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30 Legitimately Unique Ways to Make Money from Home

legitimate ways to make money from home

Disclosure: The information we provide is precise and genuine to make your Every Buck Count. However, some of the links provided belong to our affiliate partners and we get paid for it. For more information please check out our Full Advertising Disclosure.

Do you ever find yourself at home with some downtime, wondering if there was a way this time could be better spent? Or perhaps you’ve always hated going into an office for work, and you dream of finding ways to work from home profitably?

If so, you’re not alone.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found that 22% of employed Americans in 2016 worked from home some or all of the time. This number continues to grow every year as technological advances have made it easier than ever to connect industries and employees around the world.

The great thing about finding work-from-home opportunities is that you can pursue your passions while also balancing your personal and professional life. However, because you are often not dealing with people face-to-face, it is also important to stay aware of scams and fraudulent offers – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

Whether you want to work one hour a week or sixty, finding legitimate ways to make money from home is easier than you may think. These thirty opportunities can be used to generate an income from the comfort of your home.

1. Become a Freelancer.

For some people working in solitude gives them a better result than anything else. There is always someone out there who needs a skill that only you can offer, and the best part as a freelancer is that it let you make money from home with many perks.

Time flexibility is the supreme one, right behind is the place (you can sit in the state and still work for an Australian client), and you get to decide what you want.

You can start working as a part-time freelancer and as you build up your profile, you can convert it into a full-time job. There are many sites but we will introduce you to a legit place.

Fiverr If you know your way around digital design, try selling your services for simple gigs, Fiverr let you do that. It is an online marketplace for freelancer and available in multi languages.

Research, write, draw, become an SEO analyst, the service list is endless. Go dig it out yourself.

2. Share your Opinion

Yes, you have heard it a gazillion time, so one more time won’t hurt. The reason why surveys top the list of how to make money from home is that you require nothing but just your pc or smartphone (and of course your opinion).

You won’t make big bucks, but you will be doing some productive work even in your unproductive time. However, the problem with online surveys is that the industry is saturated with scam sites, so you want to verify that the company you are working with is tied to a larger marketing research firm.

But why fear when we are here, we have tried and tested below site to make sure you get the most out of it.

  • SSI Opinion Outpost With median earning of $10/ hour, you get a direct entry to a quarterly drawing for a $10,000 cash prize, for every survey you complete.
  • E- poll Survey E-poll has its own unique touch which gives a survey from the entertainment industry only. You can even get paid for watching shows and writing a review about it (median earning of $10/ hour).

3. Write for a Website

One thing is for sure, the internet is a huge place even to boost your small business. Every other business in today’s digital era requires a website and that is where my friend you come in handy.

Writing doesn’t require you to sit in a cubicle and work for 9-5 hour job and that is why it is one of the easy ways to make money from home.

You don’t need to be a certified literature graduate. You can even start with layman language and polish your skill later.

  • iWriter Is a platform for content and article writing service, almost all the webmaster subscribe to iwriter to get their website done in time and you can make as much as $100 a day from it.

4. Run a Blog

You will have to find your own niche when starting a blog. Select your genre, create a blog and start posting.

Start a blog to spread the information and not just to make money. Let me explain, if you start a blog with your interest, it will help you run it for a longer period of time.

Once you have a following, it can open up the door to even more significant opportunities like passive income. Here’s how you can make money online from home.

  • BluehostIt is one of the most popular affiliate programs which gives you the right to review a product on your site and receive commission about the same. This web hosting service offers a $65 commission. The process is simple just sign up and make an account on the Bluehost.

5. Catch the Error if you can

All the bibliophile out there this one is just for you. If you love to read anything and everything becoming a proofreader will be a piece of cake for you.

Don’t get confused with the role of editors, you only job while proofreading is to check the errors in spelling, grammar, syntax or format. This is a completely different role than an editor’s one.

  • Proofreadanywhere – This site lets you transcript reports and you don’t fret about the job as you have a training course which you will have to go through once before you start your journey.

