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Make it through this Fall without Shedding any Money

how to save money

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Fall is here, with all its glorious and fun activities. From contests to carnivals not forgetting back-to-school shopping. There are many ways to shake off the summer spirit. If you are not careful though, you might end up running your wallet dry. You need to know how to save money this fall to avoid financial stress.

The fall season is also one of the best seasons for you to stay on your budget. This is the time you make back all the money you spent spoiling yourself over summer. Most importantly, the holiday season is around the corner. That means spending more money on gifts, vacations, food, and drinks. You have to be prepared!

Every Buck Counts is here to make your saving process less hectic and more fun this fall. Let’s get you some extra bucks for the holiday season with the below ways to save money this Fall season.

Say Goodbye to Cable Bills

I know you must be thinking how hard life is without any access to cable. Trust me, you can survive. I for one have never bought a TV set for my apartment. That’s not to say my life revolves around work and reading only. In fact, I am a fan of a few shows that I get to follow religiously and still save while at it.

One of the ways I have managed to do this is getting Netflix. The best part is that I share it with a friend. Since you can have some extra profiles, we use the same Netflix account but each of us has their own profile. So, I get to watch some of my favorite shows and movies at half the price.

YouTube has some interesting channels that you can use to watch some interesting shows. Hulu TV, too, will have you following your favorite shows religiously even on your mobile devices. Regardless of the subscription you get, the money cannot be as much as you will be paying for cable.

Since Fall brings with it a sports season, don’t let that trick you into paying for the cable bill. Some channels such as CBS and Fox air local games such as football matches. You can catch these right from the comfort of your couch. Get digital antenna if you want to catch live matches of non-local sports. It is a one-time cost that is cheaper than having cable.

Home Décor- DYI

If you want to keep up with the Fall season theme, the best way to save on this is by DIY. Buy some decorating items from Alibaba especially if any of the items are not available at your local store. The good thing is that you get to recycle these the next Fall season.

You can also use a pumpkin as a flower vase or carving it into any shape or character you wish. Fill it up with some light fixtures and place it on your doorstep. Pinecones, too, can come in handy during this season. Pick a few of them and use them to create a wreath or a door hanger for your front door.

As much as this is a way to save money, consider it a way of taking some time off work. It will lift your moods and bring out the creative side of you.

Free and Cheap Events

From contests to sporting activities and many more. There will be numerous activities in your local area and you need to take advantage of the free and cheap ones. Most of these events will have free entertainment, which saves you some bucks.

Another way to save money on events is by looking for coupons on the popular events. Additionally, getting an early bird ticket might qualify you to a discount. To save on food, take something before leaving the house.

Home-made Foods and Drinks with Fall Produce

Saving on food this Fall season is as easy as ABCD. How? I am glad you asked. First, the Fall season brings with it a bunch of delicious products such as pumpkins and apples. That said, making your own vegetables and fruit cuisines from home is one of the ways you can save money.

Pumpkin pies and pancakes, as well as apple pies, and puree pumpkin. Sweet potatoes are also available so you can supplement some of the dishes with them. With all these fresh products available, it is hard to run out of recipe ideas this Fall season.

When you go grocery shopping though, do not forget to use your coupons or asking for discounts. It will save you some extra bucks.

On drinks, if you calculated how much your café charged you for every mug of coffee or latte you, you will probably get a heart attack- remember we are trying to save. In case you really have to pass by the café, make sure you sign up for their loyalty rewards. Alternatively, you can always make your own coffee if you have a coffee maker. You can get some spices from Walmart for your latte.

If you are a fan of pumpkin latte, you can get this readymade Starbucks pumpkin spice latte from Walmart. All you have to do is making the latte from home and save the cash you would have paid at the café.

To earn rebates for all the drinks and grocery shopping, sign up with Swagbucks. This way, you can redeem your points at places like Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks. All you will need is to earn at least 500 points and you are good to go.

Save on Holiday Season Costumes

The Fall season features mostly Halloween. The good news is that your wallet does not have to make it to the next season with dents because you spent a lot of your money buying Halloween costumes.

One way to save on this is making your own costume. You can also make costumes for your kids and pets, too. Another way to save money on Halloween costume is hitting the thrift shop in your area. Some of the second-hand costumes from there might have been used only once or twice. No one will notice the difference and you still get to save.

Additionally, you can save money on Halloween costumes by selling your previous year’s costume and topping up the balance for a new one. That way, your old costumes will stop gathering dust and you will get to part off with a few bucks for a top-up. Or nothing.

Another way to save on Halloween costumes is signing up for an exchange costume program. You will have to confirm if such a program is in your area. If there is none, you can always arrange with the local authorities and start up your own. There is always a first time for everything anyway.

If you are having a headache wondering how to save money this fall, worry no more. Every Buck Counts is here to make sure your wallet makes it through the fall season with no dents. By cutting off your cable, making your own foods and drinks using the fresh produce and even making your own costumes, you will save a couple of bucks.

Have you used any of our ways to save money this Fall? How is it so far? What other ways have you used? Tell us more about it and let us keep this conversation going- and your wallet fatter!


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