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10 Grants and Resources for Veterans 2019

grants for veterans

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There are many resources that help U.S. military veterans with various aspects of their lives, and rightfully so. They served our country selflessly, usually for very low pay, and were willing to put their lives on the line (and give up years of their lives) to protect the United States. They often had to leave their families to be deployed to other countries and miss out on milestones in their children’s lives and time with their spouses, which can often put a strain on family relationships. Many veterans even suffered injuries and traumas during their time of service that makes it more difficult to find jobs, housing and other things they need to have productive lives.

Despite the difficulties many veterans face in reassimilating into society because of PTSD from overseas deployments and other traumas they experience, veterans have much to offer in skills, knowledge, work ethic, and overall character. When they get the help they need, veterans can put those skills to work in civilian society and become an asset to their country there as they were during their time of service in the military.

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Here are some of the best grants and resources available to veterans in 2019.

1. HUD-VASH Vouchers

Rental assistance for homeless veterans is available through the Housing and Urban Development Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing program, which provides rent vouchers for those that need them, as long as the veteran is using services from a VA clinic or community-based outreach clinic.

2. SSVF Program

This program, Supportive Services for Veteran Families, provides grants to non-profit organizations that help low-income military families by providing services like health care, child care, housing counseling, and legal services, as well as helping with payments toward these services when needed to prevent homelessness.

3. G.I. Bill

The G.I. Bill gives education benefits to veterans once they complete their service. The Vets.gov site has information about how to determine your eligibility and access your G.I. Bill benefits. One lesser-known fact about G.I. Bill benefits is that they can sometimes be passed on to a spouse or child if the veteran does not use them.

4. Feed Our Vets

Having enough food to feed the family can be difficult when you’re dealing with injuries or other issues that make it hard to find work and make the money needed to support daily needs. This organization has provided 445,000 pounds of food to 20,000 needy veterans and their families since 2008. helping them save money on food costs during difficult times.

5. Recycled Rides

Transportation costs can make owning a vehicle difficult for veterans and make it difficult for them to get medical treatment or find employment. Recycled Rides has provided more than 200 refurbished vehicles to deserving veterans in need of reliable transportation for themselves or their families.

6. Feds Hire Vets

The federal government is one place veterans can look for employment that may use their sometimes-unique skills learned during military service. This website offers resources for all kinds of federal jobs for veterans, from park rangers to human resources specialists, as well as success stories and tips about how to navigate the federal application process.

Save money
Veterans can get access to mental health services, health care and other services they need as civilians.

7. Hire Heroes USA

Similar to the Feds Hire Vets site, this site covers various civilian opportunities, job fairs, and job search tips. Resumes and job postings are also included on the site along with success stories from veterans who have found employment through the site.

8. Veterans Opportunity Fund

Veterans who want to become entrepreneurs and have developed a business plan can get up to $3 million toward their startup costs, even if they aren’t yet making money in some cases. This can also be a way for a newer small business that is bringing in some income to grow.

9. The Bunker-Startup Incubator

This program gives grants to veterans for start-up technology including six months of free office space, networking opportunities, and access to investment capital along with mentorship during that time period. These resources can help veteran-owned businesses succeed.

10. VFW

The VFW is far more than just a local meeting hall. If you are a veteran of a foreign war, the VFW offers aid for finding jobs and gives one-time grants through the Unmet Needs program to help veterans get back on their feet. The organization also advocates for veterans’ rights and assistance programs so they get the help they need.

These programs are just a few of the many resources including grants for veterans to help them in their post-military lives and support them when they need it. There are few who would argue that veterans deserve the best possible help from our government and other organizations as they transition back into civilian life and possibly even deal with injuries and mental health challenges caused by their service to our country on behalf of all Americans.

The Veterans Affairs website can be a place to find other benefits than those listed here and to find out how to get in-person help when it is needed. It is important for veterans to make use of all the benefits they are entitled to in order to get the most out of civilian life that they possibly can.


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