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Free Tuition? Get into NYU Med-School and Study for Free!

Free tuition for all NYU medical student

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The greatest burden of college tuition fee is now off the shoulders of NYU Medicine students. All current and future students enrolled in New York University School of medicine’s MD degree program will receive full-tuition scholarships, the school announced at auspicious White Coat Ceremony on Thursday.

Hefty $55,018 per-year fee is now covered under the scholarship program, granted independently of merit or financial need for all enrolled students, which means every med-school student at NYU is now free of student debt shackles.

Even though students will still be responsible for books, fees, housing and other costs, experts at EBC believe this can revolutionize the face of American healthcare. With only $27,000 to spend on basic amenities, being a doctor won’t be hard on students’ pockets at-least.

“No more tuition… The day they get their diploma, they owe nobody anything,” said Kenneth G. Langone, the board of trustees chairman for NYU Langone Medical Center. “(Students) walk out of here unencumbered, looking at a future where they can do what their passion tells them.” Kenneth believes that there’s a doctor in each and every devoted American, but they aren’t able to make the most of it due to fear of debt.

With the medical community reckoning with a moral impact of high education costs, this is definitely good news for American citizens as a whole. High tuition costs can also discourage some students from pursuing a career in the medical field at all. Younger people would push themselves to get into NYU, which means more hands to help ailing and sick people.

A release from NYU Langone explains that Medical students face debt burdens that can reach well into six figures may be more likely to pick lucrative specialties, which may not be in the public’s interest.

With organized rebellion from Doctors, Lawyers, Employers, Politicians, and commoners, this would reduce tensions to a great extent. These efforts are focused on financial need just like “Debt-Free Graduation Program” announced by Columbia University’s Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons in April.

With most of the undergrads under the perception that value of a college education has not kept up with its cost, this remarkable move by NYU is surely going to turn some heads around and encourage youth to pour their hearts out to get in the medical field.

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