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Free Money: Blessing in Disguise or the Forbidden Fruit?

how to get free money

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Five hundred years ago, if someone asked you the question “How to get free money”, Captain Jack Sparrow would’ve sprung up along with Indiana Jones.

They both would’ve pitched their ideas, one convincing you to sail along and conquer the lost treasure before bad guys get it. Mr. Jones, however, would persuade you to go for the Crystal Skull and magical powers it holds within.

 Ah, those were the good days.

how to get free money

Cut to present now. If someone asks you “How to get free money”, you would be forced to ponder over the thought- Is it really possible to get free money, or it’s an unreal mirage that you wish for?

My inner Sherlock got to work, and the discovery I made shook me to the core (Well, I wrote this bit on a plane and there was turbulence). Yes- if you know how to get free money, you can very much earn your keep.

No, we aren’t sending you on a voyage to Neverland; you don’t have to go to Peru in search of the Crystal Skull either. If you’re determined to learn how to get free money, give these 10 ways a shot.

You might need to download an app, fill surveys, and scoot a little- all to earn free money.

Here are 10 ways to get free money in a matter of few minutes, because free is fun!

1. Scoot a Little, Get a Roomie!

If you want to learn how to make free money, you need to learn how to make sacrifices. No, we won’t ask you to sell your kidney to earn free money. But you’d scoot your stuff a little and free up the guest room, eh?

Through Airbnb, earn $100 a day for free, just to let someone crash in your spare room! Be an Airbnb host, just download the app and list your spare room online. After that, brace yourself; Your “how to get free money” expedition has just begun!

2. Collect Pinecones for Money!

You’re on your phone most of the time, why don’t we teach you how to get free money while you’re at it? Pinecone Research pays you easy $18 every hour to fill out surveys. Voice your opinion and earn big.

When it comes to how much free money you can get through surveys, Sky is the limit.

Another website called Ipsos pays $5 an hour to fill out surveys which would be of great help to big brands. It’s a great platform to be an opinion leader too.

3. Earn your Free Money with Swagger

If you think the question “how to get free money” would involve a magic spell, you’re kind of right. In this case too, your fingers cast the magic spell.

Say ‘Swagbucks and poof! You just downloaded an app that earns you ‘SB’ for filling out surveys, watching YouTube videos, and opening emails. Earn 2500 SBs and you’re eligible for a free $5 bonus. The rewards get better with time!

4. Invest your Spare Change

Don’t you just hate it when those shiny nickels clink in your pocket and make you a pound heavier? Gosh, that spare change box is full now, and the money’s just sitting there. Why don’t we put it to use?

The question is how to get free money from that spare change box? Answer- Invest it all! Acorns is a spare-change investor app that rounds off your purchase to the nearest dollar and invests digital change in profitable portfolios.

Acorns would just charge you a dollar a month until your balance reaches a million dollars. You’ll be there soon if you invest your change!

5. Sign up and Earn $10 for Free!

Grocery shopping sucks the life out of your wallet, and after learning how to get free money from here, you’ll probably spend it on daily errands. Apart from offering the usual cashback, Ebates has this lucrative offer that you’re unaware of.

Ebates takes a huge load off your chest and gives you a $10 gift card for free when you sign up. Just make a $25 purchase through the website and you are eligible for a $10 gift card from Ebates when you check out. Try it out, it’s free!

6. If it isn’t Worth the Price, Get a Refund!

We’ve all been victims of impulse buys, and we wish we could get some money of that money back. Well now you can, if you haven’t deleted your emails.

Paribus is your helper that can get your money back from online purchases. Now you know how to get free money with this small tool! All you have to do sign up and Paribus will scan your email for receipts.

If any of the items on those receipts get a price drop in the future, Paribus refunds you the excess amount. Also, if your shipment didn’t arrive on the given delivery date, Paribus makes sure that you get compensated for it.

7. How to get Free Money? Drop a Text!

What if we tell you that to get free money, all you have to do is text this Penguin? Yes, read it again. Charlie is your personal assistant that handles all your finances.

All you need to do is text Charlie and let it do its job! Charlie tells you how to get free money by notifying you about best deals at the moment.

This cute virtual penguin just needs a text from you (SMS or facebook messenger) and it gets to work instantly. Accomplish your financial goals with Charlie!

8. Clean your Room, Find Free Money

Sometimes the answer to the question ‘how to get free money’ is hidden in our own room. Check out your closets and you might find a dollar bill or two, spare change, monopoly money etc. But true gold lies in your old tech-junk.

Have an old laptop you no longer use? Old gaming consoles that you don’t use because you’re too busy on your current-gen gaming rig? Sell them off! Swappa is this awesome online marketplace where you can sell electronics.

Upload your products on Swappa and buyers will contact you almost instantly. You aren’t using those things anyway, why not sell them off? Free money is waiting for you!

9. There’s free money in your Camera Roll

Come to think of it, your camera roll has some extravagant pictures that you took to unleash your inner shutterbug; the ones which make you feel “Damn son, I should be a photographer!” Well, now’s the time to be one.

You can sell pictures from your camera roll on websites like Shutterstock. Maybe the pictures you took can be a superhit. If they are, you can earn $10 per picture; who knows?

If you’re the one for minimalist photography, you can sell pictures on SmugMug where they print your pictures on posters and printables. They sell like hotcakes!

10. As for Unclaimed Money, their Loss is your Gain

What if we tell you that the Government has a whole treasury where there’s unclaimed money just lying around? This isn’t even the best part- they want people to own up and take the unclaimed money.

The Government is telling you how to get free money, who are we to refute the statement? All you have to do is click here, select your state, and check if there’s any unclaimed money you can lay hands on.

If the best things in life are free, then why money should take the backseat? We’ve shown you how to get free money. The map to treasure is right here, are you all set to sail, Captain?


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