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Light Up the Christmas Decorations on a Budget

diy christmas decorations

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Christmas decorations! What a time to make your house look pretty, and in a Christmas-y mood. From decorating the Christmas tree to the interiors and exteriors of your house.

Putting up Christmas decorations is exhilarating for people that love doing décor, like yours truly. The truth of the matter is the whole Christmas affair can break your bank. Consider this: you want to buy Christmas gifts for your loved ones, do grocery shopping because food has to be made not forgetting the drinks. On that list, add decorations- something that most people forget to budget for but costs quite a lot.

But EBC is here to let you in on a secret- you can decorate on a budget! And save money while at it!

How to save on Christmas décor

1. Don’t Fret if you Miss Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

And if you have missed on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, don’t let that get in the way of you saving on Christmas decorations. Most retailers have officially begun their Xmas holiday offers and you can count on them to keep your Xmas decorations budget as low as possible.

Walmart has officially kicked off their 20 days of deals, with deals for outdoor and indoor décor all up for grabs. Alibaba and Sam’s Club, too, have holiday offers and items that you can count on using for Christmas decorations. You can start here for deals on those decorations you want to put up.

2. You do Not have to Buy all the Decorations at Once!

What most people don’t realize is that your house does not have to look like those on all Christmas movies on every channel. They are cute, right, but how much would it cost you to put up all those decorations at once? Remember we are trying to save- regardless of the occasion. Celebration on a budget!

So, when you go to the store, only buy those decorations that are missing from last year’s Christmas holiday decorations saved up in the garage. Also, buy those that you really love and feel you are a must have.

If a piece of decoration you feel is not really necessary at the moment goes for $5 and you need 5 of them, you will save $25 that could be used for something else if you pass on them.

3. Shopping for the Next Christmas Holiday

Actually, when you buy what you only love this year, it means you can save come next Christmas and the next one as well. Every year will entail buying only those decorations you feel are necessary but you have not bought them yet. In 5-10 years, you will be surprised having so much of Xmas decorations and no need to get new ones.

So, once this Christmas holiday is over, DO NOT throw those decorations. Pack them safely and save for the next holiday.

4. Retail Shops are Not Your Only Option

Are there any thrift shops in your area? Or any local shops, dollar stores, garage sales, yard sales or antique shops? Well, if any, pay them a visit and watch out for any outstanding items that you can use as decorations. It does not have to be a Christmas tree or Christmas balls ornaments.

More often than not, these sales will come with lower prices than you can get from retail stores and online shops like Amazon. Additionally, you can reuse items like dolls as decorations as well as making your own unique decorations from other items.

5. Shopping after Christmas Day

If you don’t mind putting up decorations after December 25th, then wait for the day to be over then hit the stores for Christmas decorations. Usually, on Christmas Day and the following days, most stores will be clearing their shelves of any Christmas items for back to school shopping and spring items.

This, of course, means the prices will be lower than they were before Christmas. If the discounts are too good you can buy enough decorations for the next Christmas holiday.

6. Buying in Bulk

The economies of scale do apply in Christmas decorations, too- unsurprisingly. If you want Christmas balls decorations on your Christmas tree, don’t just buy one. It will cost you an arm and a leg. Consider buying a whole packet. Some come with 30 pieces while others have 24 pieces and so on. It will be cheaper.

And in case you do not need that much, liaise with a friend or relative, buy the packet together and share the pieces equally.

7. Bid Incandescent Lights Goodbye!

You can save on your electricity bills too this Christmas by switching to LED lights for Christmas decorations instead of the usually incandescent lights. According to the Department of Energy, LED lights use up 75% less of energy compared to their counterparts. They also last 25 times longer than their incandescent lights counterparts.

This means you can save up to $20 of electricity per day when your Christmas lights are one- only if you are using LED lights. Why? Because the traditional incandescent lights will cost you around $12 for 12 hours whereas LED lights will cost you around $0.30 for the same period.

That means for 24 hours, you will use like $24 of electricity on C-9 incandescent lights and $1 on LED C-9 lights- give or take. If you bid incandescent lights goodbye, you will save yourself around $23!

8. DIY Christmas Decorations

Finally, on today’s list, are DIY Christmas Decorations. Bring your creative side to life by coming up with your own decorations, and save some bucks while at it. You can use pinecones, stones, shells and many items lying within your house and outside to make your own decorations. Do not limit your imagination.

For example, if you can get pinecones in your area, color then in different shiny colors and hang them on the Christmas tree. This might save you the headache of buying many Christmas balls decorations. You can also make paper ornaments, in various paper colors and sizes, and shapes.

I bet thee will look stunning on the Christmas tree as well as the walls of your house. You can also color them in various Christmas colors like shiny gold and silver. The possibilities of DIY Christmas decorations are endless, only your imagination can take you as far as you want.

9. Price Matching

Well, a little price comparison never hurts. Actually, it might help you save a few bucks. So, when you out there online shopping or strolling through the aisles of your favorite retail shop, consider comparing prices with those of their competitors.

Some retailers like Walmart price-match their competitors’ sale prices, which will save you the extra energy of hopping from one store to the next. If there is any chance to use this on expensive products like the Christmas tree or lights, then you can save a couple of dollars this holiday season.

Have you started putting up your Christmas decorations yet? If not, start planning as early as possible. This will not only help you take advantage of Christmas sales discounts but also manage and save you a few bucks. If there are any items lying idly in your house, make use of them and come up with your own unique Christmas decorations.

Do not forget the outside world could also give you a chance to come up with self-made decorations- we are talking about shells, pinecones, paper cuts and many more.

You can use providers like Trim, Personal Capital to track and manage your holiday budget. Let us know what you are putting up as Christmas decorations to save some bucks and how the saving tips have helped you so far?


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