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This Memorial Day, Unleash the Traveler Inside Of You with 10 Hidden Gems on the East Coast

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They say that summers arrive on the 21st of June every year, however, the Americans start to soak up the fervor of summers right from the Memorial Day weekend. The weekend is the call to get rid of laziness; gives us a chance to pull ourselves out of the cover, bury the winter coat deep in our closets and soak up the sun.

The essence of Memorial Day is unparallel; it invigorates the feeling of patriotism in all of us and bolsters our sense of belongingness with the U.S. Memorial day is also an opportunity for all of us to connect with our friends and family.

People across the US organize Potluck, hold fairs and other events to pay homage to the soldiers who have embraced martyrdom for the country. The whole nation reverberates with the ethos of sacrifice and valor on an auspicious day.

Over the last couple of decades, Memorial day celebrations have undergone a drastic change; family getaways. More and more families seek this three-day weekend as an opportunity to jaunt to a holiday destination, rekindle the bond of love with families as they rejuvenate their mind and body.

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The three day weekend means that you can fly to the coast (east preferably as the temperatures are warm). The east coast offers the best of both the worlds at this point of time as the days are soothingly warm and the nights are breezy.

There are a thousand reasons as to why the East Coast is the best place to jaunt to during Memorial Day weekend. The enigmas of divine manifestations are in the air of East Coast.

Though it’s impossible to describe the serendipities of East Coast, you will grasp the essence of its beauty through our run-down. Here are the best memorial day weekend getaways on the east coast.

1. Westerly & Watch Hill, Rhode Island

Westerly is tucked away on the western flank of Rhode Island. It shares the bank of Pawcatuck River alongside Connecticut. In the 19th Century, it was sort of a mini cash cow blotted with granite quarries and textile mills.

As destiny would have it, Westerly’s rendezvous with success was short-lived but it still holds the charm of its heyday which is reflected by the wealthy enclave of Watch Hill.

Some of the country’s most beautiful and private homes can be found in the Watch Hill and besides possessing an enigmatic charm with the best of both the eras; then and the contemporary era, they are the window to the glorious past of the place.

2. Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

Ocracoke Village is a colorful community that is quite sluggish in its approach. The lion’s share of the Ocracoke is covered by the National Park and the remaining is covered by the village whose narrow alleys telepath you to eastern Europe.  The natives still speak the 17th-century British dialect known as Hai Toide (the way they pronounce High Tide).

Blackbeard, the legendary pirate, used to hide out in this area and was killed in 1718. You can camp in the Pony Pen which is full of ponies whose ancestors were abandoned by the explorers several centuries ago, savor a fish sandwich (favorite local delight) and soak up the soothingly warm sun along the 16 miles coastline.

3. Bourne, Massachusetts

Well, the allure of Cape Cod is a very popular phenomenon; this crescent-shaped stretch of sand on the eastern tip of Massachusetts has been on the bucket list of beach enthusiasts for decades.

However, Bourne continues to be less marred and a lot less swarmed by the visitors despite the bustling reputation of Hyannis and the colonial Provincetown.

The fact that it is not swarmed by visitors, makes biking along the Cape Cod and fishing at the pier, all the more fun.

4. Assateague Island, Maryland and Virginia

The Assateague Island seashore is still not fully acquainted with commercialization. It’s a raw and pristine landscape of enticing beaches and imposing sand dunes.

Tucked away at 8 miles from the bustling OceanCity, this unmarred island is infested with a herd of wild horses, which was made popular by the means of a book – Misty of Chincoteague.

The 37 mile-long island is partitioned into 3 sections:- Assateague State Park in Maryland, federal-run Assateague Island National Seashore and Chincoteague National Wildlife.

The choices of bird watching, hiking trails, and camping are abundant. The only catch is that there is negligible food service in Maryland. This often translates to the fact Maryland is the place to ditch the crowds.

5. St. Michaels, Maryland

This tiny village is a definite treat to one’s senses. St. Michaels lives up to the reputation (which also transcended to its Motto long back) of ‘Heart and Soul of the Chesapeake Bay.’

