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Sorting Your Money and Banking Dilemmas with MyBankTracker.com

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Relationships are complex. One of the most complicated relations many people have is with their wallets. They are full of ups and downs and joys and tribulations. Nonetheless, by the decisions we make, we are ultimately responsible for the nature of the relationship we have with our finances.

Many people experience challenges when it comes to making the right decisions concerning their wallets.

Are you overwhelmed with debt or don’t have savings? Or perhaps are you struggling each month and you are living from paycheck to paycheck?

Whereas most of these challenges can be self-inflicted, due to the decisions we made, some could be because of the financial partners you have.

Could it be that your bank is not a good fit for you?

If that question has been ringing in your head, here is some good news.

You can make a turnaround from your financial woes simply by choosing a better partner.

Better still, there are partners who are willing to lend you a hand in finding the ideal partner and make sound financial decisions.

If you’ve resolved to fix your relationship with money, either in loan interest payments, credit card bills, savings and checking account charges, read on and find out how MyBankTracker.com will help you make every buck count.

What is it?

MyBankTracker.com is an online resource that helps ordinary folks make smarter banking and money decisions.

They are not aligned with any financial company, therefore, their advice is objective and geared to help you.

The founders noticed that although there were thousands of banks and tens of thousands of banking products, consumers hardly knew even what their banks offered.

Worse still, any attempt to dig in for information was often frustrated by the complex processes, red-tape and unexplainable secrecy.

The bottom line was to give consumers an opportunity to make informed banking decisions and make every buck count.

The timing was also so uncanny. The platform was launched in 2008, and just a few months down the line, the US, and subsequently the entire world, was hit by the financial meltdown.

Today, MyBankTracker.com delivers to consumers’ information on more than 4,800 banks and 25,000 banking products.

It offers educational content and provides amazing tools to help you compare rates and make informed choices on banking fees, interest rates, credit cards, and savings and checking accounts.

It’s Easy to Access and Navigate

You can access the MyBankTracker.com link easily through your smartphone, PC or any device that can access the internet.

Once in, you can compare banking information with amazing ease. Just one touch/click, on the product of interest and your state, will open up a listing of all the top banks in your area.

The platform provides information on different banking products including mortgages, credit cards, and checking and savings accounts.

Depending on the product you are interested in, you can find out which are the top-rated banks, the banks’ pros, and cons as well as a comparison with what is available on the market.

MyBankTracker.com will help you weed out thousands of banks and banking products without going through the hassles of salespeople, or time-wasting research endeavors.

Moreover, through the quiz tool, you’ll narrow down on issues which you consider vital about a bank’s products, without having to deal with online pitches or being tied down by unnecessary obligations and signups.

All in all, it will not just enable you to make smart decisions about your money and banking choices but also make you confident about your choice.

Comparing Savings Accounts

If a high yielding savings account is what you have in mind, MyBankTracker.com provides you with information on the general trends across the sector, the effects on the market and what it means for you.

You’ll get an opportunity to compare the rates from the top traditional banks, online banks, and credit unions and discover the ones that deliver the highest rates and which ones are most consistent.

In this regard, online banks have consistently outdone traditional banks. This is mainly due to their lower overhead and operational costs which enable them to offer more reliable and higher interest rates. For Q1 of 2019, Ally Bank Online Savings Account topped the ranks.

You’ll also get an opportunity to compare the applicable fees, as well as other features such as overdraft protection and withdrawal limits.

Also, there are links to handle general queries. For instance, if you would like to find out how much you’ll earn from a savings account the compare savings rates link enables you to compare what different banks are offering according to the state where you are. Also, the Savings Interest Calculator incorporates financial variables that’ll help you get an accurate answer and plan your future.

Picking a Best-Fit Checking Account

Whether you are in business, employed or you are a student, we all seem to need a checking account despite the rise of the information age.

Unlike the yesteryears, some checking accounts today offer interest and MyBankTracker.com provides information where your money can earn top interest at the lowest monthly fees. It’ll also give you information on where you can enjoy low-cost features such as overdraft fees and unlimited ATM refunds.

Like the savings accounts, online banks out-did the traditional banks in terms of offering lower fees, higher rates, and more features to consumers. This was due to the lower overheads and operational costs.

However, consumers who looked for personalized relationships and interactions with their bankers preferred the traditional banks despite the cost hike.

MyBankTracker.com has a checking accounts link that’ll help you learn more about what’s available in the market. Or simply take a personalized quiz to help you outline your needs and find the best-fit checking account.

Other Features to Watch Out for

Apart from incredible information on checking and savings accounts and helpful tools such as the quiz tools and interest calculators, MyBankTracker.com offers exceptional information and guidance on financial decisions.

You’ll find facts about and comparisons of leading credit cards, guidance when applying for personal loans as well as when creating emergency funds.

It also has Banking News

It could be that your interests are deeper into the entire banking sector. If you are interested in knowing what’s going on in the banking world, including hot deals and promotions, MyBankTracker.com will give you all this information.

They list the top performing banks and the failed banks including expert opinions on why there were failures and what makes successful ones thrive.

But more than that, they have interesting, informative and engaging articles which help to enlighten your perspectives on personal finance and make better financial decisions.

The “ask a question” section which was recently launched is one of the most popular and it is right at the bottom after a review. Here, ordinary folks can ask questions and find answers on money matters from peers and the in-house MyBankTracker.com team of experts.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the banks. Several banks that are committed to transparency, have partnered with MyBankTracker.com to have their representatives available to publicly respond to reviews and questions asked.

MyBankTracker.com does not just provide the banks with opportunities to deepen their relationships with their customers but more importantly, it gives consumers insights for making smarter money decisions.

How Does MyBankTracker.com Compare with its Peers

MyBankTracker is not the only online platform that offers consumers information about banking and empowers them to make smarter banking and money decisions.

It has set itself out as one of the leading platforms in this space.

At the heart of their offering is a commitment to transparency and integrity in reporting. They don’t divulge into many other offerings such as building credit scores or financial apps. This explains their partnerships with brands that are bold enough to be open about their products.

Unlike similar platforms, MyBankTracker.com maintains a slim staff structure, therefore, if you are looking for a site where you’ll spend lots of time with a customer service representative you’ll not get it there.

However, feedback to queries on banking and money issues is provided by the verified bank representatives and peers. So, you’ll never run short of relevant responses.

Annual Ranking and Best of Banking Awards

It’s reassuring to know that your money choices are backed by facts. MyBankTracker.com helps you affirm your choice by awarding the banks which help clients make the most of their money.

Previously, there were seven categories that were recognized. However, the Best of Banking Awards 2019 included 13 categories from the best financial-apps and investment tools to rankings on the lowest fees, ATM access and the best interest rates.

The focus is not just the bank, but how consumers can manage their money to draw maximum benefits.

For 2019, Chase Bank took the prize home for being the best national bank and Alliant credit union was named the best credit union.

Here’s the Bottom Line

There are thousands of banks and tens of thousands of banking products in America. Therefore, finding out which one best suits your needs in order to make smart banking and money decisions can be an agonizing venture.

MyBankTracker.com reviews take away the agony of endless research and guesswork from your choice. Their reviews are factual, objective and timely. Plus, they have interesting content that’ll keep you updated on the financial sector.

All in all, you’ll make smarter money and banking decisions and improve your relationship with your wallet.


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