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How to Clean up the Mess once Polar Vortex finally melts down

polar vortex

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You know the Chill just got real when you can’t feel your legs, shoulders, knees and toes.

We just witnessed behemoth of a Polar Vortex and the US of A can’t get enough heat to warm itself up. No snuggles are enough and no firewood too coaxing. After weeks of ice-bent torment and hellish chilly torture, it finally looks like settling down.

Ice froze dozens of people to death. Schools, colleges and offices were closed shut. Cars were wrecked and houses were in a ramshackle. The Polar Vortex of 2019 shook North America with harsh iciness and dropping mercury.

But for every snow-cloud, there is a thawed silver lining. Finally, it’s getting better. The temperatures are rising and its blooming relief for citizens who just had too much of snow for a year (or a decade).  The rising mercury is good news… and bad.

In a simpleton’s knowledge, the scaling temperature spells much-needed relief for people. But in real life, the rising heat smells of danger. The polar vortex has already shaken things and people to the core and its aftermath might make things worse.

For instance, Minnesota was on a record low of -48c a week ago, but now it’s just south of 0c. This colossal shift in temperature will trigger floods, thawed pipes, slippery roads, and lots of dirty water.

In short, the damage is too much to be fixed in days (or weeks for that matter).

If you just witnessed the polar vortex and can finally breathe that chilly air burning through lungs a little less, it’s time to get to work. Put your gloves on and get ready for a chilled out DIY checkup.

We are going to walk you through the process and fix all of it. And by all of it we mean:

  • Your House
  • Your Car

It’s about damn time to pick up the shovel and get your life back on track. Now that the Polar Vortex has passed away, here is what you got to do to kill the hangover. Pour yourself a glass of ice and bite into it!

My Place feels like a decayed Chest Freezer. What do I do?

Now that the polar vortex is dying out, it is time to run an all-round scan at our very own place. We are talking about an all-pervasive background check—bathrooms, sewage pipes, clogged sinks, and of course, leaks.

The major problem after polar vortex is the leakage. And if you have wooden floors, get ready for an intense salsa session with your floor cleaning equipment.

If you wake up one morning after the storm and your place smells like something it shouldn’t smell like, you know you got to check ‘er up. Here is how you inspect your place after the polar vortex.

1. Let’s start with Pipes

When it comes to pipes, there is a good chance that some of them couldn’t bear the cold and hence a leak occurred. Make that much-awaited visit to the Attic and the Basement and look for faults. If you feel the water pressure dropping, call a plumber ASAP.

Plastic pipes often get thawed when it’s really cold, let alone the polar vortex. Get the pipes changed if necessary, even in case of a minor leak. It keeps piling up and if you stall it, the problem is only going to grow.

2. On to the Windows

You followed the warning on TV when they said: “Shut all the windows” (well, we hope you did). They’ve been shut for a while now and it’s time to crack ‘em open. Head outside, shovel out snow off the windowsill and let the fresh air come in.

When the ice starts melting, your snow-place would start smelling bad, like real bad. It is very essential that you pop ‘em so that it dries up faster than usual. Bear with the cold for a while, or you’d have to bear the stench for a long time ahead.

3. And Finally, the outside

If you’ve got a lawn, you must’ve been worried about your plant-buddies more than ever during the polar vortex. Sorry to break your ice-bubble, but there’s a good chance that they are dead already.

But don’t feel sad, now’s the time to rejuvenate your lawn by covering it with Mulch. This won’t guarantee instant recovery, but you can get down to it as soon as possible so that the process begins.

Once you’ve cleared your porch of debris and threw all that stuff which might cause a fungi outbreak, let nature play its tricks. The sun should do its bit and dry it all up in sometime.

“How much would that be?”

Once you are done with home repairs and handyman’s hands you the bill, you feel chills go down your spine. That cold air indicates that you are going to lose money.

But on a second thought, you’ll realize that your home insurance has it covered. That’s what a homeowner’s insurance does—it compensates the insurer for any damage to the property.

Thankfully, a phenomenon like Polar Vortex is covered under homeowner’s insurance. So gather all those house repair bills and submit them to your insurer, you shall be compensated.

If you are residing in North America, you got to brace yourself for the next polar vortex both financially and mentally. Plan your repairs for the long term and remember all counter-active measures to tackle it.

As for the financial part, we hope you have home insurance. It is utmost crucial to have home insurance for your humble abode; it’d save you big money on repairs.

If you are looking for some of the best home insurance plans, check out these three. You won’t be disappointed. Giddy up for next year before the snow hits the fan!


The name sounds so refreshing—even in the winters! Lemonade is literally the best homeowner’s insurance. Starting at just $25 a month, this insurance plan would be more than happy to cover your south in the next winter.