St. Michaels reputation for making onlookers skip a beat is fast becoming a legend. Kissing US 33, it’s a perfect blend of Victorian estates, serendipitous B&Bs, classical boutique shops and whistling docks, where travelers from Washington D.C come for a quaint holiday.

During the War of 1812, which is also known as America’s Second War of Independence, the inhabitants lit the nearby forest with lanterns so that the British naval gunners get caught up in the delusion and it worked. British gunners shelled trees thus allowing St. Michael’s to dodge off the destruction.

At the end of the road on the tip of the peninsula, Tilghman Island runs a waterfront, where local captains take visitors on a voyage.

6. Lewes, Delaware

The fusion of everything Dutch and everything English, Lewes was once a Dutch Settlement bearing the name Zwaanendael (Valley of the Swans) before being cleansed out by the local Nanticokes.

The name then changed to Lewes when William Penn assumed control of the seat. Today, it’s a bright and colorful seaside town with a mix of Dutch and English Architecture and countless restaurants serving sumptuous cuisines.

Pretty Cape Henlopen State Park is 2.5 miles from downtown.

7. Charleston, South Carolina

A window to the old-world charm, Charleston lets you take a dip in the nation’s opulent past and adds to your palate, nourishes your mind and revives your soul.

This amicable city will receive you like an old friend whom you haven’t met for years. The cannons reflecting the grandeur and the cemeteries full of martyrs and carriage rides are reminiscent of the Charleston’s eventful history.

The compassionate and chilled-out Gullah people are the sort you would love to converse with roasting oysters or fishing, and the settled tempo of their well-preserved language will make you feel that you are staying in the house of some Lord in the Victorian era.

8. Vero Beach, Florida

This well-planned coastal town, with manicured gardens, creamy shorelines, and a downtown which could be hitched through easily has risen to popularity again and has emerged as The Hamptons of Florida. It’s the kind of fishermen village like you see in the Caribbean.

The beach is visible from various points of the town because there aren’t too many high rise buildings to obstruct the view. While most of the local community is happy to let loose and cherish the beach life, the big shots aren’t driven by greed either. Instead, they indulge in conservationist endeavors and give prominence to art.

9. Cumberland Island, Georgia

A century ago, Cumberland island used to be the playground of filthy rich people and no commoner ever dreamt of vacationing there. However, things are different today and it’s no longer the quorum of the elite and is run by Cumberland Island National Seashore.

Visitors can voyage to it via ferries from St. Marys for day trips and witness the 17 miles long flank of oak forests cloaked in moss.

Wild horses meander beside pristine beaches and ruins dot the landscape crying to be explored.

With a variety of hiking trails, it’s a quaint escape from the hurly-burly of the modern world. You may have some difficulty in making calls as the signals are weak, however, that’s the whole point of escaping to Cumberland Island – secluding oneself from civilization.

10. Cape May, New Jersey

Unlike most places along the Jersey Shore, Cape May is not heavily marred by restaurants, bistros, cafes, and shops. This lack of commercialization has allowed Cape May to hold on to its old world charm. Established in 1620, Cape May has witnessed it all and still brags about its Victorian cadence with 300 Victorian buildings gracing the island.

Whales are easily spotted off the coast and migratory birds abound. Heavens conspired Cape May to be at the southernmost tip of New Jersey so that it brags about sun plunging into the ocean before dusk and rising from the water post dawn.

The Wisdom Behind the Rundown

We could have listed the destinations which are usually found on the glossy travel brochures but we didn’t for a reason. The whole point of writing a travel blog is giving some useful insights to the reader; a piece of information which isn’t easily available anywhere.

Our rundown is savvy because we have listed the destinations which will offer you the bliss of ideal weekend escapes while not making a hole in your market which is the case with other over-hyped up-market resorts.

There is More to Memorial Day Weekend Getaways

An ideal Memorial Day celebration entails a weekend getaway with family so that you can strengthen the bond of kinship. If you are planning a memorial day weekend getaway on the east coast, then read on…

Not all weekend getaways are destined to be flawless

What will be your Memorial Day weekend getaway be like? Haven’t given it much thought? Well, you are in for a BIG disappointment. You have been trying stays in the posh hotels and diving into luxuries, or escaping to the heavily swarmed beaches on the coasts but they have barely served the purpose. Don’t feel sorry if that has been the case with you so far, now we have got your back.

