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“As a doctor, you will never go home at the end of the day thinking that you haven’t done something valuable and important.”

It takes some grit to dedicate all your life to medicine and love for Humanity. At a tender age of 16, Samantha Bryce decided helping people out was her true calling- there are never enough doctors in the world to heal the sick and needy anyway.

Graduating straight out of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Samantha was always fond of kids. This crazy obsession earned a lot of pocket money in her teens, as Samantha was tagged as ‘The Best Babysitter in the Hood’… But one day, it all changed.

It was the last summer of high-school, and Samantha was actively college-hunting. Her dad’s very close friend compelled him to let Samantha babysit their 3-year old cutie pie. The perfect way to bust some stress! She thought.

That 3-year old was a cutie pie, but alas! She was autistic.

Amidst all the tears and emotional trauma, Samantha decided that not only will she be a doctor, but a guardian angel for the kids. She decided to be an Obstetrician- which literally means healer of children. Talk about doing what you love!

Samantha was an exceptional student, and she fulfilled her dream of being an Obstetrician from Johns Hopkins; landed a job in the Johns Hopkins Medicine Hospital. She met her better half at that place (Who is also a pediatrician, well played cupid!) and after 4 beautiful years, she bid adieu to J.H. for individual practice.

One thing that never changed was her undying love for kids, and Samantha decided to start afresh with an intensive Baby-care clinic. She had the healing power in her hands and was a household name in a matter of months.

After 2 years, Samantha decided to do something for the mothers who hated the thought of going into labor and delivering their babies in over-crowded hospitals. She decided to spread her clinic’s wings, and expand her operations to Maternity and Pediatrics.

But the money was hard to arrange at once; with Samantha’s husband planning to join her on this adventure, the clinic meant everything.

They decided to opt for a loan to fund this tectonic shift. Paying a visit to the bank would waste too much time, so the couple started looking for online options.

They found OnDeck, an online lender specializing in small business loans for both long and short terms. They had a decision to make, and they dug into specifics:

OnDeck Small Business Loan- Overview

If you need money quick, like real quick, OnDeck is the right choice for your business. OnDeck offers almost instant credit approval via its website or even an app. This is why The Bryce’s decided to go for OnDeck, so they could spend more time-saving lives rather than waiting in a queue.

A household name amongst the biggest players in the American small business market, OnDeck is the best small business loan mainstay with big money involved. It offers both Long-Term and Short-Term loans for small businesses.

There isn’t a lot of difference in terms of OnDeck’s long term and short term loan, it’s just the payback period and rate of interest that matters (the decisive factor). A total of $5,000 to $500,000 can be procured from OnDeck’s small business term loans.

OnDeck can typically get you funded in 2-3 business days. If there’s an immediate need, like purchasing new scopes or replenishing inventory, a fast business loan from OnDeck could be a good choice for medical practice.


  • The Small Business should be at least one year old
  • A minimum $100,000 gross annual revenue is a must
  • At least one owner should have 600+ credit score

Rate of Interest

  • Short-Term Loan: Simple interest rates starting from 9%
  • Long-Term Loan: Annual Interest rates start from 9.99%

Payback Period

  • Short-Term Loan: Payback period ranges from 3-12 months
  • Long-Term Loan: Loans can be repaid in 15-36 months

Origination Fee

  • The one-time fee to cover servicing cost and loan process
  • 1st loan:5-4% of the loan amount
  • 2nd loan:25-3% of the loan amount
  • 3rd+ loan: 0-3% of loan amount


Samantha needed to expand her nursing home to improve quality of service to moms and their little ones. However, a Long-Term Loan was a perfect way to start because the payback period is longer (15-36 months) and the annual interest rate is a lot less than borrowing from banks.

It’s been 3 years since Dr. Samantha Bryce opted for a long-term loan from OnDeck. Here’s how the nursing home looks now:

  • Samantha took up the expansion project with all the zest and now proudly runs a full-fledged maternity and child-care clinic.
  • Samantha hired 4 nurse midwives and 4 Neonatal nurse practitioners to cater clinic’s demands in accordance with patients’ volume.
  • Her pediatrician Husband, Andy is the co-owner of this nursing home and is the chief pediatrician in the chain of command.

In short, Samantha did what had to be done- she’s now surrounded by kids all the time and her husband is always beside her. Life=Sorted!

Oh yeah, a special shout-out to OnDeck, for making this dream come true!

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