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Wolf of the Yard Street- Host a ‘National Garage Sale Day’ sale like a Klutz

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Look around you; do you see something that is of no use to you, yet is just idly sitting there in your room?  Who doesn’t! But hold up right there, it is nothing to lament upon; because come the second Saturday of August, the National Garage Sale Day is here to take all your troubles away and leave a wad of cash in your hands. The objective of this nation-wide garage sale celebration is to encourage fellow Americans to dispose off and sell the stuff they do not need, giving an easy opportunity to the buyers who actually need it.

Let’s look at this in a different outlook- One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. The stuff in your attic there? That is a treasure for someone who is desperately waiting for the National Garage Sale Day. And you have a golden chance of making easy money by selling it off, in your own garage sale! Garage sales are the best way to earn money by getting your hands dirty, putting together the stuff you don’t need, and rigorous planning (not too rigorous though).

How to find things to sell in a garage sale?

But the question that comes to mind is-do you really have that much unused stuff lying around to make a full-fledged yard sale viable? Let’s figure it out. Get off your bed, take a pen and a sheet of paper, and start following the guidelines below:

1. The Closet Detox

Consider this as a ‘home cleansing’ activity, for a start. Open your cupboard, turn it upside down (literally) and go through everything you have. Take two big boxes, label one for ‘Garage Sale’ and keep the items you really need in the other box. Those which aren’t the right fit or worn out are of no use and you won’t put them on anytime soon; unless there’s an emotional attachment.

2. Jewelers’ Paradise

Peep inside the jewelry box and pick out all the accessories that you do not wear at all. If they’re valuable enough, trade them for cash at a local jewelry store and if not, make it a highlight for the garage sale. People come to garage sales in the hopes of discovering some exquisite jewels; many are under the notion that they possess antique jewelry.

3. Furniture Fetish

Take a quick tour of the house and make a list of all the furniture that is just lying there and is of no use. Do not spare anything (for the list at least); a table lamp that doesn’t work, a couch that doesn’t match the floor, the good ol’ TV set that was replaced by an LED screen, anything that you do not need to survive, pluck it out. These are the things which actually make a yard sale what it is; people look out for furniture in particular.

4. Cash for Trash

If you have an attic where you dump anything that does not match the ambience of your place, there’s a good chance it will stay the same way. An attic is a dangerous place for storage because a termite attack can spoil everything that is in there and turn it into scrap. So get in there and start unloading things that are of no use to you.

If you’ve followed the steps above, you have a lot of stuff to sell by now. But if you feel like there’s no point in going through the hassles of a Garage Sale for this, have a look at your stuff and classify it into different categories.

  • Now that you’ve switched to a Smartphone and a laptop, sell off your old box phone and the old fat computer system on Swappa.
  • That fat folder of greeting cards you’ve been saving up since you were 8 years old? Time to Cardpool Cardpool is the best place to buy and sell used greeting cards for a good price. So if you got a thick bundle, let it go!
  • Donate the clothes you rejected to the needy and buy new ones from Naked Zebra. Replace the heavy couches with slick, comfy chairs from Walmart.
  • We all get gift cards for Christmas which can be encashed only at select stores which most of the times don’t even exist in town (Thank you for such a generous gift, Aunt Karen). Raise.com gives a chance to sell your gift cards for cash and accepts most of your old gift cards; just make sure they haven’t expired.

Eh, you’ll miss out on all the fun of a garage sale. Continue reading and we might change your mind.

Okay now, get back to your room and bring the ‘Garage Sale’ box and the list that you made along with it. Have a look at it, make a plan with other people in the house to pull them out the next day and put a price tag on all of them. Remember that these things might be of emotional value to you, but a customer walking in your garage to buy them is going to look at them as yard sale items, price them accordingly. Survey the local garage sales that you pass by and get a grip on the existing price of different items.

Now that you’re halfway there, all you have to do is make a blueprint of how things are going to go in a garage sale. But since it is National Garage Sale Day, there’s a big possibility that about 12 other families in the neighborhood are hosting their own garage sale. An increased competition makes it hard to convince people to walk into your garage sale, let alone purchase something while they’re there.

Make your Garage Sale a Super-hit!

Let’s go through some dirty garage sale tips and tricks that win you the most customers on National Garage Sale Day and make it an instant success:

1. Use the mighty power of the Internet

This might sound like punching above your weight, but if you promote your garage sale on the internet in the right way; you can attract customers from all over the town. Advertising on Craigslist is the safest bet as most of the garage sale shoppers go there to get an idea about yard sale venues. Use the likes of Facebook and Instagram to increase the reach of your garage sale. Hashtags are a great way to get a decent footfall from people who you won’t be able to reach out to with the use of craigslist and pamphlets.

2. Old school posters- Show your artsy skills!

Before people look at the stuff you have, you got to catch their eye and give them a cue that your garage sale has the good stuff.  Make funky posters with quirky captions and edgy quotes. Garage sale shoppers go shopping for a fun time, and they love to trot around at a place with a sign that says “The stuff in here chooses its owner” or “Walk in here for priceless possessions”.

3. Lure ‘em in with food

Nothing beats the spirit of a fresh morning breeze infused with the aroma of freshly baked cookies and hot brewing coffee. In a garage sale, this aroma can be a deal breaker. The shoppers would be hypnotized to come at your little haven with all the delicacies just like a shark smelling blood from a mile away. Food is a great attraction at a garage sale, hot dog and lemonade stands sell like hot cakes. You can even offer candies and bite sized cookies as a compliment to any customer that walks in.

4. Bring in the little Salesmen!

Children enjoy being on the receiving end of the garage sales as much as they enjoy shopping from them. They love to give out a helping hand and arrange the tablecloth, assist the customers that walk in and give them a special attention. Many old aged shoppers get emotionally attached to children and end up buying stuff from them. Incentivize your kids and tell them they can keep money on what they sell and watch them go on a roll!

5. Freebies and Fun!

Think of garage sale as a fun-filled event and take up the position of an entertainer along with a salesman. Pull out the stereo and play some country music, have a dance off with people who walk in, if you have a mic that works, organize a small karaoke. People visit garage sales to have fun, so one of the best garage sale tips is to have as much fun with people around you as you can. Maintain your boundaries, and respect other people’s decision if they aren’t in the mood for fun.

Garage Sales are a very productive measure of letting things go and earning big bucks along with it. It de-clutters the mess at your place and gives your humble abode a makeover. Also, you get to meet some lovely, heart-warming people and you and your family have loads of fun. Now that you know these garage sale tips, host your own garage sale and don’t forget to tag us on Facebook!


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