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Hey Couch Potatoes: You Can Make Money Without Getting Up

Online surveys for money

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How can you find best-paid survey sites?

A Google search for “online surveys” yields 4.48 million results, so going through this massive list looking for the most lucrative sites is not an option.

Although lots of online sites conduct surveys, many of them do not pay those who take part, and those are the ones you want to avoid. Of those that pay, most generally use one of three types of compensation

1. Cash — Sites that pay in cash are few and far between. Some will pay immediately into your PayPal (remember this convenient system’s 3 percent take). But most that claim to pay cash actually award points for taking surveys, and when you amass enough points, you can redeem them for cash. Payment is usually in the form of a gift card. Taking an online survey can pay 50 cents, $1, or sometimes more, so companies may require you to earn a minimum amount — say $10 — before making payment.

2. Products — Some online survey companies award gift certificates for products in exchange for points. Among the items, you can earn points for health and beauty products, nutritional supplements, baby items, gasoline, household products and more. The reward system is similar — amass a certain number of points and then exchange them for a voucher for the product of your choice. While this isn’t the same as cash, it can still be considered valuable, because it helps you save on products you otherwise would have had to pay for yourself.

3. Drawings/lotteries — Consumers find sites that reward survey participants by entering their name in a drawing for a free product to be the least desirable. You’re guaranteed nothing for your time; you merely have a chance at receiving compensation. It’s impossible to guess at the odds of winning a drawing like this since no one can tell how many people will take the survey. It’s a little like pulling the handle on a slot machine, but you pay for your chance with your time instead of money.

Anyone who participates in taking online surveys for money must decide whether it is worthy of their time. Certainly, no one will ever get rich doing it, but taking online surveys for 50 cents a pop can be worth it if you’re just sitting around anyway. Think of all the time you spend playing Candy Crush or other games on your phone, and you don’t earn anything!

Online surveys for money
Turn ‘waiting time’ at a profitable time.

If you sign up for a couple of paid survey sites, you can complete a few whenever you’re waiting:

  • In line at the grocery store or bank
  • For a bus or train
  • In a restaurant for a friend or family member
  • Customers at work
  • In an airport security line
  • During commercial breaks when you’re watching TV
  • In line at the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Your turn at the doctor or dentist
  • For a boring class to end

Instead of feeling annoyed because you’re wasting time whenever you have to wait, you’ll be happy because you’ll be earning money — even if it isn’t that much.

What are some of the best paid online survey sites?

1. Swagbucks:

Earn points every time you search the web through Swagbucks. You can download a Swagbucks tool or use their website. You can also get points for filling out surveys, watching videos, taking polls, shopping and more.

2. Pinecone Research:

Earn points by taking surveys sent directly to your inbox and exchange them for cash or prizes. Pinecone targets particular consumers for its online surveys rather than focusing on aggregating a certain number of responses. Therefore, you can’t take an unlimited number of surveys.

3. Ipsos i-Say:

Take online surveys to earn points that can be traded for a wide variety of products. Invitations to take surveys are sent to your inbox, but you can log onto the site at any time and search for open surveys that you are eligible to take.

4. Survey Junkie:

Survey Junkie connects brands with their target audiences. Certain surveys are reserved for certain geographical locations/demographics, The sites neat dashboard, well-structured surveys, and fair reward system gives it an edge over other. 1000 points are equivalent to $10 and you can redeem it through Paypal or e-gifts.

5. Opinion Outpost:

The market research surveys of Opinion Outpost are directed to inform the corporations/merchants about the users’ experience with their products and services at the ground level. There are various ways to redeem points; via PayPal, MileagePlus miles, Alawar games, iTunes and even Amazon points. You can also trade in points for donations to the American Red Cross.

It’s important to keep in mind when taking online surveys for money that this field is rife with scam artists. When joining an online survey site and filling out membership forms, never give out your:

  • Social Security number
  • Credit card number
  • Bank account number
  • Personal identification number

If you’re ever in doubt about whether an online survey site is legitimate, read reviews, or check surveypolice or surveyessay. The surveypolice site has also compiled a list of the best-rated U.S. online survey sites.

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