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You’ll be $1,000 Richer if you Save Money on Cell Phone Bill, here’s how!

how to save money on cell phone bill

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You make calls through the internet.

You chat with your family on WhatsApp.

You share pictures with your buddies on Instagram.

You find people to date on the Tinder app.

If everything in your phone runs on the internet, then why the hell are you paying your cell phone bill?

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Today we are going to teach you how to save money on cell phone bill. Think about it- Do you really use the unlimited text messages feature? Or Value Added Services like games, ringtones and horoscope?

You might just be paying your cell phone bill to look at memes and scroll through pointless videos. Even if you think that you make the most of your current cell phone plan, you’re wrong- You’re overpaying, big time!

How to save money on cell phone bill? Well, it’s easy. Think with a clear head and you’re halfway there. How? Follow me:

>Take a deep breath,

>Take a big sip of water (or beer, or coffee),

>Read away!

Track your Cell Phone Usage

Think about it, what do you do with your phone?

  • At what time do you make the most calls?
  • Are you a call person or a chat person?
  • Do you scroll through social media all day?
  • Do you play games to kill time or you declutter your camera roll?

Your usage pattern should decide your cell phone plan. Being aware of your usage plan will give you a cue on how to save money on cell phone bill.

Pay more for stuff you use more. DON’T PAY FOR SOMETHING THAT YOU DON’T.

Nowadays, a cell phone without internet is as good as a rock. If the internet is indispensable when it comes to your work life and social life, then get a plan that is data centric.

If your work involves social networking through phone calls, get a plan that is equally balanced towards both data and call minutes.

Once you’re clear about your usage patterns, you’ll know how to save money on cell phone bill according to it.

Change your Cell Phone carrier, Now!

We are now going to tell you how to save money on cell phone bill and slash 25% almost instantly!

What you have to do? Change your cell phone carrier to Twigby and let the magic begin! Twigby cuts down cell phone costs by half with its simple plans that actually make sense.

You can also buy new phones at jaw-dropping prices. Twigby also sells SIM cards if you’re happy with the current handset. The offers might be different from a bundled offer though.

Worried about network coverage? Don’t be! Twigby uses both Sprint and Verizon’s network, which means you won’t lose signal that easy.

While Sprint is primary network choice, Twigby automatically switches to Verizon if you lose on the former.

The best part is that you have a choice- you can either buy a new phone at insane prices, or you can use your current phone with Twigby. And the price? Definitely less than your current cell phone provider!

Your Phone needs insurance to Grow a Pair!

How to save money on cell phone bill? Stop paying $20 every month to your cell phone provider in the name of ‘insurance’.

You’ll end up paying hundreds of dollars and you’d hope that your phone breaks down so that you can claim insurance. So let it go. Don’t know how? Trim will do it for you instantly.

To burst your bubble, your cell phone provider’s insurance plan doesn’t guarantee a no-holds-barred insurance policy. There’s a fat chance that you won’t be able to claim the amount, due to some technicality written between lines.

We’ll do you one better- tell your phone to grow a pair, stick a screen protector on it and buy a case to protect it from unexpected damages. It’ll be ten times cheaper than your insurance premium, we bet.

It’s 2018 & you still get Phone Bills in the Mail?

Your quest to save money on cell phone bill comes with a side-quest to save nature as well. You pay your cell phone bill online, why do you get it in the mail then?

Call your cell phone provider and switch to paperless billing. Most of the cell phone providers offer an instant $5 discount on switching to paperless billing.

With that, not only will you learn how to save money on cell phone bill, you’ll also be saving tonnes of paper in the process. As for your mailbox, it’ll have one less mail to worry about.

Go Prepaid; Cut Costs by 70%

My cell phone bill was $117 for a month and the only thing I did was look at memes (hey, memes are life!). So I decided to go prepaid and wham! It’s been 3 months and I’m still stretching my $20 voucher for calls and texts.

As for the internet, I pay $50 for that voucher each month. At least I pay for what I use, right? I’ve cut down my cell phone costs by a huge chunk just by switching to Prepaid.

For you too, the answer to the question “How to save money on cell phone bill” might be switching to prepaid.

Stop the Value Added Services

When it comes to current-gen smartphones, value added services are that one expensive delicacy on the menu that nobody calls for.

  • Are you paying for GPS? Maps in your phone offer it for free.
  • Games? Most of them are free on the App Store.
  • Ringtones and caller tunes? You can set your own tunes for free!
  • Premium voicemail service? Send an audio message with WhatsApp dude!

In most cases, you might not be aware of these extra charges that your carrier bills you for in the name of Value Added Services. But we need to learn how to save money on cell phone bill, and a penguin can help you with that.

Just text this cute virtual penguin called Charlie, and let it do the trick! Charlie will highlight all extra charges you are being billed for in an instant. Not only that, Charlie is your personal finance assistant!

Stop the Value Added Services by texting Charlie or call up your cell carrier and just pay for the basic stuff. Your smartphone has everything! Just open the App store and explore your fancies.

Toll-Free, or is it?

When it comes to dialing 1-8-0-0 or ‘toll-free’ as they call it, waiting times suck the life out of you and your cell phone bill pays the price. Save toll-free calls for your landline and you’ll save a dollar for every toll-free call you make.

Now that we’re on that topic, saving toll-free for a landline is part by which you learn how to save money on cell phone bill. Another one is 4-1-1 service, which drills a hole in your cell phone bill slowly.

Thankfully, you can save yourself from 4-1-1 charges by calling Google’s free 4-1-1 service: 1-800-GOOG-411. What if it doesn’t work? Try 1-800-FREE-411.

It’s almost impossible to survive without our phones, but survival comes with shiny price tags. It’s all bright and shiny till it comes to pay our cell phone bills.

But now that you know how to save money on cell phone bill, you’d be surprised when you realize that you can save over $500 a year just by following our guide and switching your cell phone carrier. Go Twigby today!  


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