How to Make Money Online

Make money online

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When you are looking for ways to make extra money or to earn income while taking care of children at home, it makes sense to see what opportunities are available online. There are a variety of ways to make money online, but, you also have to be careful to avoid scams.

Want some good ideas and some advice about how to avoid scams as well? Keep reading…

There are lots of opportunities online to make small amounts of extra cash. If you just want a little money to have a fun night out once in a while or to cover minor expenses, online opportunities can be a helpful solution.


With a free Swagbucks account, you can earn points to use toward gift cards by watching videos, doing surveys, making purchases online, and doing online searches through the site’s search engine. Spending maybe half an hour each day, you can probably redeem at least a $25 gift card each month that you can use toward a dinner out, shopping on Amazon or hundreds of other online or in-store retailers, or saving up for high-spending times like Christmas shopping or vacationing.

Inbox Dollars is similar site many people use to make money in the same way as Swagbucks; it’s really just a matter of preference when choosing which site you use.


If you order a lot of products online, why not make some money from your habit? Ebates gives you a percentage of cash back from online purchases, typically at least 6 percent. While you won’t make a lot of money unless you spend way more than you probably should online, it doesn’t make sense not to get back what you can.

An alternative to Ebates is Ibotta, which gives rebates on particular items purchased, rather than a percentage of your entire purchase. Both of these sites can be used simultaneously for even more money back.

Survey Sites

There are many sites online that pay users to take surveys. Steer clear of any sites that ask you to pay money to join or upgrade your membership–these are likely to be scams. Payment of up to $5 for a survey that takes about 15 minutes to complete is possible, but before you start counting on making $20 per hour doing surveys, keep in mind that the number of surveys available is often limited and that you will spend some time finding and selecting the surveys you complete, which will bring down your hourly rate.

Doing Gigs

Amazon Turk and Fiverr are two of the main sites that pay users to complete tasks called “gigs” that other users have ordered or requested. The possibilities are wide open here, from writing gigs to research, web design or graphic design, and many others. While some of the tasks offer low pay, others can earn users $10 an hour or more depending on how fast you can work.

Make money online
Your computer can help make you money if you take some time to build an online business.

Make Money By Investing Some Time

You will usually have to invest significant time and effort to make a steady income online.  The opportunities vary but you should expect to dedicate hours equivalent to what a part-time or full-time job might require.


The field of blogging is beginning to be crowded, but there is still an audience for unique voices who blog on interesting topics. It will likely take months or even years to build an audience large enough to monetize the blog with ads and affiliate links that generate a return on your investment.  However, if your blog does really catch on, it can become a significant source of income and even require you to hire staff to help you run things.

Freelance Writing

Many websites seek freelance writers to complete jobs for clients, and those with solid writing skills should be able to make at least $20 per hour writing within a few months. It will be more challenging to find work without good training and at least a little experience. That said, it’s a good idea to spend some time polishing your craft and sorting out basic grammatical rules in order to garner the respect of editors and get them to throw some work your way.

Writing and selling eBooks is another way to make money writing. The key is coming up with topics that have a high level of interest and creating a quality website from which to sell the eBooks.

eBay, Amazon, and Facebook

If you just want to sell off your old CDs and DVDs and other stuff you have around the house, you can make a few extra bucks a month doing so without much effort. But if you want to build a business that can evolve into a way to make significant money at home you might want to consider selling stuff on eBay, Amazon, or even on Facebook.

To sell on eBay and Amazon, you need to make an account, figure out what you want to sell, and form a strategy for how to get the number of sales you need to be profitable. You can sell things you make, things you buy wholesale, or things you buy from others at garage sales, thrift stores, or even on clearance at regular stores. Doing your research is key to ensure that there is a market for what you want to sell and that your items are priced right.

Facebook has a number of group pages dedicated to selling items. Some of these pages are sort of like garage sale pages while others are dedicated to selling specific items. These groups can supplement eBay selling or in some cases, generate big enough sales on their own to become the main source of income. Just be sure to meet in public locations if you decide to do local meet-ups to deliver items.

Website creation

If you have web design skills, you will have no shortage of clients who will hire you to build them a website for their business. There is no need to work in an office every day when you can work from home wearing comfortable clothes or be at home with your kids while earning money.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants help business people do the tasks they can’t do or don’t have time to do. This can include a variety of things such as writing letters, making and answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, and completing paperwork. All this can be done from home instead of in an office, and virtual assistants can make as much as $15-20 per hour or even more in some cases. This is cost-effective for businesses they don’t need to pay for office space, break rooms, and many other trappings of office life.

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