6. Learn to be a Bookkeeper

Not every path in making money from home will be simple, some require a quite brainstorming from your side, but hey, if you can make almost $40,000 a year, the idea might not sound as bad as it was before.

The only thing required from your side is to be numerically sound. Bookkeeping requires you to have an account of every transaction of the business and their granular details.

It is one of the highest paying jobs when working from home because a good bookkeeper is hard to find and that is why their payout is on a different level.

You additionally need good computer skills. Since all the work you execute as a virtual bookkeeper is done in a virtual situation

7. Teach from home

Make Money from home while in your pajamas just by teaching English. Here I just summed it up in one single sentence.

But there is more to it. You will be working just as a teacher from school but instead, the school will be your home.

  • VIPKID An online platform which gives you the opportunities to become an English teacher and earn $15 on hourly bases. That is roughly between $24,000 – $32,000 per year depending on your role.

The only thing required is a bachelor degree and you will be able to have a teacher’s job just from home.

8. Transcribe at Home like a Pro

Looking for an easy way to make money from home within your comfort zone and without the worry of office hour or your skill? Yes, there are some jobs which don’t consider your previous experience or knowledge.

One such job is to become a transcript. Let me break it down for you. Listen to an audio and write what you hear.

The job generally into three different areas general, medical, and legal which the latter two might require before hand experience.

  • Transcribeanywhere – It is an online course of becoming a transcription. There are two areas to transcribe to, general and legal. You are given lots and lots of practice material to get yourself comfortable with.

  With the job of the transcript, you can make almost $1500 per month and that is when you are working part-time for it.

9. Just Answer it

Quench the thirst of curious mind by answering their everyday problem.

  • JustAnswer is an online question and answer platform which gives you the opportunity to earn bucks by answering the question in your expertise zone. All you need to do is sign up by selecting your area and make your way up to the expert level to maximize your payout.

Initially, you will earn 20% of what the customer will pay but it can move up to 50% for an expert. With JustAnswer, you can be able to make $1,000 per month.

10. Share Your Knowledge

If you are an expert in something, whether it’s vector drawing, tightrope walking, or the symbolism in Moby Dick, you can design a course using simple tools, such as PowerPoint, to be distributed on a network.

  • Udemyis a teaching platform where you teach yourself with the certified course and make money online by uploading the content you wish to teach. It takes about 30% of your sale.

Share your knowledge and you will be able to achieve your monthly income target. It is a great way of making passive income while working from home.

11. Publish Book on Kindle

Imaginative enough to write a book? Or was this was your dream to publish your book? It can all come true through Kindle.

Open up an account, add your book, fill in the details and after its review, it will be published on Amazon for sale.

Amazon does most of the selling and gives you the royalty of 70% for every sale. There is no limit up to which you can earn on kindle.

The more people get interested in your book, the more earning you will make.

12. Review Music

Who knew that a time will come where just by listening to music you will be able to make money from home. Everyone like music and what more joyous is earning cash by listening to it.

Whether it is your song or anybody else’s, review song and comment on the quality.

  • Nielsen Market Research The site research how you listen to music and through which device. You receive $50 for every new device.
  • SlicethePieReview the song of a musical artist by giving them a fair opinion and earn money.
  • FusionCash Make money online by listening to internet radio with a minimum payout of $25.

13. Get Paid to Watch Videos

Just like sharing your opinion, watch a video and earn up to $225. InboxDollar lets you watch videos of show, preview, celebrity video and many more.

It gives you a playlist of videos which is to be viewed which can play for as long as half an hour.

14. Earn through Cashback

Most of the time we make purchases online and get cashbacks. Not only your are making money but saving it as well.

  • Ebates is one such site which rewards you with cashback every time you purchase through ebates. It gives a 10% cashback on every purchase made from Walmart.

15. Rent Your Home

Is there a spare room in your house or a vacant apartment? Then why not rent it. We all have once gone through Airbnb site while planning out trip.

