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Best Paid Survey Sites : Make $100 This Week By Completing Surveys

best paid survey sites

Disclosure: The information we provide is precise and genuine to make your Every Buck Count. However, some of the links provided belong to our affiliate partners and we get paid for it. For more information please check out our Full Advertising Disclosure.

We need money, whether it is to pay bills, rent, debts, or to live. Money is a necessity. There is a great saying that money can’t buy happiness but the ugly truth is my friend money can buy things which can make us happy. So the keynote is that we need money or more precisely we want to make more money. I often see questions like – What is the fastest way to make money? Best way to make without investing? Fastest, easiest, from home Using every permutation and combination of these words. This article answers all those questions.

We look for ways which give us the most comfortable environment. And what’s best besides our home. Surveys are a great way to make money without hindering your plan for the weekend or for any day. It only requires a few minutes of your time and we always have a bit of time to kill every now and then. It won’t be making you rich but your wallet will never be empty.

It can be difficult figuring out which site to go for as it can be tricky to spot an online scam. Leave that job to us, we have listed 15 survey sites which are legit and won’t play games.

 1Harris Poll US – Median Earning: $7-$9 /hour

Earn money by conducting a survey.

Who are they? :  The Harris poll US is a poll company which offers surveys on various different platforms like fashion, movie, groceries, music.

Rewards: Gift cards to Amazon, Starbucks, or iTunes (others may also be available)

Our Review: This poll company offers $3-$4 per survey which usually takes 20 minutes to get completed. One of the unique things about this company is that they conduct physical surveys which require you to go to the location and let you earn up to $75.

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2. Insta Cash Secret – Take part in group survey and earn up to $150

Learn how to have an insta amazing Instagram

Who are they? Insta Cash Secret is a unique blend of a survey and learning how to handle your Instagram more efficiently.

Rewards: PayPal, and gift cards.

Our Review: Insta Cash secret is a survey site that lets you earn at least $10 per survey, a rare survey will give you maximum earnings of $150.

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3. SSI – Opinion Outpost – Median Earning: $10 /hour

For every survey you complete, you get a direct entry to a quarterly drawing for a $10,000 cash prize

Who are they? :  Opinion Outpost is a trusted site because of its fast payout and fun survey. That uses its survey for more lucrative studies like Home product test, Diary Test, Online tracking and more.

Rewards: Amazon, iTunes or PayPal.

Our Review: What makes opinion outpost different from other survey sites is that they offer a low payout threshold which means that members can start redeeming payout early.  You are only required to complete 5 surveys for a payout that take only 10 minutes to complete.

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4.  Ipsos – Median Earning : $1-$2 /hour

Ipsos is one of the largest firms in the world which has produced approval surveys of Congress, president, and other notable figures.

Who are they? :  Ipsos is one of the oldest survey sites which have surveys from almost every genre like global brands, entertainment or more.

Rewards: PayPal or gift cards to Amazon, iTunes, Walmart or Starbucks.

Our Review: Ipsos’s selected surveys let you earn as much as $95 (for several hours of answering, typically). They award you through point and an additional point for completing a set of surveys like 600 points for completing 200 surveys. In addition to that, it has some fun prize drawing of 5,000 bonus point or a vacation to the Caribbean.

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5.  Swagbucks – Median Earning: $2-$3 /hour

Earn bonus points by downloading and using their browser search bar.

Who are they? :  Swagbucks is a reliable survey site, popular among student which lets you earn point by doing what you normally do.

Rewards: Cash, vouchers, and a prize draw.

Our Review: Swagbucks is exceptional in its own way as it lets you earn points not just by doing surveys but also buy shopping online, play games, and search the web, watching video and more. You can read almost positive reviews, it is the most beloved survey site.

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6Survey junkie – Median Earning: $2-$3 /hour

One of the highest rated survey sites with over 4,000,000 members.

Who are they? :  Survey junkies have earned their reputation of being legitimate and reliable survey site in which you earn points that gets converted into cash or rewards. Earn 25 points just by completing your profile.

Rewards: PayPal, MileagePlus miles, Alawar diversions, Amazon focuses or iTunes.

Our Review: If you want to maximize your pay, we recommend survey junkies, which have quickly earned their member, a very user friendly and easy to navigate site, most survey gives you a maximum of 200 point but rare occasion lets you earn more, you can also join their focus group to earn some extra buck.

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7.  Ebates- Median Earning : $3-$4 /purchase

Get cash back for shopping

Who are they? :  Ebates is a cash back company which rewards you when you shop at online stores affiliates with them.

