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How and Where You Can Make $200 Testing Websites

get paid to test websites

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Do you find yourself spending lots of time online, checking random social media sites or just playing around mindlessly? If you’re like me, then the answer is probably yes.

From being in debt to starting my own business, I’ve had many moments in my life where some extra cash on hand goes a long way. Every time I would see a scam ad promising that I could make thousands of dollars online I found myself wishing it to be true, which sent me looking for ways that I could make money in my spare time legitimately. That’s when I found out that it was possible to get paid to test websites, and in only a short time, I was earning around $200 each month.

Just think about it, there are billions of websites online, each trying to gain the attention of someone like you. And how do those successful sites make this happen? By relying on human testers to give feedback on their experience – and paying them for it.

All I needed was an internet connection, my computer’s microphone, and anywhere from five to thirty minutes to earn around $10 or more.

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Make money
With just a computer and a microphone, you can make money online.

If you’re ready to turn time into money, follow this guide and you could earn the same $200 a month just by giving your feedback to websites.

Find The Right Website Testing Companies

The easiest way to get paid to test websites is to work with a number of different companies that are responsible for testing sites from various industries. Most companies pay between $5 and $15 for assignments, so even if you only completed one task every day, you’d end up with the same $200 each month as I did. Plus, you’ll have more opportunities to make money in the way you like, and you won’t have to worry about dealing with individual site owners one at a time.

The top five best-reviewed website testing companies include:

1. UserTesting

Getting started with UserTesting is easy; you’ll need to provide your information, take a test, and have a PayPal account. Expect to earn $10 for each assignment, which will require you to visit a website and answer some questions or perform tasks, sharing your thoughts out loud. Each assignment video takes around 20 minutes to complete.

2. Enroll

You have options to choose to test sites on your desktop computer or mobile devices when you sign up with Enroll. You’ll be notified when an assignment is available, and because the jobs available at Enroll vary in length, you may be able to find some that will take you less than a minute to complete. You’ll also need an active PayPal account to be paid.

3. UserFeel

UserFeel will pay you $10 for 10-20 minute assignments asking for your feedback on different websites. As with other companies, you’ll need to apply by taking a sample test, and you’ll get notifications when jobs are ready for you if you are approved. You’ll get paid through PayPal or Payoneer, and payment is issued each week.

4. StartUpLift

Startups are the gem for website testers, as they are eager to find out that their site works before and after launching. At StartUpLift, you’ll be asked to complete tasks for new companies about their sites, and will write up a summary of your experience, earning $5 for each assignment you complete. Payment is handled through PayPal and made weekly.

5. TryMyUI

At TryMyUI, you can expect to earn $10 for tasks, which often only take less than 20 minutes to complete. You will need to take a test to show that you understand the process, and then you’ll receive open assignments through email. You’ll be paid biweekly through PayPal.

Make money
When you apply to test websites for pay, you’ll need to complete a practice test.

Applying To Be A Paid Website Tester

Most companies will require you to take a sample or practice test before you can become a paid tester. While these are typically simple and less about knowledge than they are about your ability to follow instructions and navigate a website correctly, you’ll still need to pass for consideration. Many sites offer practice tests so you can get a feel for what will be asked on the actual test.

Most tests will be formatted in the same way you’ll complete jobs for a given company. You might be asked to go through a full website review, using your microphone to record your steps, or a video may capture your screen movements and the way that you navigate the site. However, your test will need to be reviewed, so if you are applying to one of the top website testing companies, you may have to wait a week or two before you get your results.

It’s good to be prepared for different processes at different companies so make sure you have at least the basic requirements:

  • Internet connection
  • Microphone
  • Webcam
  • PayPal (for payments)

Testing Websites For Cash: How It Works

Once you’re accepted by a company, you’ll begin to receive job opportunities either via email or displayed on that company’s site. Each job will ask you to assume a role in a scenario so that companies can see how their website performs in the eyes of their ideal user.

For example, if you are assigned an online clothing store’s website, you may be asked to assume the role of a shopper looking for a specific item, let’s say a robe. The company will want to know how someone shopping for a robe will find what they are looking for, so they’ll monitor what you click on to get to your robe choice. You may have to read through reviews or complete other micro-tasks, but ultimately you’ll simulate the check-out process, showing that company how their user will get from start to finish.

Testing companies often need their testers to:

  • Speak slowly and clearly using their computer’s microphone
  • Highlight areas of confusion
  • Note which elements draw attention and which don’t
  • Suggest fixes or solutions that could help with completing the task
  • Answer questions in writing, when applicable

    Make money
    Give yourself a work schedule to maximize your availability for open jobs.

You will never need to pay for a product or complete checkout with a legitimate website testing company.

How To Organize Your Time When Testing Websites For Pay

The great thing about testing websites is that you are doing short-term jobs whenever you can. You don’t need to spend all day sitting at a computer, but you can also fill in times when you’re less busy with additional work.

However, I found that it’s crucial to organize your time when testing out websites for pay, especially if you have an earnings goal in mind for the month. If you’re aiming for $200, then you need to complete at least 20 jobs each month. But here’s an inside tip: you probably won’t find 20 assignments available in one day, so you can’t leave all of your website testing until the end of the month while still hoping to make money.

Instead, make yourself a rough schedule starting at the beginning of the month for when you will have time available to complete assignments. I found an extra hour each morning and another in the evening that I could dedicate to testing websites for money, and took whatever jobs were available to complete at those times. In fact, I was even able to take most weekends off from testing because I had such a consistent schedule during the week.

One more tip when organizing your time to test websites is to find a quiet time when you won’t be distracted. Assignments are short, so you won’t want to get called away in the middle of one. Also, many testing sites require you to use your computer’s microphone or even video functions, so screaming children or a loud TV will inhibit your ability to complete the task adequately.

Maintaining Professionalism As A Website Tester

You may be testing sites in your underwear, but that doesn’t mean your product can be sloppy. Your work is often scored or rated, and the higher you score, the more likely you’ll have access to better-paying jobs and consistent work. As with any work, the more reliable and professional you are, the more opportunities you’ll find.

If you are asked to write something up about your experiences, give it your complete attention. Don’t submit work with typos or spelling errors, and read through anything you write a couple of times before you submit.

If your testing company uses microphone recording to gauge your feedback, always speak clearly and slowly and try to avoid using too much casual language. You don’t need to have a background in website development to be a website tester, but the more you understand different elements of sites and pages, the more helpful your feedback will be. Turn off your phone, so there are no surprise rings or buzzes during your session.

Need-to-Know Information For Paid Website Testers

You can find some added financial security when you get paid to test websites, but there are also some things to be aware of:

  1. You don’t need to use your real name and address on tests if you are not comfortable doing so.
  2. Only take jobs in the language that you speak fluently.
  3. You won’t be paid for most sample tests.
  4. You may have to answer questions that verify you’re the right fit for a particular assignment before beginning, and may not qualify.
  5. Answer all questions truthfully or you’ll be messing up the company’s data collection and may not qualify for future work.
  6. Your assignments aren’t about how fast you can get through a website or flattering the developers – the more constructive criticism and feedback you can provide, the better.

If your goal is to make money online, then being a website tester can help. Be sure that you are only working with legitimate testing companies and remember, you won’t be able to turn testing into a full-time job. However, with some savvy scheduling, regular attention, and a little patience, you can earn $200 a month just providing your experience on websites.


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