I Make $4,000 a Month Freelancing

I Make $4,000 a Month Freelancing

I haven’t worked in a traditional “9-5” type of job outside of my own house for 10 years, but I’m still making a decent living and paying all my bills every month. Although my pay started off modestly when I first started, today I’m making well over $4,000 a month freelancing, and that’s on a.

1 year ago

22 Hobbies That Make Money: Do What You Love

Are you creative? Good with your hands? Or do you have a skill that you’re passionate about? Merriam-Webster dictionary defines hobby as “A pursuit outside one’s regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation.” The definition of relaxation may vary depending on whether your hobby is sewing or mountain climbing, but the gist remains the same.

2 years ago