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13 Sneaky (yet Easy) Ways to Earn Free PayPal Money

How to earn free PayPal money

Disclosure: The information we provide is precise and genuine to make your Every Buck Count. However, some of the links provided belong to our affiliate partners and we get paid for it. For more information please check out our Full Advertising Disclosure.

Gone are the days when the only medium of exchange was hard-cold cash. With the rise of digital banking systems, digital payments are second to none. Digital money is vital in today’s economic zeitgeist.

One of the biggest pioneers of the dot-com money, PayPal stepped into the digital payments market well before anyone ever thought about it. There are over 250 million active PayPal accounts at the moment.

Everyone knows that PayPal money is as good as crispy cash, but did you know that people are in constant pursuit to find out how to earn free PayPal money? It’s like picking up wads of cash off the street, well, e-street.

PayPal is a legit medium of exchange and in most cases, it’s faster than cash. So if we are learning how to earn free PayPal money, we’d have to pull some strings for it. It’s not like the tooth fairy is going to PayPal you for free.

You might have to watch some videos, unlock your phone, shop your heart out and stuff if you want to earn free PayPal money. We’ve got 13 flabbergasting ways for you that you can follow to earn free PayPal money.

You know that PayPal money is as good as greens, now’s your time to earn it for free:

1. All you need is some Swagger: $10 per hour

You might’ve heard about Swagbucks many times before, and why not—the website literally tells you how to earn free PayPal money on their home page itself. You are eligible for a free $10 PayPal balance on signing up.

That’s just not it—you can spend 10 to 15 minutes on Swagbucks every day and earn PayPal money every passing day. You can cash them out in form of gift cards as well.

If you want to learn how to earn free PayPal money, spend a couple of hours every month on Swagbucks and rack ‘em up.

Sign up with Swagbucks and earn $10 welcome bonus straight into your PayPal!

2. Rebates? More like Ebates: $15

My apologies, that pun took a hit on my intellect. Coming back to the lesson “how to earn free PayPal money”, Ebates does it for you by shopping your heart out.

The term cashback is thrown around way too often like PB&J in lunchboxes, but Ebates actually personifies it into existence. You can earn free PayPal money in terms of cashback and all you have to do is shop through Ebates.

Visit Ebates and redirect yourself to your shopping destination. Every time you shop online, you’ll earn a massive cashback which will make way to your PayPal account. It’s free money if it’s cashback.

Sign up with Ebates & earn $10 bonus!

3. Pay yourself for binge-watching, Pal: $12 per hour

What is your plan for the weekend? Is it the usual binge-watch-all-day along with all-you-can-eat food fiesta? If yes, then you can sign up with Inbox Dollars and make the most of your weekend.

How does it help in our expedition to earn free PayPal money? It’s better off if we make the most of our entertainment breaks and earn money from it, InboxDollars does just that. It pays straight-up in your PayPal account.

You can also play games, fill out surveys, dig out coupons, and other fun stuff to earn free PayPal money with InboxDollars.

Sign up with this link and earn $5 as a bonus!

4. Now that’s hard to choose…: $15 per hour

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could just learn how to earn free PayPal money by voicing our opinion to the masses? It’s real, it’s not a sham and it works.

You can earn free PayPal money in a matter of minutes by filling out surveys at Survey Junkie. All they need is the consumer’s say about stuff—be it headphones, sneakers, restaurants, anything.

Just fill out a survey on SurveyJunkie and earn $15 per hour. It goes straight into your PayPal account.

Check out SurveyJunkie and start now!

5. Be the Opinion Leader: $14 per hour

Have you ever wondered about those unsung heroes that “rate” content online? Those people literally use the product or service, see how it works, and spend their valuable time in rating stuff. Well, sometimes.

At most times, things are reviewed by opinion polls. Opinion polls are paid surveys that are taken by people like you (yes, the consumer) to opinionate about something.

The pioneer and most reliable opinion poll leader is Opinion Outpost, and if you are wondering how to earn free PayPal money, they got you covered.

Voice your opinion and earn free PayPal money with Opinion Outpost. Try it now!

