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Why EveryBuckCounts?

Yes, we understand the crucial nature of topic we write about- for us, personal finance is all about managing money by providing accurate and reliable information.

The internet is like a dark tunnel, and when you’re looking for a reliable guide to help you manage your personal finances, we can be a light that shows you the way. We understand that you need a source you can trust, especially when it comes to managing your hard-earned money.

That is the reason why concept of editorial integrity is at center of what we do. Our staff toils through day and night to research and explore information and news that should be beneficial for readers and equip them with a proper game-plan to put more money in their wallets.

We have the best cavalry in our force- a tight bunch of experienced writers, editors, researchers, , web developers and graphic designers. All of these lovely people are immensely dedicated to attain eternal perfection, so that our readers get what they want.

At a time when outright misrepresentations and infuriating lies are often showcased in the name of truth, trusting an information source is tough for any reader. We deliver crisp and lucid information that is as true as it gets, because we know that your hard-earned money is no joke.

However, our quirky and funny ways of delivering trustworthy information make personal finance less boring than it already is, making it easy for readers to relate with the content and understand what we’re talking about.

Yet, regardless of what number of plays on words we incorporate into a story, you can bet that story experienced a thorough editorial-check. Remember, our writers feel emphatically that these stories would enable you to get smart about money.

With all that being said, let us remind you that the content on EveryBuckCounts is for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as professional financial advice. We’ll try our best to show you the way, and hope that you make the most of it.

Our allegiance to high standards, integrity, honesty and accuracy make us a very trustworthy and reliable source. Skim through our content and you’ll feel the same.

How Do We Make Big Bucks?

As you must’ve noticed, we do not earn money by jumbling up our website with farrago of pop-ups, videos, or display advertisements of any sort. We firmly believe that these diversions make it difficult for our readers to enjoy the content, and their satisfaction matters the most.

We believe that knowledge of personal finance is an important concern for everybody; hence everyone should be made aware of it. We aim to serve people who need us the most by developing an ingenious income model that puts our readers first, while our revenue takes the backseat.

How do we achieve both of these objectives in one go?  Well, out of many affiliate partners mentioned on our website, we have financial relationships with some of them. We may receive monetary compensation in exchange for featured placement of these affiliates’ products or services.

However, something that makes us different is that we partner only with brands that offer products or services that will truly help our readers.

By collaborating with partners, our readers make or save money, while the partner benefits when someone uses their service. And at last, we get paid for making the two ends meet.

To debunk the infamous myth- No, we do not get paid for all our content. A major portion of our content is not directly monetized because our editorial team’s prime focus lies towards changing readers’ lives for the better.

The sole intention to collaborate with an affiliate partner (be it monetary or non-monetary) is to help our readers make the most of opportunities provided to them by these affiliates.

In challenging times like today when media companies are struggling to set afoot, we’re proud of the fact that we’ve built our readers’ trust and this gives us motivation to keep doing what we do. Also, this couldn’t have been possible if we hadn’t developed a reliable way to fund our work because it makes our operations transparent and honest.

Thank you for trusting us. Let us manage our money in the best manner and make Every Buck Count!