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20 Best Paying Weekend Jobs Near You

best paying weekend jobs

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Weekends are a fun way to welcome 48 hours of disruptive (yet comforting) sleep schedule, binge-watching TV shows and binge eating anything in your line of sight.

Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless productive.

Every weekend starts with the same mission- to spend this weekend more productively than the last. But it sort of just gets lost, doesn’t it? NOT ANYMORE!

The procrastination ends now, as we bring to you the best paying weekend jobs. They are well within your reach, and they are, well, as I said- The Best Paying Weekend Jobs you can get almost instantly.

You’d get your much needed rest time, and you’d earn fat wads of cash while you’re at it. So skip the time-wasting and get yourself one of these 20 best paying weekend jobs that are vacant just for you!

1. Weekend Investor

Transform your bedroom into a Boiler Room this weekend and be the Wolf of Wall Street- weekend investing is now. However, there’s no need to stand in front of the Bronze Bull; you can do it in your PJs.

No more flipping stock-market pages to check whether your boat took a hit or it reached a new high, Betterment will take care of it all.

Out of a wide range of exciting and risk-free portfolios, pick your plush and sleep with it. You’ll watch it grow every passing weekend.

Unlike other best paying weekend jobs, this one makes you feel rich—just the way you want to feel every weekend. Invest with Betterment today!

2. Weekend Accountant

Do you ever feel that you could’ve been a killer accountant because you’re mysteriously good with numbers, making it a balance between debit and credit sides?

Well, match your weekly earnings with weekend cash by being a book-keeper. You don’t need a degree to match your assets with liabilities, just register with Be a Bookkeeper and earn a fortune for tallying accounts.

No, you don’t have to be a CPA. Just being good at math is more than enough to qualify for this best paying weekend jobs. Work from home and earn $60 per hour being an accountant.

3. Weekend Proof-Reader

Last weekend, I decided that I was going to pick up a Stephen King classic and read it over the weekend. Reading is a great way to quench our thirst for knowledge, so why don’t I make it a part-time job?

You can proof-read for others, identify their mistakes and make money from it. Now, this isn’t one of the best paying weekend jobs, but it surely keeps the scorecard ticking. Try ProofReadAnywhere.

You’d get to read a lot of eye-opening stuff as well, which means your knowledge pool shall become deeper than before. Be a Proof-Reader and make the most of your weekend!

4. Weekend Transcriptionist

The coming weekend can be your pathway to the best paying weekend jobs. How? This free course from TranscribeAnywhere makes it happen.

You can be a pro-transcriptionist and decode speech into text with your keyboard. After you’re done with this webinar from Transcribe Anywhere, you get an unlimited supply of transcription gigs!

These are a perfect time pass for the weekend. Be a weekend transcriptionist today!

5. Website Operator

This is probably a piece of advice thrown around way too often, but let me burst your bubble(s) – You might be able to construct a website in a weekend, but you won’t be able to make it your best paying weekend job.

You can draft a website in minutes, and this one won’t leave you out to dry- Bluehost gives you uninterrupted support at an unbeatable price. You can write a blog, post silly videos and sell stuff, anything!

A killer Blue Host website will take it to the next level. Update your website every weekend and once you think you’re done with it, just sell the domain- you’d get a good price for it. Get yourself a website now!

6. Weekend Tutor

Yes, there are people out there who study on weekends (poor kids) and they’d pay you to teach them. I’m not talking about tutoring in the hood, you can teach online from your couch as well.

Websites like Teachable and VIPKID make it easy for you. You can earn big money for teaching easy subjects online and your high paying weekend job list is ready with another vacancy.

7. Weekend Cabbie

If you’re that person who loves to roam around on weekends, just breathing the air outside and living life on the roads, you can drive people around and get paid to do it.

You must’ve heard about being a Lyft driver, a perfect Saturday hustle for peeps looking to earn $400 every weekend. That’s why we believe that being a Lyft driver is the best paying weekend job there is.

Many Lyft drivers drive through the weekend to cover their monthly fuel expenses, you can do it too. Be a Lyft Driver today!

8. Task Fournisseur

You must’ve done this in your childhood- moving grandma’s boxes around for a nickel, watering plants for Kool-Aid and what now. Well, now’s the time to scale up the stakes by becoming a TaskRabbit!

Once you become a Tasker with TaskRabbit, you unlock doors to some of the best paying weekend jobs that are super-duper easy. If you become a Tasker, you can pick out your gigs according to your preference.

One day you might be fixing a wall mount for ice-cold cash, while another day you can move boxes from one place to another. Being a Tasker at TaskRabbit pays, give it a shot!

9. Weekend Mystery Shopper

It would be the best paying weekend job if you could get paid to shop, eh? Well now’s your chance! You can be an Instacart shopper, a luxury that not everyone deserves.

Earn money by shopping for other people and choose the weekend slots while you are at it.

You can be an in-store Instacart shopper who stays in four walls of the store, or you can be the one-stop solution and deliver the groceries to customers as well (you’d need a car though).

10. “OK Google…” Virtual Assistant

Do you have what it takes to be somebody’s virtual assistant for the weekend? It’s really simple! All you have to do is register yourself with Answer1 (yes, that Answer1) and be one of their many certified Virtual Assistants.