6. Sell those Gift Cards: $30-$100

It’s been more than a month since Christmas and those gift cards are firmly holding their ground in the drawers. You aren’t going to use them anyway, why don’t you earn free PayPal money by selling them off?

If you really want to make the big e-bucks, then you have to know how to earn free PayPal money by selling off that stack of gift cards. At most times, they are redeemed of their full value.

A website where you can sell your gift cards for the full price is Cardpool. Gather them all and enter the code to find what they’re worth. Once you sell those cards, you earn PayPal money.

Sell your gift cards on Cardpool today!

7. Gather the Pinecones: $20 per hour

Hold up mate; don’t lace your shoes yet. We don’t want you to stuff your pockets with scattered pinecones and you don’t even have to step out. All you got to do is fill out some surveys and contribute to Pinecone Research.

Before you label it as “just another survey site”, let us tell you that Pinecone is different. How? Well, it has a distinct name you get paid for every survey you take and the money goes straight into your PayPal account.

If you want to learn how to earn free PayPal money, you have to take up a few surveys here and there. They are easy money and in Pinecone’s case, it is very simple.

Collect Pinecones for PayPal today!

8. One more Survey Website? Please? $15-$50 per hour

We couldn’t have missed this website when it comes to surveys—Vindale research. Before you start with the survey-shenanigans, let us inform you that surveys are one of the best methods to keep the scoreboard ticking.

Vindale research is another survey website where you can earn free PayPal money for filling out surveys.  These surveys are very short so you won’t have to spare too much of your time for money.

Try Vindale Research now.

9. Walk that GigWalk: $10-$100

If you are shipping for free money, let us burst your bubble—it is free money, but you got to work for it. You have to walk that walk and talk that talk if want to learn how to earn free PayPal money. GigWalk does just that.

Pick up gigs that would probably take some minutes of your time and earn a tenner, or you can aim big with those long duration gigs and make hundreds of dollars. They pay you in PayPal.

Register on GigWalk today and get some gigs that PayPal!

10. Review Stuff: $0.50 per review

Do you love to try new things out and give intricate reviews about it to your pals? Then that is how you’ll earn free PayPal money. Review the products that you’ve used and make money on it that goes straight into your PayPal wallet.

With Slice the Pie, every review earns you 50 cents or more. Technically, longer reviews mean bigger pay. But one has to be true to the words and stretching it aimlessly won’t count.

Stick to an honest review and you can earn big PayPal money in the long run.

Slice the Pie and review it out!

11. A Browser Extension: $5

If you want to know how to earn free PayPal money for just browsing the internet, this extension might be of help. Qmee is a free browser extension on which you sign up and earn free PayPal money for fiddling around.

If you are on a shopping website, Qmee will show you some related products. Now you may/may not click at them but you’ll still end up earning money. It’s not a lot really—some cents here and there.

But you can earn $5 every month for just leaving the extension on, which is pretty decent PayPal money. The best part is that you can cash out that PayPal balance anytime as there is no minimum amount.

Check out Qmee and earn while you browse!

12. PayPal for Points: $15

If you Google how to earn free PayPal money, PointsPrizes tops the charts. This website literally offers free PayPal money for doing stuff.

Watch video ads, listen to short sales pitches from advertisers, fill out surveys and do that basic stuff to earn free PayPal money. Just enter your email and PointsPrizes will tell you what to do.

Check it out here.

13. Slide to Unlock PayPal Money: $8-$10

If you love to play around with your phone, you can earn a dollar here and there for unlocking it. SlideJoy is an app for both iOS and Android that gives you free money straight into your PayPal account.

Just download the SlideJoy app and get cracking. You can make $10 every month for just checking your phone.

Slide to Unlock free PayPal money>>

PayPal is a behemoth digi-payment giant that is here to stay. As long as there is the internet, there is e-money. And as long there is e-money, there is PayPal. You now know how to earn free PayPal money. Time to fill your virtual wallets!


Be an influencer. Share what your voice say and get paid. Get rewarded with gift cards and cashout and change the product of tomorrow.


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