Lemonade offers both homeowner’s and renter’s insurance plans. But when it comes to a catastrophe like the Polar Vortex, homeowner insurance is the better bet to cover all the expenses. Get yourself a quote from lemonade right away!

Polar Vortex Insurance w/ pinch of Lemonade>>

National Home Quotes

If you are in the mood to shop for home insurance by considering all available options, then National Home Quotes can do it for you. All you got to do is give out your zip code and select the kind of insurance you want.

Tick on ‘own’ when it asks which type of insurance you prefer. A homeowner’s insurance covers polar vortex, and that’s what we are gearing for the next season. After that, shop through given insurance quotes and take your pick.

Happy House (insurance) Hunting>>

My Car feels like White Walkers Den. What do I do?

You can stuff everything inside four walls—be it your furniture, pets, small plants too for that matter. But the only way your car is getting inside your place is if you have a garage.

A good chunk of Americans park their cars out in the open, which spells destruction for their rides. Anything can happen—snow-covered cars, a branch falling on the windshield, ice flakes denting the roof, winter is unpredictable.

Now with rising mercury and low Polar Vortex intensity, it’s time to check your ride. You left her ice-olated outside, now give her some heat. Here is what you need to look for while checking your car amidst Polar Vortex aftermath.

1. Clean the Snow

If you’ve left your car outside for even one fraction of a day, it would definitely be covered in snow. You might not be able to get it all off, but you’ll surely have to try and brush out all places the hand can reach.

2. Replace Wiper Blades

Your wiper blades tried their level best to shake off all that snow, hail, ice and what not. They were destined to be bruised and battered. Now is the time to change them for a new set of wipers.

Keep the damaged wipers on, your windshield will lose the ‘clean-status’ which is a bigger problem. Once the snow-season is finally done with, switch your wipers ASAP.

3. Natural Defrost

The Polar Vortex aftermath brings with it a record high temperature. We know that frosty windows might not go away that easy till its late March, but the Sun God might do you a favor.

Leave your car parked outside during the time when the sun’s out (especially in the noon). It should work wonders. Make sure that you park it in shade in the night otherwise all efforts shall go to waste!

4. Fire it up!

Don’t take those Jumper Cables out of the trunk yet—keep them handy in case of sudden temp-drop. Your car should work fine as the mercury is rising up, but in case of any complication, keep the mechanic’s contact number handy.

“How much would that be?”

We hope that your auto insurance covers both comprehensive damage and collision damage. It won’t cost you a single dime if you have auto insurance that guards both these fronts.

If ice-shavings fall and break the windshield, cheers to comprehensive coverage. And if your card skids off the curb and collides, drink to collision coverage.

We hope your auto-insurance covers both these fronts, because if it doesn’t, you can shop for auto insurance at one of these places before next winter comes:


If car insurance could be served hot on a plate, it would be served through this app called Root Insurance Company. All you got to do is download the Root App and test-drive your own vehicle.

Once you download Root’s app to your phone, you could be on your way to getting the best car insurance rates ever. Root gives you a rate based primarily on how your drive, so if you’re a good driver, you can save up to 52% on car insurance.. Save yourself the stress, it’s too cold to think anyway. Let Root do the thinking for you!

The Root of all Car Solutions>>


No matter how old or new your car is, protecting it is of utmost importance. You can drive carefully, watch out for rash drivers and try your level best to keep it steady. But you can’t save the world, and accidents happen.

You should ensure yourself and brace yourself for a bumpy ride. Get yourself an auto insurance quote from Clearcover and no matter what strikes you—hail, storm, vortex, snow, anything, your wallet won’t have to cover the damage.

Insure your Ride in minutes>>

Gabi—Car Insurance ft. Home Insurance

If you feel that it’s too much to shop for car insurance and home insurance at different places, get ready for this game-changer. We’ve got an insurance bien informé called Gabi.

This insurance knows it all is going to walk you and your house and your car through the summers, winters, vortexes and tornadoes. Gabi looks for the best home and car insurance quotes for you with which you save more and the coverage is sufficient to cover big expenses like the Polar Vortex damage.

Don’t stress yourself over looking for insurance at different places—give Gabi a visit and put an end to the insurance problem in minutes by insuring your car and house at the same place. Because less the hassle, more the savings.

One-Stop Insurance Solution>>

Now that Polar Vortex has passed the North US of A, it is time to pick up the pieces. Get your life back on track, fix up your place, clean your car and make sure both of them are insured for times and vortexes to come.

Life is sugar and spice, but it doesn’t gel well with ice. Melt your troubles away and coax your money by insuring your assets!


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