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Going in Style- 8 Best Part-Time Jobs for Retirees

best part time jobs for retirees

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Inner peace begins with a smile. At the age of 65, the best way to put a smile on that face is to unwind from daily routine by opting the easy way out- Retirement. This is a time when you close your old book of monotonous, nine-to-five schedule and start afresh; a new chapter in life, where you become your own boss. But inner peace doesn’t pay your bills, and retirement isn’t easy on the pocket. The money pooled in your retirement plan won’t suffice.

Anyone would go straight-up crazy if they just sit at home, stare at the telly all day, and have nothing to do. It is very essential, for your financial well being and your sanity, that you keep your mind occupied at some place. But you’d think “What’s the point of retiring if I gotta get back to work?” We aren’t talking boring full-time jobs here; there are fun-filled part-time gigs for retirees that fetch you a great deal of money.

1. The one with Immaculate Writing Skills

If the English language is your forte, treat the writer and bibliophile inside you by cashing in your contemporary English skills. The best part is that you work on your own comfort and pass the time in the process. There’s decent money in it, too.

Job Description: Freelance writing, Proof-reading, Transcribing (audio to text)

Required Skills: Decent typing speed, listening skills, grammatical knowledge

Work with: iWriter, ProofReadAnywhere, TranscribeAnywhere

2. The one who’s Good with Numbers

If you’re good at math and love to play with numbers, earn good money by being a bookkeeper for individual entities and businesses. Being an accountant sounds like a highly respectable part-time job for retirees and the work can be done in your free time.

Job Description: Bookkeeping for individuals and entities, expense management

Required Skills: Accounting knowledge, Mathematical aptitude

Work with: Learn to be a Bookkeeper

3. The one who loves to Express his/her Opinion

When you have too much time on your hands post-retirement, anything worth spending time on sounds fun. There’s a ton of legitimate websites out there that offer real money for taking surveys for nothing more than a mere registration. One can take these surveys at their own discretion.

Job Description: Take surveys, voice your true opinion

Required Skills: If you know how to read and be rational, you’re in

Work with: Any of these

4. The one who Loves to Teach

You don’t need to be a professor in your pre-retirement life to recognize the art of teaching within you. All that’s needed is will to learn and enthusiasm. Experience is the best teacher and being a retiree means that you have almost 30 years of experience.

Job Description: Teaching the subjects of your interest to students online

Required Skills: Expertise in the given subject, lucid communication skills

Work with: VIPKID, UDEMY

5. The one with a Business Idea

Come to think of it, retirement is the best time to open up your own business. You’ve got free time on your hands, money which you’ve saved for this time, and an urge to be productive. Invest it in something you always wanted to do, be it a scuba shop in Hawaii.

Job Description: Figure out what you want to do, this one’s on you!

Required Skills: Lifelong experience, resourcefulness, a bit of business acumen and some money

Work with: Your family, friends, and the internet. The Internet is the next big thing for a business and Bluehost gives you the best platform to start your business’ website

6. The one who Loves to Stay at Home

If you’re one for homely comforts (which is quite obvious at this age) it is time to make some greens out of it. Many house-sitting jobs are open to responsible people who know how a home has to be maintained if the owner isn’t there. House-sitting sounds like a perfect part-time job for the retiree, as all you have to do is sit at someone else’s place for a fixed time and earn money.

Job Description: Take care of someone else’s place responsibly, feed their pets on time

Required Skills: Cleanliness, sense of responsibility

Work with: Housecarers.com

7. The one who Loves to Drive

You probably did your job as a taxi driver anyway while you drove your wife to Walmart, your kids to school, and the elder one to soccer practice. Now get paid to drive people around, with a flexible schedule and beautiful conversations.

Description: Drive people around from one destination to another

Minimum Requirements: Valid Driving License, an eligible 4-door vehicle

Partner with: Uber, Lyft

8. Let that 401k Blooom

Blooom gives you the simplest 401k management solutions for as little as $10 per account, irrespective of its size. They will reduce the fees you pay, optimize your allocation based on your age and risk tolerance all while providing open-ended fiduciary grade advice. So capitalize on your retirement plan, save yourself from the money problems, and think of this stage a full-time retirement plan for a part-time job as a retiree. Let that money Bloom!

In all successful ventures, the foundation of a good retirement is planning. When you plan to pick up a part-time job as a retiree, choose a work that you love and you won’t have to work another day. Don’t stress yourself, keep in mind that you took the way out because you were fed up of working yourself up. Take up a part-time job as a retiree, make some money in the process and never be bored again!

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