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Easter Happiness comes under $25 with these Amazing Gift Baskets

cheap easter basket ideas

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Easter is just around the corner and indeed the preparations are on full-on mode. Not only just for the buyers but for the sellers as well.

Big retail giants are making sure that they offer you special discounts and offers during the festive season, and Easter being on 21st April, such offers have already started rolling out.

So, I’m here to make your Gift Shopping experience less hectic, and money and time efficient.

All you have to do is go through this article and shop for THEME BASED Cheap Easter Baskets for your loved ones.

Note: Don’t forget to check out the BONUS point.

1. Classic Easter Basket

Gifting your loved ones, a classic Easter basket is a must. This is the simplest and most cost-effective way to show your love.

So, buy some eggs from Target, boil them at home and while they cool down dust off your craft material.

Paint your imagination on the eggs and make them pretty, you can check the image below for some references and also buy amazing egg decoration kits

cheap easter basket ideas

Classic Easter Basket Cost (Maximum): $25

2. Basic Easter Basket

If we talk about following the traditional method of Easter Celebration then chocolate is a must and it definitely includes a Chocolate Bunny.

This plain simple basket filled with lots of chocolates will be the best combo for the person in your family who has a sweet tooth.

So, begin shopping and visit these sites to buy products at the cheapest rate.

Basic Easter Basket Cost (Maximum): $19.57

3. Easter Food Basket without Sweets

At times we have a few people in our family who do not relish chocolates but are big time foodie.

And for these people, an Easter Basket Combo of snacks can be a good option so, get this cheap Easter Basket for adults.

Easter Food Basket without Sweets Cost: $25.99

4. Easter Fruit Basket

Why consider and keep just cookies and chips for snacks, you can even gift an amazing Easter Fruit Basket to your loved ones.

Show that you care about their health and opt for this cheap and healthy Basket option to gift on Easter.

You will be surprised by the number of fruits that you can buy for just $10, imagine the number of Healthy fruit baskets that you can create to gift and that too at such a low spend.

cheap easter basket ideas

Easter Fruit Basket Cost:

5. Easter Technology Basket 

If you have a techno-freak in your family who loves being updated with the latest gadget then this basket will surely please them.

You can also check out various affordable gifting options from Best Buy.

So, expand your search and get the best for your loved ones, after all, you have a huge budget of $23 to get various tech gifts for gifting.

Easter Tech Basket Cost: $25.99

6. Easter Party Basket

A person who is always in the mood for a party will love this Easter Basket Gift, as it has everything in the right amount to get the party started.

Easter is definitely about celebrating with your family.

So, getting your loved ones wishes addressed is a great way to Celebrate and keep them Happy.

Easter Party Basket Cost: $25.99

7. Easter Basket for Frequent Travellers

Travel junkies do love getting things that ease their journey even more and for such people, this Easter Basket full of travel stuff is a must.

After all, we always have to replace a portable charger, simply because we keep on losing the previous ones.

Easter Travel Basket Cost: $25.98

8. Easter Basket for a Bookworm

Some people definitely prefer Books over movies or any other sort of entertainment and for them, this basket full of educational goodies is a must.

Surprise, shock and impress your loved one with this dose of education which comes along with a surprise of something sweet and something of necessity i.e. Cool smiley Post-it.

cheap easter basket ideas

Easter Bookworm Basket Cost: $24.38

9. Easter Basket for Makeup and Skin Care Lover

People who love to pamper themselves are the ones for whom we don’t even have to think twice before getting a gift.

All you need to get them is some beauty care and makeup products and you’re good to go and the best part is that these products come at a huge discount, all thanks to Stock Clearance Sale.

Easter Beauty Basket Cost: $24.99

10. Easter Basket for Fitness Lovers

If you have more than one health-freak in your family then you can avoid gifting them the same Basket.

So, check out this Easter Basket which comes along with types of equipment.

Easter Fitness Basket Cost: $24.28

11. Easter Basket for Body Care

There’s nothing better to say I Love You than this Awesome Bath and Body range by Nectar.

Get this beauty product basket for your girlfriends and for other lovely ladies in the family and you’re sure to get amazing gifts from them in return. ?

(Well if you don’t get amazing gifts from them this Easter then wait for Thanksgiving or Christmas) ?

Easter Bath and BodyBasket Cost: $24.99

12. Easter Basket for Healthy Mix

Maintaining a healthy mind, body and soul is the key to living a Happy life, so gift this Easter Basket which is full of healthy eating options for the health-freak in your family.

Make sure that you get a tip or two from them about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and on how to eat right.

cheap easter basket ideas

 Easter Healthy Basket Cost: $24.99

13. Easter Binge Watcher Basket

My only question would be that Who doesn’t like being a couch potato, and we indeed have at least one person in our family who loves his/her collection of Movies and TV series more than anything else.

You can also gift them a greeting card mentioning about Hulu TV which lets you watch movies and TV Series for FREE!

Easter Movie Mania Basket Cost: $24.99


14. Easter Coupon Basket

What if I say that you have an option of not spending even $20 bill for an Easter gift Basket?!

Sounds interesting yet impossible right? But it is absolutely possible because of Amazon.

So, click on this link and get a FREE gift card worth $500 to gift your loved ones.

Easter Coupon Basket Cost: $502.99 ($500 for FREE)

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