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This 14th make your BAE Fall in LOVE with you all Over AGAIN!

valentine's day date ideas for teenage couples

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This Valentines I say guys NOT to go for solo planning, instead PLAN TOGETHER, and if you want it to be a surprise for Him/Her, then ask your bae to choose from Day or Night! Pick up your timeline and start with the planning!

If you’re planning to Surprise HIM or HER then don’t you worry because you’ve found the best read to help out making Valentines 2019 the most special one!

Here are a few ideas to help you keep in mind that you DON’T HAVE MUCH TO SPEND but still want to make it a special day! (I too was a teen once, So I speak from pure Experience!)

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For a change DO WHAT SHE/HE LIKES and not just what you want, and keeping the same in mind read on the following ideas!

1. Movie/TV Series night with a cozy corner

First on the list is the one that I Love the most. Binge watching your favorite TV series together in a cozy place with the takeaway food you Love is definitely my kinda celebration.

Be it Valentines or any other special day, this planning works like a charm always! Check out Netflix and HuluTV and get various offers online viewing.

And the best part is that for valentine’s day date ideas for teenage couples this can be a very cost-efficient idea.

You can order your food at home from Caviar and check out Restaurant because they offer the best deals on every meal!

2. Snow fiiggghhhhtttt

NO offers, NO apps, NO websites to be checked out, simply step out of your home, pick up your date and enjoy in your backyard. Make this Valentine’s a sweet and simple one.

With the chill and snow outside, instead of complaining or getting sad about it, it’s better to make a day out of it.

So have a snow fight with your bae and for later keep Hot chocolate or any other hot drink that your bae prefers.

For valentine’s day date ideas for teenage couples, this one has proved to be full of fun and has turned out to be a day to remember for various couples! (Yess, I’ve done my research well!)

3. Make something special with a Candle Light Dinner

If your bae is one of the extremely romantic ones then you don’t even need to think about this idea twice! Buy some candles from Walmart and make an amazing dinner of all the favorites from your bae’s list!

As you are on a budget and you are looking for some cheap ideas, visit InstaCart and order groceries on discount.

4. DIY an amazing GIFT TOGETHER

Getting all Crafty together with your BAE is sure to bring you closer and much closer. (Though I’m not asking you to poke your eye intentionally and get Cozy! Ahhhh, on a second thought Yesss, you can try this as well!)

But whatever you do just take out your creative side and if you don’t have one then the internet is here to help you.

Get out all of your stored away craft work and make something good for your bae, this can prove to be a good surprise and a gift to remember for life!

5. Revisit your first Date with your BAE

Caution: Practise this point at your own risk and only if you had a great start in relationship to remember!

My first date was pretty awesome but I can’t say the same for everyone, so if you had a rough start then don’t plan on remembering the bad on this Good Day.

And if you too had an amazing first date just like me then replicate it on this valentine’s day!

It will remind you of the good time you had with each other since the beginning. There can be nothing more Romantic than this.

6. Have a game night with your Dating Couple

Get your Valentines celebration on a double celebration mode, invite the couple that you gel along the best with!

Games are the best fit when your relationship is new and you don’t want to try doing anything serious! Trust me you don’t wanna scare away your bae this soon.

Be it Jenga, Uno, Monopoly or getting cozy with Twister play these games and celebrate valentine’s day date ideas for teenage couples!

Get all these games on discounted rates from Walmart.

7. Visit an Aquarium or Zoo

If your Bae wishes to live the life of Adam Sandler from “50 First Dates” then THIS should be your idea to Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

A visit to Zoo or Aquarium, the one that your bae adores more would be the best way to celebrate.

Also, give them a surprise by learning a few things (mostly Lesser Known Facts) about these beautiful animals and surprise bae with your knowledge.

You can even gift them a soft toy as a souvenir to remember this Valentine’s Day for years to come!

You will surely get your bae’s favorite Animal Soft Toy on this site at a discounted rate!

8. Go for PDA and take a tour to Arcade

If you haven’t made your relationship public yet, then this is just the right time to do it!