The hunt for the perfect weekend abode

You have got to try something which is not the run of the mill, something rustic which will make you familiar with the serene side of nature and restore your calm. A stay in a ranch house encircled by trees, a cabin atop the hills or in a vibrant beach house will soothe your psyche for sure and you can find and book them at HomeAway.

Count on HomeAway

HomeAway has got it all quite literally, right from the basic stays to the chic accommodations. You just have to be clear about what appeals to you and the purpose of your stay, HomeAway will help you find a place which vibes with you.

A bohemian beach house in Miami, a studio apartment in New York, HomeAway makes your wish come true. Moreover, with HomeAway, you could rent the whole house including a fully-stocked kitchen or an estate with patios and veranda which comes in really handy when you are traveling in groups.

Your Wish, HomeAway’s Command

HomeAway offers you numerous choices and you don’t see any cleaning fee added up to each day’s tally which translates to lower prices than the hotels.

HomeAway has got you sorted in regards to your this year’s Memorial Day weekend getaway. Well, you will have to browse through the pages on the site for finding your dream accommodation (a bit of hustle is always good).

You can find some astonishing accommodations on the east coast of the U.S.A which will leave you at the edge of the awe. Visit HomeAway, just enter a few details as to where you are traveling to and on what dates and WHAM, HomeAway will give you various exquisite options to choose from.

Get Your Travel Insured

Leaving your home for vacations and not insuring your travel is seriously a no brainer. Traveling without travel insurance is like a boxer taking his/her guard down in front on an opponent. It’s like a knight foraying into the enemy territory without his armor on.

Travel insurance covers your medical expenses if you fall sick while traveling, reimburse your camera if it breaks, pays some amount for your passport if it gets lost, compensates you when your flight is canceled and flies you back home if you have to return home in case of an emergency; epidemic, civil war or a natural disaster (God forbid).

The importance of Travel Insurance has long been discussed. It’s quite natural that any traveler would love someone to watch over his/her back when s/he steps out of home for just sparing a few dollars. Travel Insurance is of critical importance (hope you never end up using it.)

World Nomads is the ultimate Travel Insurance which caters to various travelers based on their orientations; bag packing, solo, adventures and expeditions, etc.

World Nomads insures you if you travel out of US jurisdiction, gives you a medical coverage of $100,000, indemnifies you against potential wear and tear of electronic gadgets and even evacuates you if a war breaks out in the country you are traveling to.

All this, online in a matter of minutes online. They have a  responsive staff who answer inquiries and help take care of issues by means of web-based social networking, they have an extraordinary clientele, and above all, they give a great deal of coverage at a reasonable cost.

Earn rewards whilst traveling

It is quite likely that you escape to the above-listed destination would require you to board a flight. So, why not earn rewards while vacationing on the east coast this Memorial Day?

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is actually the most preferred credit card among the travel enthusiasts.

Sign Up Bonus –You earn 50,000 points after spending $4,000 in the first quarter of the year which can be redeemed in two ways.

a) You can either choose to redeem the points as cash or gift card, the points will convert as 1 cent per point or

b) You can book your next travel through this card to get an additional 20% discount.

Earning rewards through purchases – The Chase Sapphire Preferred card gives you three smart ways to earn extra points.

a) Earn 2x points on travel purchases from travel to hotels

b) Earn 2x points on restaurant purchases worldwide for dining, and

c) 1 point for every $1 spend on other purchases.

Travel Bonus- With travel purchases that get you 2x points, you are also eligible for auto rental collision damage waiver, trip cancellation/interruption insurance. And, if that was not enough, you get baggage delay insurance, perfect for those who like to save money while traveling.

Memorial Day weekend getaways are beyond your casual jaunt to the outskirts of the city or you random road trip on the nearest subway. Cheap memorial day weekend getaways don’t come easy and so they should be planned beforehand. We have done half the job for you.

Now you have to drag your body off the couch, make some phone calls to friends and family members to confirm who all are in, select your destination and browse through HomeAway to get the bookings done.

Remember to wear your armor; don’t forget to get your travel covered through World Nomads.


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