Vermont Calling : Get Paid  $10,000 to Relocate

Vermont Calling : Get Paid $10,000 to Relocate

Everybody come and stay Throw every last care away Let’s go to Vermont… Today. Yes , that’s my version of “Let’s go to the mall” of How I Met Your Mother, Now before you start asking  why I am singing Robin Scherbatsky’s song which even she hated or whether I magically became Vermont’s tourism ambassador,.

6 months ago

Can You Get a Homeowner’s Grant to Customize Your Home to Meet Your Needs?

It’s a basic truth of home ownership that at some point, the home will need repairs of some kind. Unfortunately, not all homeowners can afford to make repairs when they are needed, which leaves them to live in less than ideal conditions until they can get the money they need. Sometimes, the house falls into.

9 months ago