Express your love openly and play games together, make sure that you have a good competition in the bowling alley and ice hockey! (let your date win ;))

Live your Stranger Things moment and make some awesome memories of fun time at an Arcade! (I still remember my stories and want to make sure that you make some too).

9. Paint something Together and Frame it

Even for the ones who are not good at art, this canvas painting can prove to deepen your bond.

A fun activity to do together and a souvenir for life! So, make sure that you express your feelings through colors and frame it later!

10. Have a Karaoke Night

Just like Jane and Kevin from “27 Dresses” you too can show your love towards each other.

I’m definitely not asking you to get on the top of the bar counter and sing Bennie and Jets but yes, the fun of something of that sort is surely good for your bond!

A bonus point will be in expressing your love through songs and making some great memories! (But make sure that you do your prep in advance and practice a few songs)

11. A Mixtape Day/Night

If you like REALLY can’t sing and definitely cannot make it to a karaoke night then just get your romantic playlist ready.

Plug it in when you two are together (at home, on a drive, while a walk, anytime will do) and get you BAE to listen to all of your favorite tracks.

Not a mixtape now but a thumb drive full of your favorite songs is the best Up Close and Personal way to celebrate Valentine’s day!

(Brownie point: add small audio recorded in your voice, express your love through if you can’t do it otherwise)

12. Go for A Live Game Together

If both of you bond over a game then this will prove to be the best date ever! As there will be various other couples in the stadium doing just that. (All the proposals on the big screen are sure to woo you on this Romantic Day!)

The best part about Valentine’s day date ideas for teenage couples is that you need not look at the price tags and go for the costliest gifts or surprises, but focus on small meaningful things and if that small meaningful thing is going to a live game together then nothing can be better than this!

13. Write Something together for Each Other 

If you’ve even 10% of bone in your fingers then use them to the best by making a gift together for each other which can be cherished over and again!

Sit opposite to each other and write down your feelings, and look at each other while you do it. It sure will bring out some of your hidden memories along with new found emotions for each other. Don’t hesitate, just do it, guys!

Just make sure that you use lots of colored pen and papers! (Make it pleasing for your eyes) and you can add some printed photos as well.

(Pheww, By now I can definitely be awarded as the Best Cupid for the Year)

14. Museum Tour

We do fall for the studious ones, and if you two are exactly the same then visit a museum. Discuss, share the knowledge and make this an amazing date night!

The best part is that some museums do plan for special parties on such special days, so check out if something of that sort is happening in your town.

15. Clean your Room (Yes, even this can turn out to be an amazing date idea)

Don’t turn your room into the previous point (Don’t make your Room a visit to the Museum).

Trust me, for a bae who has been asking you to clean your bed, do the laundry, etc, etc.., for a long time, this will the best Valentine’s day celebration idea.

When I was thinking about Valentine’s day date ideas for teenage couples this idea is the one that I found most creative and meaningful.

You definitely do love Her/Him a lot if you take on this tedious task and clean your entire room! This way you’ll get a CLEAN, COSY and FRESH room to spend time together.

Make sure that you bring in some flowers and light candles to spread some fragrance in the room.

16. Hit the Dance Floor

Plan in advance, learn a few good dance steps, ask the DJ to play your song and surprise your BAE with an amazing performance.

You can also learn some couple of dance moves and practice them with your date, the best way to come closer to each other!

17. Date Under the Stars

“A Walk to Remember” gave us major Romantic goals, since then everyone uses examples or quotes from that movie to compare and show true Love.

I know it won’t be possible to camp out on a chilly night but you can be Ross and Rachel in real life!

Visit a planetarium and gaze at the stars! Nothing else can be more romantic than a night under the stars, expressing your love and hoping the best for your future together!

18. Bonus Point

All you need to do is make sure that you have the color of romance i.e. Red in the celebration, some flowers and candles will work the best!

And just remember, Gifts or Money should not matter, it’s all about your efforts!

To Sum Up: Anything done with good intention is sure to beat P.S. I Love You, A Walk to Remember and even 50 First Dates!


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