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Vermont Calling : Get Paid  $10,000 to Relocate

Vermont Calling : Get Paid $10,000 to Relocate

Everybody come and stay Throw every last care away Let’s go to Vermont… Today. Yes , that’s my version of “Let’s go to the mall” of How I Met Your Mother, Now before you start asking  why I am singing Robin Scherbatsky’s song which even she hated or whether I magically became Vermont’s tourism ambassador,.

5 years ago

10 Grants and Resources for Veterans 2019

There are many resources that help U.S. military veterans with various aspects of their lives, and rightfully so. They served our country selflessly, usually for very low pay, and were willing to put their lives on the line (and give up years of their lives) to protect the United States. They often had to leave.

5 years ago