  • Airbnb Become a host through Airbnb and make money from home by making your space available. Increase your payout by giving them a bed and breakfast service. One of the ways to increase customer is to become a good host by stocking the house and adding a personal touch.
  • Vrbo Another site where you can rent your apartment, enter as an owner login, list your house, add a description and the rental amount and you are good to go.

16. Lose Weight and Get Paid

We also go to the gym and take their membership, invest our time and leave it half way. Been there done and regretted everything.

But if you get paid for losing every ounce of fat in your body, hell yeah I will do it.

  • HealthyWage The site rewards you for meeting your goal. If you meet the goal you get as much as $25 every month, there are testimonies of people earning as much as $1,000.

17. Become a Mysterious Shopper

It is another feedback job but by shopping. Usually, a company asks you to purchase items for which you get reimbursed later to check certain criteria.

There are two ways you will get paid.

Visit a shop make purchases and give feedback on your experience. And sometime you will be asked to call and ask for numerous business question and fill out the survey.

  • Best Mark BestMark offers many mystery shopper jobs to provide valuable customer information to some of the biggest companies in the world, including Fortune and Global 500 companies.
  • Market Force There’s no shortage of industries that you will find with this particular service. You need to be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma in order to get a mystery shopper job and will be paid once a month.

18. Get Paid to Play Game

An Easy Way to Make Money for those who love to play games is to do whatever you are currently doing.

Playing and making money online will be like killing two birds- with one stone for a gamer but look for the legitimate site only.

  • InboxDollar Complete the game and generate a score and get paid.period.
  • Swagbucks With games, you can also opt to do extra things like shop or watch videos and even fill surveys to get paid.

19. Sell Photos

With the incredible camera technology now standard in many smartphones, you no longer need to be a professional photographer to create and sell images

Because everyone from bloggers to journalists to corporations accesses stock photos, no matter what your content is, there’s probably someone searching for it.

Start by taking crisp, clear photos of general interest items, and be sure to avoid any brand names and collect releases from anyone prominently featured.

  • Shutterstock Every time a customer download your approved images, you will get paid for it. The royalty depends on a few criteria. So check that out before.
  • Dreamstime With photos, you can even sell video and enter the contest for a chance to win a cash prize.

20. Test Website

How about I tell you that you get to make money from home just by navigating a bunch of different sites and sharing your opinion.

  • UserTesting Open a website, browse through it and get paid. For every 20 minutes spend, you will earn $10 via PayPal. While you navigate, your recording will be saved and you will be asked to submit a review.

21. Cook

A lot of apps and websites are acting as a forum to connect food connoisseurs and the people who wish to share their cuisines with the world.

Start making your recipe or reinvent the classic recipe with a modern touch and get paid.

  • Eatwith  Get paid for becoming a host with Eatwith. Create your own menu and brings foodie together. Your food will get charged through Eatwith, submit your application (only available in states as of now).
  • Cookapp The concept is the same, bring together foodies. Become a chef by hosting your recipe through the app and get paid.

22. Participate in Giveaways and Competition

There are no guarantees to make money but you can always give it a shot. There are many giveaways getting hosted on Youtube or Instagram.

Even if you are not able to make money, you might get your hands on fav product which can, in turn, save your money.

Competiton can be available in different ways by entering through Facebook or answering a question. Who knows we might see you in the next season of Deal or No Deal.

23. Sell Old –New Items

How to make money fast from the comfort of your home? A tried-and-true technique for getting some extra cash while also cleaning out your unused stuff is to sell it online.

  • eBay Sell collectibles and bigger-ticket items. Your unused stuff can be of a great prize at eBay.
  • Poshmark Sell Your clothes through Poshmark and get rid of all the clothes that were just shoved up in the almirah.

24. Be a Virtual Assistant

If you’re organized and personable, there are individuals and companies all over the world that could use you as a virtual assistant.

