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15 Christmas gift ideas for coworkers under $10

Christmas Gifts for your Coworkers for $5

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It’s holiday time! We’re in the month of December and Christmas spirit has spared nobody- From schools to local shops and most importantly, the workplace.

Everyone is Xmas-struck, and your compatriots at work expect gifts every time they wish you.

When it comes to office Christmas parties-They’re all about stuffing eggnogs, jingles, apple pies, and of course- Christmas Tree, in a cramped space.

No doubt the party is fun, but choosing Christmas gifts for your colleagues is exhuming AF.

Yep, you’ll play Santa as you pick out gifts for your coworkers. But can you do it under $10 and save massive amounts of money while keeping your work-mates happy?

This year, be Sherlock Holmes instead. Look for clues and figure out what your work buddies like and what they don’t. Once you do, these Christmas gift ideas for your coworkers cost under $10- Max!

Being Sherlock is tedious- but once you figure it out, you can plan out the gifts rather than panicking about it.

After that, I got your back- some cheap Christmas gift ideas for coworkers under $10. That way, you keep your buddies happy and your wallet’s in a jolly mood too!

Trust me; gifting your loved ones on Christmas is still easier than being appointed the secret Santa duty.

And if you happen to be the boss of the company, forget about your long awaited vacation to Hawaii- or just pick up these gifts for your employees, you might still have a chance to take on the Hawaii winds.

You might meet them every day, but choosing Christmas gifts for your coworkers is a tough call.  And if you’re on a tight budget, then boy- take the stress level to red!

What if I tell you that you can make everyone happy in your office, and still be able to enjoy your vacation?

Research on these two fronts, Sherlock. Then you can figure out Christmas gifts ideas for coworkers under $10.

  • You know your co-pilots; check out their social media to get an idea of their likes and dislikes.
  • Never go over budget for gifting something Big. A big gift isn’t the best gift, these Christmas gifts for your coworkers cost $10- but they’re meaningful enough.

Obviously, you’ll be on a budget this time of the year — Who isn’t? These finds look more expensive than they really are.

Just don’t forget to take off the price tag before wrapping them up!

1. Pet Treats

We all have that one colleague who’s pet-a-holic. S/he can go on all day about her/his pets- how adorable her dog looked in its sleep, or how her cat loves playing with the ball of wool.

Pet treats can be the match winner in case you have a pet lover compatriot at your workplace. You won’t need lots of clues to spot one- just check out their desk for dog and cat pictures.

These enthusiastic, over the top pet lovers, deserve some pet treats. Perfect Christmas gift idea for that coworker, that too under $10!

2. Chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolate(exceptions are omnipresent)! After all, it’s the only form of happiness that you can taste. For a chocolate lover, the best gift would be a bar of chocolate to trickle his/her taste buds.

You can get the good stuff without hurting your wallet. For me, Chocolate is the perfect gift idea for coworkers under $10. Keep your budget happy while you keep your coworkers happy!

3. Blank Journal and Pen

If you’ve got an introvert colleague who pens down his/her feelings rather than speaking out, s/he deserves a journal to keep doing the same.

A journal might be the best gift for Dear Diary kind of person who confides to pen, paper and 3:00 AM texts. If they love this gift then you might get to read some pages of their top-secret journal!

This Christmas gift idea might be a super hit for your introvert work mate, that too under $10.

4. Post-It Notes

Post it notes are cliché? Yes. But they can be an ideal gift for the planner who has post-it notes all over his/her desk. So, maybe you can get five packs of these and present them to coworkers you can’t research about.

We can agree that Christmas is the most bling-worthy time of the year. But we got to keep a record of our spending so that we don’t give away all our hard earned money to Santa’s elves.

Keep a cap on gifts and when it comes to your coworkers, these Christmas gift ideas won’t cost you more than a tenner. They’ll be left satisfied and smiling and you’d be the coolest Santa in four walls of the office!

5. Recipe Box with Recipes

Here we have a Christmas gift idea for the Chef at work. S/he brings the best lunchbox, organizes delicious Sunday brunches and aroma of his/her food lights up the break room.

This person deserves a mix of good spices along with a detailed recipe book. Get ready to relish those delicacies in times to come. Treat your Chef mate with this present and s/he’ll treat you with the food. (A gift to yourself, clever!)

6. Pocket utensil set

For the hungry chap who digs in food anywhere, anytime! Get this pocket utensil set for your foodie coworker. He’s ready to eat anytime, anywhere, round the clock. This person deserves this gift and its cheap.

7. A Framed Photo

You definitely have a stellar picture with your work BFF. A bad picture that reminds both of your of the good times might work too. Buy a photo frame and slide in that picture.

Voila! This is the best Christmas idea for coworker BFFs under $10. You never know, a sudden show of emotional attachment might fetch you some of your lent money back!

8. Handcrafted Soap

You can hit two birds with one stone when it comes to gifting away handcrafted soap to your work buddies:

  • You give a low key indication to your mate that s/he smells bad and the soap might help.
  • This Christmas gift idea will make your coworker happy, and it costs max to max $10.

The fragrance and beauty of handcrafted soaps have no match to the daily monotonous shower gel bottles. This would be the perfect gift for a person who loves fragrances (or a person who smells bad).

9. Coffee Beans (or Ground Coffee)

Morning coffee, mid-morning coffee, before meeting coffee, in between meeting coffee or evening coffee. Coffee is the actual brain food and every person in at work would appreciate a bag of coffee beans as a Christmas gift.

You can gift this to the coworker who stays up late for no reason, or that mate who dozes off at the desk for no reason at all. Coffee beans or ground coffee for that matter is the best Christmas gift idea for coworkers under $10 (especially if they’re super lazy).

10. Soup Mix

The person you gift this to, won’t have to worry about binge snacking anymore. This instant soup mix is easy to make and your Gym Freak + Healthy Food Eater mate would be happy to accept this token of gratitude- A Christmas gift idea for both health conscious and binge-eating coworkers, just for $10.

11. Leaf-y Pens

Come on now, we all know that one person who loves stealing pens from all our desks. We hate that person and we love him/her at the same time. How to end this pen-thief epidemic? Give the pen thief a pack of pens!

Admit it! We all have a pen thief at our workplace. For the teammate who always takes away your pen and forgets to return, gift them this leaf-y pen set and your stationery will stop disappearing.

12. Fidget Cube

For that one person who gets panic attacks every now and then- he might be waiting for a text from special someone, she might be waiting for meetings to start.

For these people at your workplace who get fidgety when words don’t come, gift them this fidget cube. Some distractions at work might do the trick to get rid of stress.

13. Timeless Classics

Look to your right! There’s one. Look to your left! There’s one. Just turn your eyes anywhere you’ll definitely spot a bookworm. Here are a few suggestions of some classic reads which are always welcomed. Just read on!

14. Hand-Assembled Fruit Basket

Well, you don’t realize the value of fruits till you start fruit-shopping by yourself. Fruit baskets are considered as a very thoughtful gift and they’re not just restricted to sick people.

We all have that one fitness freak in the office; I bet they carry a scale with them anywhere they go. Just pick some fruits of their choice and do watch out for their allergies, buy a basket from Dollar store and you’re good to go!

15. Cosmetic prep Kit

For that girl in the office whose one look makes your heart skip a beat. She’ll be flushed when you’d gift her this cosmetic prep kit, and it won’t be because of makeup.


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