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Wondering How to Make Money with Uber? Wonder No More!

how to make money with uber

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Relying on one paycheck is no longer cutting it for most Americans. As the economy changes and responsibilities pile up, so has the need to make some bucks on the side increased.

And it is not only about making money on the side. The need to have flexible working hours and freedom of choice when it comes to the jobs that one does has made many people switch to full-time freelancing.

It is no secret that most of us are craving for some sort of freedom when it comes to jobs. Be it as a freelancer or full-time employee. Thanks to inventions and technology, there are numerous ways to do this.

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One of them is driving with Uber. We have moved to the era where people call up for rides at the comfort of their homes, offices or wherever they are by just tapping on Apps.

Driving with Uber has been around for quite a while now, since 2009 actually, and has grown tremendously. With it, it has brought the comfort of being driven to one’s destination in comfort and whatever time of the day.

It has also brought the potential of financial stability and freedom of flexible hours for those partnering with them as drivers.

And why can’t you jump at the opportunity of making money with Uber? If you meet their requirements, then this might be an opportunity for you to earn some extra money when you are not working.

If you are currently unemployed and are looking for a job, maybe consider partnering with Uber in the meantime if you meet their requirement. It is 2019, and we are past the days when our choices of earning a living were limited.

By partnering with Uber, you get to be your own boss, drive when you choose to, as well as being the master of your payday.

There are, of course, some requirements that you have to meet for you to partner with Uber. The requirements might not be exact for all cities and might also vary depending on which Uber service you want to partner with.

However, there are some pretty solid ones for all drivers wishing to partner with Uber as driver-partners. Without further ado, ladies, and gentlemen, here are some of the minimum requirements.

Driver requirements for partnering with Uber

1. Have a valid U.S. driving license.

2.  Be 21 years and above

3. Have at least 1 year of driving experience in the U.S. (not just any driving experience but licensed driving experience). If you are below 23 years of age, your licensed driving experience has to be 3 years.

4. Have an eligible four-door vehicle. Vehicle requirements vary from one city to the other and are changed once in a while. So, be sure to check from their website the vehicle requirements for your city before signing up.

Required documentation

1. Valid insurance for the vehicle you will be using.

2. Provide proof of residence in the city or state that you reside in.

3. A valid driver’s license.

4. A profile picture. This has to be a photo of you and only you. Additionally, it has to be a centered photo, forward facing, showing your top face and shoulders. We understand wanting to look cool for your profile picture but, please, put your sunglasses aside for this one.

Once you have all the documentation and are sure you meet the minimum requirements, your next step is signing up. The signing up process is pretty much straightforward.

Click on this link, fill in your name, first and last name, your location, email address, phone number, and your password. If you have been invited by someone, fill in the invite code – it is optional by the way.

Are you 100% sure of the information that you have provided? If yes, then press submit.

The next process is all about screening. It is all online so you can do it whenever you are in a comfortable place. To partner with Uber as a driver, you must pass their screening stage.

It could include your background check for information about your driving record.  you pass the driver background check process and complete the activation process, you just need to download the App, open it, and tap Go.

You will be matched with a rider that is close to you. To accept the request, just swipe and you are good to go.

What are the perks?

From personalized services to 24/7 customer care service and many more, Uber offers the drivers partnering with them perks. One of the perks is often special discounts from companies Uber may partner with that can be on or off the road.

These discounts vary from time to time and from one city to the other. With the perks, as a driver, you get the chance to reduce your costs and keep more of your revenue.

There is also a professional enrichment perk in select markets that gives you a chance to learn foreign a language and take business courses.

And since you are using your phone as a driver, that means your phone bill may be high due to making numerous calls and using the internet.

Uber partners with companies that offer their partnering drivers phone plans that help them save on their phone bills. If you qualify, this plan can be extended to your immediate family.

To learn more about the perks, here is the link.

Safety measures

There was a time when one of the warnings you got from your loved ones when going somewhere was not to get into any cars with strangers- especially offered rides, not the public means of transport.

Or offering rides to strangers. It is kind of laughable now when you sit back and consider how we are often riding from one point to the other with strangers, thanks to Apps like Uber.

But, because safety is a priority, Uber has put forth safety measures. For starters, their in-app features can connect you to Uber’s team, your loved ones, and emergency authorities.

That way, in case of any emergencies, you have people to reach out to instantly.

One of the security features is the GPS tracking feature. It tracks all the movements when on the trip- from the start of the trip to when you end it. Additionally, you can share your trip with loved ones, in case you want them to know your exact location.

They also have an in-app emergency assistance button for emergencies. When in need of assistance from the authorities, you can use it to share your trip details and location for help.

With their 2-way rating system, meaning you and your riders can rate each other, ensures that low-rated users are on Uber’s radar. Users with low-ratings might be removed from Uber’s community.

What about the earnings?

There are various ways of earning when you drive with Uber. Every week, your earnings are automatically deposited. You can set up direct deposit for payment purposes or register for Instant Pay.

With instant pay, you are able to cash out your earning up to 5-times in a day. If you offer great services, you might get lucky and get a tip, which increases your earnings.

Referrals could also earn you some dollars. How does this work? Well, if there is someone in your circle that wants to partner with Uber as a driver-partner, refer them.

If they meet all of the required terms and conditions, often including having to become active and complete a certain number of trips, then you could be eligible to receive your referral earnings.

It is important to note that the referral payouts will vary with the cities.

Have you partnered with Uber as a driver-partner? And if you are wondering how to make money with Uber, ensure you meet their requirements, sign up, and wait for your account to become active.

Apart from earning from the rides, you might also get tips and discounts depending on your locality. Don’t forget referring your friends and relatives that wish to partner with Uber as driver-partners.

Once they are cleared to drive and take some trips, you might get to earn some cash.


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