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Keep Calm and Coupon- Save $200 Daily with these Coupons

best online coupon sites

Disclosure: The information we provide is precise and genuine to make your Every Buck Count. However, some of the links provided belong to our affiliate partners and we get paid for it. For more information please check out our Full Advertising Disclosure.

Online coupons are Easter eggs of the new era. Couponing is no longer that cheap thrill where you picture a mom cutting coupons out of the back of the newspaper. With e-commerce running things almost everywhere, coupons have changed themselves for good along with it. From a free cup of coffee to 80% off, coupons never fail to surprise us with eye-catching deals.

Are all online coupons sites a sham? We’d be lying if we say that all of them are real because let’s face it- In a world full of greedy moneymakers, it is a tough task to find a loyal servant. There are a lot of legitimate online coupons sites though, ones that are the finest in the business and offer humungous discounts, freebies, and what not.

We tried out like, a hundred online coupon websites, and our experience was bittersweet, to say the least. We did come across 6 best online coupon sites which are super-legitimate and actually work wonders. You’d be surprised to see how much money one can save/earn by using a microscopic amount of time to look for deals on the coupons websites mentioned below.

1. MoneySavingMom.com

Money Saving Mom- The name of the website is very much self-explanatory; could it be any clearer? Motherhood is beautiful, and it isn’t easy to handle in terms of money. MoneySavingMom offer coupons and jaw-dropping deals, along with a precise audio guide on how to make the most of your grocery budget. There’s a large variety of coupons, deals, printables, and frugal living tips to explore at this website for superwomen who brought us into this world; making it the best online coupon website for mothers.

  • Best deals:
  1. Back to School coupons
  2. Learn the art of coupon hunting with Grocery University for free!
  3. Buy One Get One deals
  4. Free ‘Working Mother Magazine’ Annual Subscription
  5. Free stationary supplies & Walmart gift card
  • Cash in at:
  1. Walmart
  2. Target
  3. CVS
  4. Rite-Aid

2. Coupons.com

This no-nonsense website offers best coupons deals online and in print. These e-coupons and printables work at the majority of departmental stores and online websites. With great deals on groceries, apparel, food and exclusive festive offers, coupons.com offers savings of $200 daily if used in a long way. The best part is its exclusive ‘print coupon’ option which removes restrictions of coupons being used just online. In conclusion- it’s simple, crisp, and one of the best online coupons site.

  • Best deals:
  1. Savings worth $260 every day
  2. Buy One Get One deals on beauty products
  3. Exclusive Labor Day offers
  4. Printable coupons for a variety of stores
  • Cash in at:
  1. BestBuy
  2. Expedia
  3. Amazon
  4. T-Mobile

3. Groupon

Think about anything that you pay for- products, services, a livid experience, Groupon has everything covered in the United States. Offering lightening deals and coupons codes online with savings as much as $100 every day, Groupon is the best online coupon site if you’re looking for a frugal getaway. Groupon covers food, travel, beauty, lifestyle products… basically anything one can think of.

  • Best deals:
  1. 100% cash back offers
  2. 50% off on weekend getaways
  3. Groupon exclusive discount on leading restaurants
  4. Massive discounts on theme park expeditions
  • Cash in at:
  1. Dunkin Donuts
  2. Hooters
  3. Amazon
  4. Bloomingdale’s

4. EBates

EBates is a household name when it comes to savings. With a reach to every popular online shopping website, EBates offers multiple discount coupons on the go if you sign up with them. They’re very transparent in their operations and the first lines on their website say ‘No points. No fee. No forms.’ Which makes it legitimate, and one of the best online coupons site.

  • Best deals:
  1. Flat 40% cash back in over 2500 stores
  2. Refer EBates to a friend and earn $25
  3. $10 Walmart gift card on signup
  4. Featured daily deals on top brands
  • Cash in at:
  1. Walmart
  2. BestBuy
  3. Michael Kors
  4. Amazon

5. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon loves its customers, and offer Amazon-exclusive coupon codes to shoppers. These coupons vary from free shipping to prepaid gift cards. Here’s a golden opportunity for you to win a $500 gift card, courtesy of Every Buck Counts. Just fill this survey up and win $500 worth of Amazon Balance! Show us what you bought; tag us on Instagram @everybuckcounts

  • Best deals:
  1. Free shipping all over the USA
  2. Free subscription to Amazon Prime
  3. Amazon Pay balance
  4. Cash back offers
  • Cash in at:
  1. Amazon.com

6. Free Coffee for a year!

Coffee is a language in itself, and what’s better than the drink itself? Free Coffee! It’s time to save money and get free coffee for a year at Starbucks. Just fill in this short survey and earn yourself a Starbucks Exclusive prepaid Visa Gift Card absolutely free! That’s gift #2 from our side, hope you like it!

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You came here to search for best online coupon sites, and we’re pretty sure you won’t be disappointed because saving money by cashing in coupons is double the fun. Also, show some affection to your dog on our behalf! Tell us how much you saved by using coupons on our Instagram page @everybuckcounts and we’ll give you a holler!


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