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Here’s How to Make Money with Your Body – Are You Ready?

how to make money with your body

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Looking to make some extra cash on the side, but not interested in spending your precious downtime working a second job? It’s time to get creative, because there are plenty of ways to make money without going the traditional route, and one of them is by simply using what your mamma gave you.

There are a ton of ways you make some extra money with your body – the ethical and legal way. In fact, your body has a plethora of available resources that can be used to earn some money in ways you never even thought of.

Ready to find out how to make money with your body? Here are a few ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

1. Donate Your Sperm

Calling all healthy and fertile men out there. One of the many legal ways to make money with your body is by recruiting your little swimmers. If they’re still active, you could make a few extra bucks by selling your sperm to sperm banks. There are plenty of women out there who are looking to become mothers but might not have a partner in their lives to help them achieve that goal.

But you’ve got something that can make their dreams come true, and all it takes is 5 minutes and an adult magazine (if you need one). As long as you’re in relatively good health, you’re free of drugs, and you’re willing to accept the potential to have offspring roaming the country, then donating sperm is a valid way to make some money. In fact, you can expect to make as much as $1,000 per month doing this, depending on how often you care to participate.

2. Sell Your Eggs

Girls, you’re not out of the reproductive equation here. While men can donate their sperm and earn a cool dollar doing so, women can also offer up some of their own assets that are unique to you: your eggs. This is definitely a potentially controversial endeavor and might not be an option that every woman would consider. That said, this may be an ideal opportunity for those who have no problem parting ways with some of their eggs in exchange for money.

The pay is a lot more than what men get paid for their sperm, and understandably so given the fact that extracting and harvesting eggs is a much more invasive and in-depth procedure. Besides, women make far fewer eggs than men produce sperm, so it only makes sense that the former would have a bigger payout. Women can earn as much as $10,000 by giving up their eggs to help others become parents.

3. Sell Your Hair

If you’ve got good hair and it’s long enough, your next trip to the hairdresser could involve hacking a good chunk of it off to be used to make wigs and hair extensions. Just a little bit of hair could be worth $1,000 or more to those who make wigs or hair extensions, especially if your hair is healthy and strong.

This could even be considered a noble act, especially if the hair is going to be used to create wigs for cancer survivors or others who may be balding and are unable to grow thick, healthy hair. Making money while doing something good for someone else is the perfect combination.

4. Donate Your Blood

Woman and man lying down in a medical setting with blood pressure cuffs on.
Blood plasma centers will pay donors for their healthy blood plasma.

Getting paid to donate blood? But isn’t that something that people do for free? Yes, in terms of donating to the Red Cross to be used for hospitals to treat patients who need a transfusion. But there are also many blood plasma centers that will pay willing donors for their healthy blood plasma for research, and they’ll pay up to $50 a pint for it.

5. Sell Your Breast Milk

Breast milk is the healthiest thing that new mothers can feed their infant babies the second they come out of the womb, but many new mothers are unable to produce enough milk to sustain their babies. That’s where breast milk donors come into the picture. While there is always the option to go the formula route, many mons insist on giving their newborns real breast milk filled with all the colostrum and goodness that can only come from a woman’s breasts.

If you’re willing to pump some of your breast milk out and send it over to moms who would actually use it, you could stand to make anywhere between $1 to $5 per ounce. And with the amount of milk that some women are able to produce at every sitting, that can add up to some pretty decent cash.

6. Become a Surrogate Mother

This takes a lot of dedication and commitment, but the payout at the end of it can be astronomical. If you’re a woman who is physically able to carry a baby and emotionally prepared to part with it, then becoming a surrogate mom can come with a pay of as much as $53,000.

The baby won’t actually be biologically yours. Instead, being a surrogate basically means “loaning” out your uterus to carry the baby for 9 months and give birth to it. The eggs and sperm of the couple who need your services will be inserted into your reproductive system.

Just keep in mind that the process is a lot longer than the actual 9 months of pregnancy. The screening process beforehand can last a few months as you will be evaluated for physical and psychological health. You’ll also be subject to a criminal background check, financial check, and occasional home visits.

There’s more: Ideally, you should also have a history of at least one healthy pregnancy to prove that you’re actually able to see this through right to the end without any complications. Your past pregnancy history should not include any miscarriages or other complications.

7. Be a Human Guinea Pig For Clinical Trials

Clinical trials depend on the participation of healthy people to test out medical or pharmaceutical products before making the products available for public sale and consumption. Whether it’s to test a new drug or vaccine, you can make as much as $6,500 per trial, depending on the risk factors involved, how long the trial will last, and whether you will need to remain on site until the trial is complete.

Of course, there are health and safety risks associated with these types of trials. That’s why you should always read the fine print before you agree to be poked and prodded in the name of science. Because there are associated risks, the payouts are usually substantial.

10. Be Part of a Sleep Study

Man lying down on a couch with headphones on sleeping.
Sleep studies may require participants to sleep in unusual positions.

If taking unknown medications sounds a bit too risky for your liking, then perhaps other types of studies that don’t involve being injected with drugs might be more up your alley. Sleep studies can pay up to $10,000 each, depending on the length of the study.

It should be noted that these sleep studies won’t usually involve sleeping on a comfy mattress with 800 thread-count sheets, soft pillows, and a bedtime story before it’s lights out. Instead, the sleep might be a bit uncomfortable and involve being isolated for a certain amount of time, maintaining a strange position, and being continuously peered in on throughout your sleep. But if you can put up with that, you can have an extra few thousand bucks in your pocket when it’s done.

11. Participate in a Psychological Study

Another way to participate in a study without ingesting something potentially hazardous is to be a part of a psychological study. These studies involve assessing human behavior and using the findings to advance therapeutic methods to treat psychological issues and to know more about how the human mind works. To find a study, your best bet is to look at universities that are always conducting a study in various fields. You can make about $40 an hour being part of these studies.

Final Thoughts

If you were wondering how to make money with your body without crossing any legal or moral boundaries, you’ve now got more than enough ideas to get you started. While you won’t necessarily be making a full-time income doing any of the above-mentioned things, you can definitely supplement your current income quite nicely to help you cover many of life’s expenses.

Whatever your motivations may be, there are tons of legal ways to make money with your body.


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