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Top 5 (+3) Christmas Movies to Watch Right Now!

Best Christmas Movies to Watch Right

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Ah, it’s finally here. The jingling lights, over-decorated trees, tables full of food and hearts full of joy. The Christmas spirit just happens to be there, doesn’t it?

Sometimes, you got to watch some Christmas classics to get in the mood. Confused about what to do today and tomorrow? It’s time to watch Christmas movies!

We are going to make it easy for you- Here’s a list of best Christmas movies to watch while you’re busy licking eggnog from the bottom of the bowl.

Wondering where you’d find these? Each and every movie on this list is available for you to watch on Hulu.

You don’t have to pay anything.  Just start a free trial, watch Christmas movies, get in the mood, and cancel the subscription if you feel like it.

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I’d recommend sticking to Hulu; they have a fine collection of Movies & TV shows. Guess what, it’s cheaper than NetFlix!

Believe me, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is watching movies non-stop for the next 2 days. Here are some iconic Christmas movies for you to watch.

Watch Christmas Movies on Hulu

1. Home Alone

“Merry Christmas, You Filthy Animal!” What’s better than watching a defense-less kid fight two burglars, just because his family left him all alone and went away on a Christmas expedition?

Home Alone is the Christmas movie to watch, be it a fam-jam Christmas party or couple’s night in with wine and cheese.

If you want to engage the kids with something for a couple of hours and get some much needed ‘free time’, put Home Alone on and they shall be entertained!

Watch With: Anyone; more the people, more the fun!

Don’t Watch With: Utterly menacing kids who copy everything they see on telly.

2. It’s a Wonderful Life

This movie has been a life-transforming revelation for everyone since it released in the year 1946. Step in shoes of a man broken by life and its problems to such extent that he decides to end it all by killing himself… on Christmas Day.

He’s going to do it, but wait! His Guardian Angel saves him and shows the man how awful this world would’ve been if it wasn’t for him. It’s a Wonderful Life is indeed a classic that teaches a very important lesson of gratefulness.

If you plan to start your New Year with a new outlook and believe that 25th December shall be the D-day, this is the Christmas movie to watch. Bad times? Watch this movie, you won’t regret it.

Watch With: Someone who’s feeling low about life (even if that’s you).

Don’t Watch With: Kids, extremely sentimental mates who cried while watching GOT.

3. The Nightmare before Christmas

This one’s a joy to watch- A Tim Burton musical rhapsody that holds the audience by scruff of their necks. A resident of ‘Halloween Town’ discovers the ‘Christmas Town’ and he’s mistletoe-struck.

Well, who won’t be excited after skipping a ghost town, only to crash in the holiday town? This Christmas movie was a poem that came to life thanks to Tim Burton and Disney.

There was a 3D remake in 2009 which I’m sure the kids and adults enjoyed to the core. I’d recommend the 1989 version, but you can surely go for the newer Nightmare if retro movies don’t excite you.

Watch With: Kids, Adults who were kids back in the ‘80s.

Don’t Watch With: Someone who hates animated movies and can’t handle sung dialogues.

4. Elf

Will Ferrell as an Elf- isn’t that enough to convince you? Released in the year 2003, Will Ferrell thought that this one would turn out to be his biggest regret. But here we are!

This Christmas movie revolves around Buddy (Will Ferrell) who’s an Elf rose in the North Pole. He later discovers that he’s a human, boarding the Sleigh to NY in search of his Father.

This one’s a textbook Will Ferrell comedy and it’s the right Christmas movie to watch. The way Will Ferrell reacts to humans and their Santa talk will make you LOL.

Watch With: Family

Don’t Watch With: That one snob who doesn’t believe in Santa and elves.

5. Die Hard

I’m aware of two schools of thought when it comes to this Bruce Willis testosterone-fueled classic. BUT DIE HARD IS, WAS, AND WILL ALWAYS BE A CHRISTMAS MOVIE TO WATCH.

Detective McClane wants to spend Christmas with his wife and she’s caught in a hostage situation. He puts his life on the line to save her and all the hostages (oops, spoiler alert!). Could it be any more romantic?

Christmas is all about getting a taste of everything from your couch. Die Hard has everything… and Bruce Willis firing Machineguns all over the place. Could it be any better?

Watch With: Friends and Cousins who love the smell of gunpowder.

Don’t Watch With: Your bae, anyone who doesn’t think of Die Hard as a Christmas movie.

6. Bad Santa

If you hate the concept of Christmas Movies but it won’t kill you to watch something Christmassy, you can go for Bad Santa.

This one’s quite a Christmas movie to watch if you are bored of the traditional Christmas movies’ anatomy. A guy and his friend dress up as Santa and his Elf, only to rob a mall. Talk about Grinch playing Santa.

While robbing the mall, ‘Santa’ befriends an 8-year old kid and the magic unfolds. This Christmas movie is quite a refreshing take on the holidays. But with dark comedy and a criminal outlook, kids might sit out of this one.

Watch With: Just, no kids. Or wait, maybe you should watch it with kids!

Don’t Watch With: That Grandpa who does Santa duty in the local store. He might fall prey to bad ideas.

7. A Christmas Story

This one’s a textbook Christmas Story- A little kid named Ralphie tries to balance his life in between a bully kid, his cranky father and devoted mother. He does all this while in pursuit of his perfect Christmas Present.

Peter Billingsley is super-cute in his Ralphed-up role, and amount of oh and awww moments in the movie make it an emotional rollercoaster full of fun. This is a Christmas movie to watch, especially for kids.

Watch With: Everyone, especially kids!

Don’t Watch With: Person with mood swings- they’d cry a million times.

8. Edward Scissorhands

This movie might not have a Christmas feel attached to it, but this Johnny Depp starrer is an intriguing watch for all ages. Edward (Johnny Depp) is a synthetic man with, well, scissor hands.

His inventor passes away and a lady ‘adopts’ him. Turd hits the fan when Edward is accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Many consider this a horror movie, but it’s a decent Christmas movie to watch as well.

Don’t cover your eyes already, Edward Scissorhands is a mild thriller and it holds a suspenseful enigma beneath a well-constructed story. I presume you must’ve watched it already, but if you haven’t, watch it now.

Watch With: Family; Kids (if you don’t mind them sleeping with you tonight)

Don’t Watch With: Conspiracy buffs, they brag about how this is real.

This was the list of my Top 5 (+3) Christmas movies to watch on the blessed day. After all, that’s what Christmas memories are made of- gulping down delectable food while lying on the couch and watching some Xmas Flicks.

Don’t know where to find these Christmas Movies? Catch ‘em all at Hulu! It’s the perfect streaming platform for everyone, now with a Live-TV feature. Start your free trial today!


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