Tasks related to these gigs range from answering emails to fielding calls to general administrative work, all of which can be done from a home office or workspace.

A virtual assistant may work a few hours a week or work on a full-time basis, and depending on your experience and level of industry knowledge, can pay as well as an on-site assistant position would.

25. Search the Web

We use the internet for almost everything, and my guess is correct you might be using Google as your search engine and who doesn’t. To Make Money online you only need to change your search engine.

  • Bing Search Engine This search engine lets you earn $5 -$10 per month for surfing the web, just make sure to stay signed in the whole time.

26. Babysit

If you have no energy left to start an extra side hustle or maybe you are a college student then how to make money from home? Babysit!

  • Urbansitter Urbansitter provide both babysitter and nannies which is available almost every state and you can get up to $18 per hour depending upon your location.
  • Sitter  The site claims to have new jobs in every 2 minutes. It covers more than 20 states, not just babysitting they provide job on nanny, child care, pet sitting and many more.
    You will be staying in home, doing your daily routine, all you need is to supervise the children and get paid. Yes, it can be exhausting working with kids sometimes but who said making money from home was easy.

You will be staying at home, doing your daily routine, all you need is to supervise the children and get paid.

27. Online Market Trading

If you can’t spend it, invest it.

While there are plenty of other ways to make money from home, but if you are interested in the financial market then why not try making money through it.

Initially, you will be investing a small amount of money but succeed can revert back more.
Don’t gamble away the money, proceed if and only if you know what you are doing.

There are platforms that offer a free practice account. Plus500 and eToro both are the biggest platforms for the online market.

  • Etoro –  Having a 4.5 million user worldwide, it is a great site for a beginner for helping them learn the methods of other traders through CopyTrade feature.

You can always start with $100 as an initial investment. Even if nothing works you’ll learn a great deal about investment.

28. Maintain Fan Page

Some or the other way even in our busy schedule we can take out some time for our social media.

So if you spend hours scrolling the explore page of Instagram or pinning Pinterest post. Why not work to maintain a fan page of your favorite celebrity.

It can be sport, music, movie or anything.

  • Fiverr Log into Fiverr account and search for some similar job, Fiverr has many of it.

29. Sell your CD, Books, games

We have tons of old stuff lying in the attic ready to be removed and if you get paid to sell your old stuff, then why not make money from home with just selling stuff.

Old games and retro movies are sold for a higher price.

30. Dog Walking

Make money from home just by sitting and walking with a dog. You can either offer this to your neighbors and make money or else apply online.

Yes, it’s 2018, you can get paid for everything.

Rover specializes with the best dog sitting while Tailster is for dog walking. Choose according to your liking.

Tips To Protect Yourself from Scams

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has identified a growing number of scams making false promises to those who are looking for a little side income from work-at-home opportunities. Avoid any of these red flags that typically signal trouble ahead:

Never Pay For Anything Upfront

If you are required to pay for a training or purchase a starter kit, you are compromising your personal financial information. Any legitimate opportunity is paying you, not the other way around.

Never Work On Spec

Don’t do any work without a clear payment structure, and make sure a contract or agreement has been signed. Your time is worth money, and when you are working as your own representative, you have to protect your best interests.

Never Believe That No Experience Is Necessary

If you’re promised thousands a month and told that your lack of experience isn’t a problem, then it’s probably a scam. Often, these companies “offer” required training that you have to pay for, followed by more training, and more, until you’ve spent more than you are going to earn.

To better protect yourself with every opportunity, utilize FTC resources designed to crack down on work-from-home scams. When you’re offered an opportunity that may require a purchase on your end, the FTC guidelines require references, the disclosure of legal actions, a refund policy, and an Earnings Claim that backs up the promises made with actual data. Chances are, scammers will be chased off just by a request for the form.

Making extra money from home can be a reality if you do your research and identify the right fit for your skills. 


Be an influencer. Share what your voice say and get paid. Get rewarded with gift cards and cashout and change the product of tomorrow.


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