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Cash Crunch? Here’s how you can make $1,000 right now!

how to make money right now

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Payday’s a week away, you have no spare bills in your wallet and all your cards are maxed out.

As if this wasn’t enough, life happens and you need money like, today. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get a $100 bill right now? Out of nowhere? Look no further!

Yes, “it do be like that sometimes”; and if you want to know how to make money right now- you’re in the right place. Your car won’t break down after you’ve got your paycheck and you might have to break the bank in case of emergency.

How to make money right now? Here are 10 things you can do at the moment and earn hundreds of dollars in a matter of minutes. Fast Cash? Delivered; by Every Buck Counts.

1. Here’s $500 to start with!

You needed money right now, and you got it! Here’s an Amazon Gift Card worth $500, courtesy of Every Buck Counts! Click away and earn your keep. Safe to say that your pursuit of instant money started off at the right foot!

2. Be a Lyft driver & earn $300 bonus

Driving people around is cooler than it sounds, and the best part is that you can be a Lyft driver instantly and start picking up your rides in no time. If you start now and keep driving around on weekends, that $300 bonus can be yours in no time.

In their latest promotion campaign, Lyft is offering a $300 bonus to new drivers after they take up a 100 rides. Lyft can be the first lesson in ‘How to make money right now’ handbook, as it is a very lucrative side hustle that allows you to make money fast.

3. Sell your junk & make some bucks

If you’re craving for money right now, be ready to off-load some of that e-junk away. This isn’t floccinaucinihilipilification, we know that those pieces of tech just don’t mean a lot to you and are mere keepsakes.

Time to sell them off at Swappa and earn big on smartphones, laptops, video games, and other pieces of tech. You’ll start getting calls as soon as you post ‘em online. These might not be worth a lot to you, but on Swappa, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

4. Binge watch & earn instant cash!

What were you doing when the sudden thought of ‘how to make money right now’ came up in your head? Binge watching your all-time favorite TV show? Killing time on NetFlix? Scrolling through YouTube?

InboxDollars pays you to do all that, we’re not kidding. Make money on your phone while watching TV, NetFlix, random videos, and what not! All you gotta do is sign up with InboxDollars and earn a $5 bonus for a start. The more you use it, the better it gets. Earn money while killing time!

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5. Rent a Room

If you need money in an instant, then you have to make every minute productive and every buck count. If you want to know how to make money right now, learn to share your living space ASAP! Your spare bedroom and spare couches can earn you big time!

Airbnb is a household name when it comes to homely comforts for freaky travelers. Earn $250 every week, nice and easy by being an Airbnb host.

You’re commercializing your space to thousands of Airbnb guests and travellers who’d love to bless your humble abode in exchange for money. That’s quite a lot of moola for letting someone crash in your condo for a few days!

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6. Make money instantly for killing time

The hallucinating question of how to make money right now must’ve put you under a lot of stress. Relax yourself- time to relieve some of that stress by killing time!

Earn real money and free gift cards with Swagbucks, an app made for instant money expedition- all while doing nothing! You can earn big while you shop online and search the web. Also, you can find great deals online while answering surveys.

7. Take up paid surveys!

Yes! We’ve told you about this a zillion times; hear us out once again maybe? Surveys do work, for real! They don’t pay you too much, but since you were too eager to know how to make money right now, you can start raising your voice while you’re trying to do it!

Here’s a list of best survey websites that actually work, some of our personal favorites are E-Poll Surveys, Opinion Outpost, and Ipsos. Check out the full list and take your pick, you might earn $10 while you’re waiting in the queue!

8. Find yourself some Gigs

With a platform like Fiverr, the opportunities are limitless. You can plan your next jazz concert and who knows- you might be the next breakout star of the hood!

Get paid to do what other people want to do- write poems and stories, play your tunes, and dance. At a platform like Fiverr, everything can be monetized. The best part is that your talent will get the recognition it deserves.

9. Sell your Gift cards

Okay, this one won’t make you money right away, but by selling unused gift cards online, you can make use of those codes you’ve been storing for long. Cardpool would pay you the full worth of that gift card, but it might take time to sell off.

To sell your cards quickly, you need to turn to friends and family again. If the cards are for stores where they typically shop, they might be happy to buy a $50 card for say, $40. Things you gotta do for love!

10. Play these games and earn real money!

There’s a long list of top paid online games that earn you real money. Have a look at it and prepare yourself to be entertained- relieve your stress while playing these games and earn instant cash in the process.

Fancy yourself as a FIFA Player? Here’s how you can get paid for playing the all-new FIFA 19. Put all those years of practice to test and earn big with FIFA 19 tournaments. Click to know more.

BONUS: Find Unclaimed Money!

Unclaimed.org is an awesome site for finding money that’s due to you that you may have forgotten about. Examples: A utility deposit on an account you had forever ago, money left in a bank account you had as a kid, or a check from a former employer. Quite a way to earn money that doesn’t belong to anyone, eh?

If you’re falling short of cash and you need an instant re-boost, try these 10 places and you’ll hit the jackpot for sure. You can earn an easy $1,000 if you pay each of these 10 a visit!

Let’s hope we quenched your wallet’s thirst and put some money in that little boy!


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