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Know What Factors Influence your Auto Insurance Premium in Real-Time

factors That Affect Car Insurance

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You have always been scratching your head over factors which determine your car insurance quote, haven’t you? Whether it’s your car service history or the color of your car or the distance you cover daily while commuting to the office, you really haven’t got any clue.

Insurers Cloud The Issue

A few years back Consumer advocates argued that the Car Insurance rates should be majorly determined on the fact that how skilled the drivers were and this notion gave birth to ‘tracking devices’ which gave reports to insurers on every turn that drivers took, whenever they applied brakes and what not. However, this proved to be a forlorn attempt to revolutionize the industry as drivers were concerned about their privacy.

Transparency has always been a far cry in the car insurance industry and to add assault to the injury, Car insurance premium is on a surge as an aftermath of catastrophic weather across the U.S over the last year.

Recent reports suggest that insurance providers have started using Big Data to decide rates for drivers using algorithms that are both complex and secretive. In an insane, stirred up universe of the car insurance industry, FICO scores, and school certificates can have a greater bearing on premiums than somebody’s driving record. The people who suffer the most are low-income drivers who can’t spare extra bucks on state-mandated insurance as it really takes a toll on their budget.

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The Zebra Can Save The Day

The Zebra, a car insurance comparison website, has come a long way in removing ambiguity around all this. Its interface helps the customers to understand the insurers’ perspective and shows them various indicators (in real time) which directly affect the cost of the car insurance companies.

As you input data, for example, postal code, birth-date, sex, and mileage on The Zebra, you can see how the most recent information has impacted your quotes. Toward the end, you pick a prepackaged scope level: State Minimum, Basic, Darn Good, and Winning. The outcome is usually a score or more policies, and soon thereafter you can go directly to the insurance cover provider or call one of The Zebra’s specialists and make a purchase decision thereafter.

The Zebra guides buyers with resources by enabling them to make a well-informed buying decision on more than 1,800 auto insurance products available.

Moreover,  there is another noteworthy feature which The Zebra provides and that is the insurability score, which tells you your ability to be insured. Scores extend from 400 to 950, with the most alternatives and best rates setting off to those on the higher end.

Insurance companies have been using data like credit score and credit history to score applicants on the basis of risk they pose. The Zebra provides consumers with a similar score which helps consumers understand their risk level in the eyes of insurers.

Words Of Caution

The Zebra is capable of finding the cheapest car insurance which is available to you but it may not always turn out to be the best for you. People often go for the lowest coverage level and they do not comprehend what repercussions their insurance cover choices may have. Lowest coverage choices leave you open to the lawsuits in case of accidents and hence we suggest taking to experts before settling on car insurance choice.


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