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Music Festival Express- Sing Along and Make Money

Make Money at Music Festival

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The modern age renaissance of millennial culture is at its climax. Twenty-first-century generation is intimidated by their teacher’s advice because they sustain on the verse of the latest Drake album and learn to love from Rihanna. With this unorthodox mindset and desire to live in the present, it is safe to say that Life is one sweet song for the current generation. And for this reason only, Music Festivals are the Mecca for millennial.

Cometh the summer of 2018, thy music lover is in for a treat. The rain and shine of US coast stand out to be the perfect backdrop for a fun-filled, beer-infused, dance-off-your-feet experience of a Music Festival. Biggest musicians in the industry come out to bless their fans, which pool up their life savings to witness the living legend in flesh.

The beauty of music festivals is that you would witness your school band open for the likes of Eminem, Maroon 5 and Metallica; all at one center stage. These festivals aren’t just a bunch of guys’ performing because they were paid to perform. It is a feeling, an experience of a lifetime. It takes one helluva effort to make 50,000 people dance to the tunes over the course of 48 hours…and it’s worth the big bucks.

With ticket prices at an all-time high and savings low, how can you attend the best music festivals lined up? Is all that money really worth it? Oh, it will be worth the money alright, but admit it- you don’t want to exhaust all your savings. The question is…How?

It is unbelievable, but very much possible to make money at Music Festivals and have fun altogether. Now you must be thinking- What’s the point of earning money at a music festival?

  • The ticket price will burn a hole in your pocket
  • The journey expenses to the music festival will make that hole bigger
  • Music festivals go on for days, lodging prices go up specifically at this time
  • Add food and drinks to all that and you’ll burn the whole pocket

If you think earning money is too much effort for a music festival and it’s rather better not to go at all, we weren’t discouraging you. In fact, to hype you up, here’s a lineup of the best music festivals you can hit for the sake of earning money in the course of coming months, maybe this is worth the effort:


  • Outside Lands- San Francisco, CA
  • Hot 100 Fest- Long Island, NY
  • Afropunk Fest- Brooklyn, NY


  • HopScotch Festival- Raleigh, NC
  • Music MidTown- Atlanta, GA
  • KABOO- San Diego, CA
  • Pilgrimage Music and Cultural Festival- Franklin, TN

How to make money for the tickets?

Now that you have an itinerary of Music Festivals to hit over the coming months, it’s safe to say that savings alone won’t suffice. Here’s how you can empty all your pockets and gather enough money to reach the music festival.

1. Sell, Sell…Sell it off.

Gather around all your unused tech stuff- mobile phones, laptops, that old boxed PC; anything piece of tech hardware that isn’t being used right now deserves to be sold off at Swappa. Earning a fair deal of money for your pre-owned electronics means you’ll have more cash in hand to spend on the music festival, and at this moment no money is less.

2. Early bird advantage

Music Festival organizers open up the ticket portals very much in advance, they offer steal deals on ticket prices for early birds. Buying tickets to a music festival at price lower than the actual means you have more money to spend at the festival.

3. Get a roommate

There’s a lead time of 8 to 10 months between the actual event and when the ticket portal opens up. Buy tickets to the music festival from your savings; get yourself roommates from Airbnb and now you have a source of income from that person/ family staying there. If there’s a festival in your town, help the fans out on Airbnb and sing along to the music festival with your new roomies!

Made your way to the Festival? Earn your keep

Keep in mind that the money you’re about to earn by following the above is not to be chugged down on beer. We gave you a prospect of earning money at any music festival you go to. We’ll convert this exciting business idea into reality. Let’s look at 5 fun-filled ways to make money at Music Festivals.

1. Best food cart in the club

Put your weekend barbeque stints to a more productive use by setting up a hot dog stand outside the music festival’s premises. If you’re lucky enough, there might be a vacant slot inside the premise too. When thousands of people turn up at one place together and dance like there’s no tomorrow, they get way too hungry. As the food inside the festivals is overpriced, most of the people step out of the rush to look for local food carts (cc: you).  Stuff like grilled cheese, hot-dogs, and fries sells like crazy.

2. Use the artsy skills

In this judgmental world, showing off Music Festival pictures and videos on Instagram is very important. Fans attending the music concerts love to look different, even if it involves peeping into the ‘crazy side’. Body Art is a common frenzy in music festivals and people pay crazy money to get it. Buy a pack of body paints and brushes from Walmart and set up a mobile body paint shop with a placard on your chest. Learn to draw logos of musicians playing in the concert. People would love to get temporarily inked.

3. Take a lot of pictures

Music festivals are a combination of sparkling pyrotechnics, beautiful lighting, and electric atmosphere. Click your favorite artist, the crowd, a group of friends dancing, or anything that you find amusing. When you’re back home, sell these stock photos on Shutterstock and Dreamstime. These two platforms are a goldmine of great pictures uploaded by individuals for money.

4. Set up a goodie shop

Music festivals go well with anything- sunshine, downpour, or night sky. Fans who visit these music festivals love the thought of taking some souvenirs as a memory on the way back. Set up shop and get some pins, tees, and flags printed in bulk with the details of the festival. Get glow sticks, flares, and neon body paint if it is an all-night music festival. Display them in a way that it catches the fans’ eye. Even if you’re earning a low margin, let it flow as the bulk sales will help you reach there.

PRO TIP: Make social media your power tool. Give a catchy name to your shop and run Hashtags to make it viral! Social Media marketing is the best way to make your work viral and this jolly idea might become a sensation overnight.

The best part of being a business tycoon at a Music Festival is that you’re doing your business while people are in a jolly mood and there’s good music all over the place. There’s fun, there’s money, and you save enough greens to refill your savings. Now pull out your journal, mark the date of music festivals in the coming months and make money while you party hard!


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