Rewards: PayPal and gift cards

Our Review: Instead of taking a survey you are paid for shopping through their stores. Payment is done quarterly on February, May, August, and November and you can even earn $50 by referring your friends. Few online stores include Amazon, target, kohl’s Marriott, Sephora and more. The website is free to join and you get an additional $5 sign up bonus.

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8.  E-poll Survey- Median Earning: $7-$9 /hour

The only survey site oriented towards entertainment industry.

Who are they? :  E-poll is a market research company which offers surveys related to movies, music, TV, and other entertainment industry surveys.

Rewards: Cash, and gift cards.

Our Review: E-poll has its own unique touch which gives a survey from the entertainment industry only. You can even get paid for watching shows and writing a review about it, keep an eye on this one they are rare and gets filled up real quick. Has a minimum threshold of $5.

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9.  VIP Voice SOI – Earn prizes through BidLand and SweepLand

Share your opinion by taking part in surveys made by VIP voice only.

Who are they?  VIP Voice Is a survey site which offers its own surveys on food, drinks, and fashion.

Rewards: Merchandise, vouchers, sweepstakes entries.

Our Review: VIP Voice surveys offer surveys which are quick to complete and also offer giveaway packages. You get survey offer depending upon your demographic so some may be able to earn more than others. The Point you earn depend upon your level. For the same survey where level 1 earns 25points, a level 5 can earn 200 points.

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10.  Global Test Market US – Median Earning :$2-$7 /hour

Earn $100 a year just by surveys.

Who are they?  The Global Test market is another survey site which offers 10 – 100 points on each survey.

Rewards: Cash, voucher, and prize drawn.

Our Review: It is one of the most well-known survey sites on the internet. Global test market offers to pay you in cheques. Each survey usually takes up to 15 minutes. The topic has a variety of range to choose from like- movies, restaurant, and automobiles and more, you might find your interest as well.

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11.  Moola Days – Median Earning: $2-$7 /hour

Get paid for completing your daily simple internet task.

Who are they? Moola Days is a reward site that pays you to complete a simple task like checking your emails, completing simple offer and more.

Rewards: PayPal

Our Review: It is one of the newest sites, so many of you might not have any idea about it. You can earn cash by taking surveys, referring to a friend, reading emails, using coupons and many more. You can take it as a simplified version of Swagbucks, easy to navigate and has many possibilities to earn money.

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12.  Sir Vaigh- Median Earning: $2-$3 /hour

A chance to earn $250 a fortnight

Who are they? Sir Vaigh is an online survey platform which helps you to earn money by taking a survey.

Rewards: PayPal, gift cards, and perhance.

Our Review: By the look of it, it might seem like an advertisement but upon signing up Sir Vaigh chooses survey sites for you. It is very advisable for those who have no idea what the survey is, and what are the various sites. Therefore, it gets you connected with any different survey sites.

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13.  E-Survey Seeker – Median Earning: $2-$3 /hour

Get $20 bonus just by signing up

Who are they? E- Survey seeker is a hub for many different survey sites.

Rewards: PayPal, and gift cards.

Our Review: Want to see offers from different survey sites? E-survey seeker is one such site which let you go through every survey option available. It is a great place to know about every offer and its reward before you try to earn money. Some of the survey sites include- Pinecone Research, Green Panthera, SurveyAllStars and more.

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14.  Panda Research – Earning: $2-$3 /hour

Earn 10% of you referred friend earning for the life of the account

Who are they? Panda Research is yet another survey site which pays you to take the survey and for completing the various task.

Rewards: PayPal,

Our Review: Panda Research offers cash by completing surveys, coupons, discounts, gifts, rewards, giveaways targeted on how you answer the surveys. They can be completed in 10-15 minutes with a minimum threshold of $50.

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15.  Paid For Research – Median Earning: $2-$3 /hour

Similar to E-Survey Seeker

Who are they? Paid For Research is platforms which offer surveys to get completed.

Rewards: Sweepstakes, Gift card, Discount on merchandise

Our Review: Paid For Research is very much similar to e-survey seeker which has the entire survey site listed before you. Choose a survey site according to your own liking and earn money by completing surveys.

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Surveys might not be the fastest way to make money but it surely is one of the easiest ways to earn some extra buck. So whether you are a college student looking to make some extra cash during your holidays or a full time professional, sparing a few minutes can’t be a hard thing to do.


Be an influencer. Share what your voice say and get paid. Get rewarded with gift cards and cashout and change the product of tomorrow.


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