The work is super-duper easy, and if you do it a couple of hours every day this can be your best paying weekend job. Trust me when I say this, being someone’s VA is a lot more fun than it sounds. Try it for once.

11. 2-Day Landlord

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could be a Landlord even if you don’t have your own property? Well, you don’t need to own it to rent it out for the weekend, Airbnb makes it real simple.

All you got to do is clean up your spare room and be a little hospitable for your new guests. When you’re done with it, you can list your place on Airbnb and watch that money flow.

People have earned over $200 just in the weekends for letting a couple of guests crash at their place, now’s your time! List your place on Airbnb today!

12. Serial Phone Scroller

Eh, you spend more than half (or full) of your weekend on your phone, so why don’t you make money while you are at it?

Now let me say this out loud- It isn’t the best paying weekend job, but filling surveys shall keep ‘em coming, no doubt about that. Besides, you won’t mind sparing an hour or two to earn fifty dollars every weekend eh?

We have a whole list of the best survey websites, but the ones that I’ve tried and tested are:

You can check out the full list here.

13. Flippin’ Cars

I once decoded this simple process of flipping cars before, and that’s the best paying weekend job you can apply for. It’s almost like your own side-business, and like any other side business, this one needs a small investment.

You can check out the complete step-by-step guide to flipping cars, add it to a brand new way to flip cars online—with Cars Direct. You can buy new or used cars from here, and sell them back on Cars Direct as well!

This is a one-stop solution to your car-flipping adventure, and you have something to do this weekend. You can explore all the garages nearby and hunt down every single steal deal that exists.

Once you do it, sell your flip at remarkable price. Try it today!

14. Flippin’ Books

Weekends usually call for pan-house cleanups, and there’s this huge bundle of books that you keep throwing around, out of your line of sight. Well, those innocent books did nothing wrong, why don’t you sell them off?

Two best platforms to sell your textbooks are CampusBooks and BookScouter. If those textbooks are of no use, you just go to both of these platforms (use the link above while you are at it).

Enter the book title and you can compare rates almost instantly. Wherever you’re getting the better price, sell it off! They pay straight-up in cash, so no hassle.

Try both CampusBooks and BookScouter and earn the best deal today!

15. Social Media Manager

Out of all the gigs you can pick up on Fiverr, there are barely a few that don’t need your full attention, and by full I mean 24/7 attention. This high paying weekend job from Fiverr, however, just needs your weekend.

Do you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc? Well, then you’re probably aware of the basics of it. Why don’t you apply for a side-gig of a job and be someone’s social media manager?

Fiverr has thousands of listings for people who are actively looking for virtual PR managers to manage their social media presence. Get yourself the gig on Fiverr today!

16. Grey’s Anatomy IRL

There are lots of part-time jobs as well, and by part-time jobs I mean jobs that just take one part of your week—the weekend.

One of these jobs is being a Nurse, and some of these listings don’t actually need med-school qualification (I repeat, some). You can apply for them with Monster and spend the weekend taking care of peeps.

But the high paying weekend job bucks don’t stop here. You just have to visit Monster and search for Weekend Jobs, and you’ll have thousands of listings right in front of you. Apply Now!

17. Your Weekday Job

Yeah, your boss would have asked you to stay late on Friday due to ‘Business Demands’, and you must’ve tried everything you could have to escape.

Well, the next time s/he does that, ask her for a working Saturday and you’ll be eligible for an extra day’s pay every week.

You can divide your workload and spread in such manner that you have the stuff to do on Saturday because let’s face it- your boss won’t pay you to just sit in the office for nothing.

18. House Sitting

Weekends call for visiting new places and well, why don’t you take care of someone else’s place and make money? You can House-sit for someone else, feed their pets, water their plants, and just chill out.

HouseCarers is one of the best platforms to grab house-sitting gigs from which you can earn up to $50 for a day’s stay. If you plan to crash for the night, the only way to go is up.

This weekend, take care of their place, be a HouseCarer!

19. Writer

Have you ever tried writing a blog? Think about it—what is that one thing you’re crazy about? Love? Sports? Technology? Fidget Spinners? Tide Pods? ANYTHING!

It might be any one of these, or well, you must’ve figured it out already. Why don’t you try writing about it? iWriter is a platform which offers you a big chance to one of the best paying weekend jobs there are- writing.

So pick your niche and write your heart out. Believe me when I tell you that writing starts as a passion and becomes a profession in no time!

20. Graphic Designer

If you are the only person in your group who knows a thing or two about graphic designer and your friends are after your life all the time for their petty work, this is for you.

If they force you to edit their pictures, design a poster, wedding invites, greeting cards and what not- then skip the free work and sell your geek-sweat on 99designs.

It’s better than working for these nothing dales and the only thing you get in return is a burger. Sell your skills on 99designs and earn money while you’re at it!

Think about it, why do people ask you about your weekend? So they can tell you about their own weekend.

This time when someone asks you”What’d you do this weekend?” Tell ‘em you kicked the butt and got a kickass Weekend Job that pays well and good. Time to update your Resume!


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