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10 Hottest Gift Cards that are on Everyone’s Wish-list

Best gift cards for Christmas

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The Christmas spirit is a spirit of giving and forgiving giving more.

Christmas is so close that you can smell the eggnog, and I hope that you’ve picked out the gifts.

And in case you haven’t, there’s a one-size-fits-all solution that’ll put a smile on your loved ones’ faces. There’s not enough time to order stuff online and if you visit the stores you’ll be caught in a festive stampede.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am talking about Gift Cards– because hard-cold cash doesn’t really say “I care for you”. Here’s a list of hottest gift cards that are on everyone’s Christmas bucket list.

If you are out of ideas, gift your loved ones a gift card of their liking and they’ll be happier than that little kid who just got Lego as a Christmas present.

You get the best gift cards for Christmas at Raise. With the Holiday season in full swing, Raise is offering HUGE discounts on every gift card that you’ll find on the website.

To make it easy peasy, you can check out any of these best gift cards for Christmas at Raise by clicking the link. You’ve forgotten to get a proper gift, I don’t want you to screw up again.

So here it is- The trending list of Best Gift Cards for Christmas that is on every human’s wishlist (including yours).  You know what they say- Love the giver gift card more than the gift!

1. Starbucks

StarBucks Card

Price: FREE

For those people who have coffee running in their veins, this gift card from Starbucks is the best gift card for Christmas. Redeem this gift card and get FREE Starbucks coffee for a YEAR!

This is a Christmas gift card deal from my pals at Every Buck Counts to you! Redeem the gift card for yourself, or gift it to someone else for free. Talk about saving money on Christmas gifts!

The Starbucks gift card is one of the hottest gift cards in demand according to Raise.

Claim it for free!

2. Amazon

Amazon Gift Cards

Price:  FREE

This one’s the undisputed winner when it comes to best gift cards for Christmas- Amazon is THE digital marketplace taking the world by the scruff of its neck, and everyone knows that Amazon Gift Cards are as good as hard cash.

Be it Youngblood or Oldies, everyone can find something for themselves at Amazon. So if you forgot to get a gift for someone, $500 worth of Amazon money might be a good way to say sorry and please them.

Hold up, I just got a phone call from my EBC pals (again!) and they’re gifting the Amazon gift card with $500 balance FOR FREE! Feeling grateful? I’ll convey your regards to them.

Claim it for free!

3. H&M

H & M Gift Cards

Price: $100 – $200

H&M gift cards sell like hotcakes all around the calendar, and there’s no surprise that H&M has to be one of the best gift cards for Christmas.

The person on the receiving end of this gift card would slay the outfit wherever s/he’d go. H&M has the largest showcase of work-wear, formals, party-wear and casuals too. H&M stores are full of people at Christmas time.

Give your BFF the best gift card for Christmas- A supreme closet revamp! You’d get the best Christmas gift card deal on H&M at Raise where this gift card is up for grabs at 30% off!

Buy Now

4. Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts Gift Cards

Price: $15 – $45

Dunkin Donuts is bread and butter of many millennial daily routines. Their day starts with a DD meal and many-a-times ends with the same.

Surprisingly, Dunkin Donuts gift cards top the list of demands from millennials as these gift cards come with lots of perks. As they say, what’s a better gift than feeding someone?

You can get the best Christmas gift card deals on Dunkin Donuts at Raise, with a 10% discount on every gift card. Treat your foodie mates with some free meals- gift them the Dunkin Donuts gift card!

Buy Now

5. iTunes

iTunes Gift Cards

Price: $22

The App(le) Store stores within itself a hefty chunk of unique and innovative paid content- be it paid apps, games, music, or general utility tools that are worth the money.

iPhone users in the US of A ship for iTunes gift cards, which means this one’s the best gift card for Christmas for that iPhone buddy of yours. Buy it from Raise and get 10% off on every iTunes gift card!

Buy Now

6. Levi’s

Levi's Gift Cards

Price: $20 – $100

If I tell you that I’d buy you a pair of jeans, would you say no? Hell Nah! Even if you have 27,564 of them you won’t say no to another pair of denims (if you do have that many though, I’d recommend therapy).

You say Denim, everyone says Levi’s. Denims suit everyone and a Levi’s shopping spree has to be the best gift card choice for Christmas for your parents, kids, cousins, and of course- your friends.

Levi’s gift cards are always in demand; you better get them soon at Raise where they’re available at a 15% discount!

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7. NetFlix

Netflix Gift Cards

Price: $14 – $100

The most popular streaming service that has revolutionized meaning of ‘entertainment’ for the world, NetFlix has taken the world by a storm.

Be it teens or adults, everyone wants NetFlix subscription as an Xmas gift (some want NetFlix & Chill, but that’s consensual).

Gift your loved one(s) a NetFlix subscription and that person (along with three others) will be very grateful. NetFlix is quite cheap anyway, but if you get it from Raise, you save some cash on the NetFlix gift card.

Buy Now

8. Walmart

Walmart Gift Cards

Price: $9 – $180

Be it fashion, electronics, utilities, pins, toilet rolls, chainsaws or airplanes- Walmart sells EVERYTHING.

Gift cards are given as a present so that the receiver can get something of his/her own choice, and Walmart offers the largest choice- It’s a Match!

That is why Walmart will always be one of the best choices for gift cards at Christmas time. Give your mates a Walmart gift card which would actually be handy when it comes down to it.

You can find a large variety of gift cards with a balance that goes as high as $200, and at Raise, it costs a lot cheaper than the actual price.

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9. PlayStation Network (PSN)

PlayStation Gift Cards

Price: $48

For your gamer friends who’ll spend most of their lives stuck to the TV with a controller in their hands, PSN money has to be the best gift card for Christmas.

Your gamer friend can buy the brand new Red Dead Redemption-II or score some Fortnite V-bucks with that PSN gift card. This is a pretty good choice for teens and hardcore gamers too.

If you’re gifting this to bae, get ready for reduced meddling times! Get ‘em at Raise and save some dough while shopping for gift cards.

Buy Now

10. Best Buy

Best Buy Gift Cards

There’s no hiding the fact that Best Buy are pioneers when it comes to electronics. Not only do they have best deals on almost everything in the store, but their after-sales support is also one of a kind.

If the person on the receiving end of the gift is looking for a long overdue tech-upgrade, a Best Buy plastic might be the best gift card for Christmas for him/her.

The gift card should be enough for the receiver to score a few neat electronics like headphones and virtual assistants like Alexa. You’ll get the best Christmas gift card deals on Best Buy at Raise!

Buy Now

It’s December- that time of the year when love weighs more than gold. What can be a better way to express love than a gift card? After all, it’s not as impersonal as cash, and not too personal like a letter was written and smudged in blood.

Christmas doesn’t come from a store; it can come from Raise too! Get these gift cards from Raise and get insane deals!


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