insurance in front of the pack as far as generally consumer loyalty whenever a claim is documented.

The way that Auto-Owners Insurance has been around since 1916 should likewise comfort buyer’s brains. Amid that time, they have shown financial stability. Auto-Owners Insurance additionally has 6000 plus agents, which means you can purchase your policy straightforwardly from a person who comprehends your necessities.

Why you may like Auto-Owners Insurance:

  • High evaluations for customers service and claims process
  • An assortment of rebates accessible


Who hasn’t known about GEICO? Their reptile like mascot would make it one of the most unmistakable insurance organization. Because they are most conspicuous doesn’t mean they are the best.

They have a quote gadget you can use on their site to decide the amount you’ll pay for your covert. You can likewise present a claim or make an installment through their site also.

There are a lot of advantages to having an auto insurance through GEICO. You’ll have a few extra inclusions, you can include:

  • Crisis roadside help
  • Breakdown cover
  • Ridesharing insurance

These advantages will affect your month to month premiums. Some of them are more moderate than others, however, they can be an incredible method to get the most out of your auto insurance policy.

10. USAA

USAA got to a great degree high checks from J.D. Power’s Claims Satisfaction Survey,  Moreover, USAA customers were to a great degree happy with their last settlement after a mishap, which is a standout amongst the top-notch insurance organization.

The greatest drawback to USAA is that it is just accessible to individuals or previous individuals from the United State military and their nearby relatives. In this way, in case you’re in the overall population, you won’t have the chance to purchase a cover USAA.

Why you may like USAA:

  • Top appraisals, including in general consumer loyalty
  • Unrivaled service
  • Assorted arrangement choices to address anybody’s issues

All right folks, this should help you out in finding the best possible auto cover for the queen of your garage.

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